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  1. North Korea calls U.S. attitude toward talks ‘gangster-like’ and ‘cancerous,’ rejecting Pompeo’s assessment by John Hudson and Carol MorelloTOKYO — In a sharp signal that denuclearization negotiations with North Korea will be drawn out and difficult, Pyongyang on Saturday lambasted the U.S. stance as regrettable, gangster-like and cancerous, directly contradicting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s rosy assessment that his two days of talks had been “productive.” A harsh statement from an unnamed spokesman for the Foreign Ministry was carried on the state-run Korea Central News Agency just hours after Pompeo left Pyongyang on Saturday and told reporters that significant progress had been made “in every element” of what he characterized as “good-faith negotiations.” Pyongyang crushed that appraisal, saying the United States had betrayed the spirit of the June 12 Singapore summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “The U.S. side came up only with its unilateral and gangster-like demand for denuclearization,” the statement said. “The issues the U.S. side insisted on during the talks were the same cancerous ones that the past U.S. administrations had insisted on,” it added. Though North Korea still has faith in Trump, the statement said, it warned that the U.S. approach had brought the two countries to a “dangerous” stage that could “rattle our willingness for denuclearization.” It was unclear whether the North Korean statement represented potential doom for meaningful negotiations, as some analysts believed, or was just Pyongyang’s standard negotiating style, as others asserted. It exposed the fragility of discussions at the center of Trump’s foreign policy and raised questions about Pyongyang’s intentions. [Trump-Kim summit: Trump says after historic meeting, ‘We have developed a very special bond’] At the very least, the statement was an embarrassment for Pompeo, who has repeatedly said Kim has assured him personally that North Korea is willing to give up its nuclear weapons. But Pompeo did not meet with the North Korean leader on this trip, as he did on two previous visits and as some administration officials had hoped he would this time as well. In its return to pre-Singapore bellicose rhetoric, the ministry’s statement also served as a rebuttal to Trump, who has declared the North Korean nuclear threat over and done with, even though nothing in the joint declaration signed in Singapore was definitive. The two countries do not even agree on what the concept of denuclearization means. Some analysts saw no reason for alarm in Pyongyang’s downbeat version of events, considering it a routine North Korean negotiating tactic rather than a full-blown retreat from Pyongyang’s seeming commitments. “They’re upping the ante for what they want, and downplaying what we want,” said Bill Richardson, who has negotiated with North Korea for prisoner releases. “This is typical. They’re very skilled at sending messages. And their message is that this negotiation is not going to be easy. And it’s going to be very costly. So you’d better be prepared to deliver.” But Evans Revere, a former U.S. diplomat with a long history of negotiating with North Korea, said it was evident that the talks in Pyongyang had not gone well — and that it appears North Korea may have no intention of actually denuclearizing in the way the United States would want. “Pompeo appears to have presented the North Koreans with some demands and requirements for real moves toward denuclearization, as opposed to the symbolic steps and empty language Pyongyang has been using so far. He deserves credit for doing so,” Revere wrote in an email. “But in doing so, he has elicited North Korean ire, and he has now seen the reality of North Korea’s game plan and intentions that many of us have been describing for some time,” Revere added. “Welcome to our world, Mr. Secretary.” [No, Pompeo did not give Kim Jong Un a ‘Rocket Man’ CD, State Department says] Pompeo has come under increasing pressure to produce results, with Trump having touted the summit as a game-changing moment that eliminated North Korea’s nuclear threat. The State Department announced the formation of a small working group to work on details. Richardson counseled patience, endurance and restraint. “The president needs to restrain himself from declaring ‘Mission Accomplished’ when the mission hasn’t really started,” he said. Pompeo went to Pyongyang hoping to formalize details of what actions North Korea is committed to taking to show its intention to denuclearize. Pyongyang has said it expects sanctions to be lifted in stages as it takes steps toward that goal, though Washington has insisted there will be no sanctions relief until the process has been completed. But the “maximum pressure campaign” the administration adopted to squeeze the North Korean economy through sanctions has eased somewhat already, particularly along the border with China. Expectations were buoyed in part by national security adviser John Bolton, who said last week that North Korea could accomplish the “bulk” of its denuclearization within a year. Pompeo has been more circumspect, estimating that it will take until the end of Trump’s first term in office, or two and a half years. “The expectation that Pompeo was going to come home with a dramatic deliverable was unrealistic to start,” said Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association. “Yeah, technically, it could be done in a year if North Korea didn’t have its own ideas about the pace and what the United States needs to do to get there. What we’re seeing is the reality of negotiations. It’s not surprising to see the North Koreans push back in reminding the United States it has some steps to take in order to help build a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.” Analysts say that any final accord between the two nations to eliminate Pyongyang’s sophisticated nuclear and missile arsenal will be a long slog with no guarantee of success. “While we were hopeful there would be some sort of breakthrough, it seems both sides can’t even agree to what transpired after countless hours of talks — and that is a massive problem,” said Harry Kazianis, an Asia expert at the Center for the National Interest. Pompeo told reporters Saturday that the two countries would soon hold working-level talks on the