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  1. Your many responses say otherwise........ The OP itself says otherwise.
  2. Nice try Raycist, but we ALL know how deep I’m in that raycist, misogynistic, xenophobic mind of yours. Why else keep starting threads about someone you give absolutely no shit about? Why mention that person in threads he hasn’t even posted in? HUH? You poor fuck. All I have to do is show up and make a post or two every few days, then sit back and watch the sweat pouring off your beet red face, while the steam billows outta your ears. Funny shit. At least you’re not alone in your dimness. There’s at least a dozen more here every bit as dim witted as you.
  3. it’s now official.....I OWN THIS FORUM!!! With such little effort too.
  4. REAL men wear Old Spice. When my father passed I went through his bathroom cabinet and found bottles of the stuff, cologne and aftershave. I don't wear it myself, but use their original agent deodorant just because it reminds me of my old man. Seems to me this thread belongs on alt-rightwomenofthesouth.com website, but what the hell.....to each his own.
  5. I see this advertised occasionally. I imagine it works superbly on homophobes like FreeTurd and the rest of ya. They claim it'll keep you fresh smelling ALL day long. It should work superbly for Ballessman07 & Dago too.
  6. According to whom? You & Raycist or Jesus Christ? You fucking hypocrites. All these guys are doing is taking your core beliefs and adding violence. Take away the violence and your stance is the same as theirs. This kid was wrong in breaking the egg over his head, but he was simply showing how most people feel about your white nationalist beliefs, and for that he should have the shit kicked outta him? Quit trying to take the world back to the 50’s and you fuckers may not be the hateful assholes we know you to be.
  7. I imagine You white nationalists here are rejoicing that your WHITE NATIONALISM is alive and well in AUSTRALIA. Lucky for the rest of their freedom believing citizens didn’t have to go through it since this scumbag had to travel to NEW Zealand to purchase his weapon. Thus 49 Muslim men & women lay dead. Just think......there are people all over the globe that have as much hate in their hearts as you pukes carry in yours. Not many, but enough to publicize that hate. This was Obama’s doing? Ya, must’ve been!
  8. What a moron! You take what your alt-right brothers want and try and paint libs and progressives as wanting Fascist Rule. Exactly what Fascists regimes throughout history have done. Keep trying you simple bastid!
  9. Like Trump? Dude you prove to be more delusional by the day.
  10. That’s understandable with someone so proud of the horrors his ancestors inflicted on an entire race of people because of the color of their skin.
  11. Soooooo Now Bernie and Joe Biden are part of the Far Left? Like I said.....IGNORANCE.
  12. I suppose the alt-right can always depend on the ignorance of the masses.
  13. If you’re too blind to see it, there’s no reason to list it all, then watch you fools deny it. I’ll leave it up to Willy and SyCOLA to go back and forth with you Trumpists. I mainly just like to watch them expose you pukes for the pieces of Anti-American shit you are......and too God Awful Dumb to recognize it.
  14. I always believed that it was not wise to bring up politics or religion, you were just asking for a fight. That belief completely changed in 2016 when the biggest con man and threat to western Democracy was elected. Now, I’m of the mind that if you say nothing you’re every bit a part of the problem as those that voted for and are all in on the destruction of America as we’ve known it. You know......people like YOU.
  15. I saw many bands perform at Winterland, but left the Bay Area before the Last Waltz, much to my disappointment. Probably the greatest music documentary ever filmed by Scorsese. Only two still alive, Robbie and Garth.
  16. If you’re not willing to suck Trump’s cock, you’re gonna get the finger from this crew.
  17. Do actually believe Trumpists give a damn? He’s a pig, and they adore him for it.
  18. Seth McFarland goes after everybody. You must’ve seen the recent episode where Peter wrote Trump telling him how wonderful he is, so what does Trump do? What he’s been doing for 2 years if not his entire career. He hires Peter as his press secretary. Yada Yada Yada......they end up in a fist fight when Lois realizes what a complete asshole Trump is. Great episode......just like the ones with Clinton and Obama.
  19. What the fuck is wrong with these people?
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