destruction of Pyongyang’s testing facility for missile engines. He also said Pentagon officials will meet with their North Korean counterparts on or around July 12 at the demilitarized zone between the Koreas to discuss the return of the remains of U.S. military personnel who died during the Korean War. Last month, Trump told a crowd of supporters that the remains of 200 service members had “been sent back,” but U.S. military officials later said that was not the case. U.S. officials viewed the handing over of remains as an easy confidence-building measure for North Korea to demonstrate its sincerity, and they have been frustrated with the slowness of Pyongyang’s follow-through. [For the U.S., a frustrating history of recovering human remains in North Korea] Ahead of the new round of talks, Kim Yong Chol, North Korea’s septuagenarian former spy chief, teased Pompeo, suggesting that the “serious” negotiations the night before may have caused Pompeo to lose sleep. “We did have very serious discussion on very important matters yesterday. So thinking about those discussions, you might have not slept well last night,” Kim Yong Chol said. “Director Kim, I slept just fine,” Pompeo responded, according to a pool report provided by reporters accompanying the secretary of state. Kim Yong Chol, a regime hard-liner who is careful not to act outside Kim Jong Un’s instructions, said he needed to “clarify” aspects of his nearly three-hour negotiations Friday with Pompeo, a desire the top U.S. diplomat immediately echoed. “There are things that I have to clarify as well,” Pompeo said. The display of small talk between North Korean and U.S. officials, a rarity given the infrequent contacts between the longtime adversaries, revealed both the tension at the heart of the nuclear negotiations and the increasing familiarity of the two men, who have become diplomatic counterparts during Pompeo’s three visits to Pyongyang and Kim Yong Chol’s visit to the United States in May. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Pompeo had been “very firm” in seeking three basic goals from the visit: the complete denuclearization of North Korea, security assurances and the repatriation of fallen soldiers’ remains. Diplomats, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations, said the United States continues to struggle to develop a shared understanding of what denuclearization means to North Korea. Maintaining even basic communications has been difficult. Adding to the pressure on Pompeo is a leaked U.S. intelligence assessment casting doubt on North Korea’s willingness to relinquish its arsenal. Nauert said Pompeo called Trump on Saturday morning to update him on the talks, a conversation that included Bolton and White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly. Analysts say there are likely to be many more calls like this in the months and probably years to come. “The North Korea threat still exists,” Kimball said. “North Korea continues to improve its arsenal. This is just the beginning of a long process.” Morello reported from Washington. Adam Taylor in Seoul contributed to this report.
  2. Should’be known you nit wits would say it was Obama doing this. While he never did the job needed on immigration, he was hardly the one that came up with seperating families and scattering them all over the country. Of course the Sean Hannity of your Alt-Reich Central would find that it was all Obama.... Fucking Nit Wits....
  3. Hey Drunky, how about you post the link where Clinton, W, or Obama were separating thousands of families, scattering the kids all over the country. I have appointments to get to, but I’ll check in when I get back to read your Faux News article claiming such.
  4. Keep drinking the Kool- Aid, Drunky McDrunkerson.
  5. Tell that to all the kids STILL separated from their parents due to Trump’s Nazi-like ILLEGAL border policy.He never had any intention of reuniting these families. Now.....if they were white and this was a Democrat doing this you’d be losing your mind. Nah.....You’re not a racist.....not at all.
  6. Again.....ALL you’ve got? of course it is.....when you have NOTHING to defend your indefensible stance in support of Fascism.
  7. Read your boy’s most recent Tweet this morning. He is without a doubt the most ignorant leader in world history.
  8. THIS is all you’ve got? Meanwhile your POTUS is threatening our allies of 70 years, while colluding with our country’s biggest enemy.... You people are simply outta your minds!
  9. Your hero needed some cheap headlines to try and placate his idiot supporters, and Kim obliged him. This summit where Ray crowned Donnie as Peacemaker was nothing more than what he’s done with past administrations. Difference being, past administrations didn’t make themselves look like complete idiots by claiming No Ko had agreed to complete denuclearization, when they have no intention whatsoever of doing so. Your idiot potus got played like a Stradivarius. Meanwhile the Russia Investigation continues, as Donnie makes plans to meet with Putin in a one on one setting with NO American presence at said meeting so what he tells Putin won’t be recorded.... and you pathetic creeps call yourselves Patriots.
  10. According to you White nationalists here, the Left has Never had a good news cycle. I take time from here simply due to the stench that emanates from this board. Why do you think there are so few non-white nationalists post here. If it weren’t foe SyCo and myself you poor bastards would spend all day, every day deciding which one of you gets to suck Trump’s little winky. In so many ways you’re just like Donnie.....you actually believe the lies you tell over and over again. You’re small people with nothing to add but your hate to anything that doesn’t support your racist, fascist ideals. But you are fun to mock, I’ll give ya that.
  11. Along with a majority of Trumpists. You may not be that serious, but I sure as hell am! Oh sure, they'll deny until they're blue in the face, but that is exactly how they're now operating.
  12. I hear Jim Jordan received those lollipops you sent him in your support.
  13. According to the fool you keep worshipping here daily.....IT WAS. Total denuclearization, with just some details to work out, he said. He said we had NOTHING to worry about now. You may be dumb enough to believe that, but those not having their heads up Trump's backside don't.
  14. jb™

    A cesspool of deviancy

    The very definition of bloated, delusional self importance....... The ridiculous combover tops it off, showing he's as shallow as one can get. The man is nothing but an empty vessel.....well, once you remove all the scum and bullshit.
  15. jb™

    A cesspool of deviancy

    The polls suddenly mean something to you nitwits, huh? I realize it makes you fools all wiggly giggly in the pants thinking the majority of the country is as ignorant to the plight of the less fortunate as you are.... But I wouldn't be counting on it. You forget who your main representative is..........
  16. jb™

    A cesspool of deviancy

    So....You're NOT in favor of Trump's immigration policies? Go ahead and LIE and tell us you're not! Fuck off with you trying to say you're somehow on the side of GOOD and DECENCY when you KOWTOW to the most racist, indecent administration in American history. Cola's right, you're simply too fucked to even say hello to. You're a white nationalist piece of shit just like the others posting here, but now I realize why you're HERE.......NO ONE ELSE will listen to the drivel you fools trade in.
  17. jb™

    A cesspool of deviancy

    No wonder you crackpots post here so much....NOBODY else wants to hear your nonsensical defense of the present administration and your defense of your racist stance on immigrants, refugees, Muslims, etc. Yet you stupid Fucks think you outnumber us.
  18. jb™

    A cesspool of deviancy

    He's pulling a TRUMP...Just DENY EVERYTHING. 4 ex students have already come out and said they KNOW he knew about it, then did and said nothing about it....for years. What a fucking Creep, but he's a GOD to the nitwits posting here.
  19. Yeah, the truth is pretty hilarious these days, especially when you fools come up with your defense of the indefensible. Good Stuff, but I already told ya that.
  20. Come back after a few weeks......Post a few times and you FOOLS lose your minds! Good Stuff!!!
  21. Hey BumbleFuck, I love Whitey too...always have, ever since I was a kid. Difference between you and I......you love ONLY Whitey, Your Trumpist belief will allow for nothing else. I'm sure had Whitey been from south of the border, you'd not be nearly so adamant in your support of him or any WHITEY's not born here.
  22. No Shit! But boy do the Trumpists eat that shit up! They couldn't care less that 90% of what they're told by Faux News is complete bullshit., but It's the only thing keeping limp dicks like Ray and Beefy satisfied these days.