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  1. Agreed actually. One good game doesn't make good coaching. We need a guy with a good offensive system, and need to get an aggressive DC.
  2. I'm a big believer that coaches and systems matter. Just don't know that we have the right coaching just because 1 week looked good.
  3. Do we get 7 wins for this one? Lost ass season anyway. If the Falcons play like this a couple more weeks, I'm going to wonder where the hell that defense was in the first 8 weeks of the season when they played like the Washington Generals or 3 stooges.
  4. Yeah, it's ludicrous. I knew he wasn't a game day strategist. But I figured with his hands on defense again, we'd have a unit between top 15 and top 10. You know, slightly above average. This has been utterly ridiculous. Just a massive failing.
  5. Yeah, for the Falcs I was hoping for Wilkins in the 1st and a guy like McCoy (or Risner) in the 2nd. Still think that would have overall been better for us, but given the shit show that's happening this year, nothing would have made much difference this season.
  6. That was painful to watch. I was at the game, and at 21-3 I knew we still weren't out of the woods. At 28-3, I got up, went and got a drink, and said "that's the way, slam the door and leave no doubt." I knew we'd need to score once more in the game for certainty, but that was easy, there was a quarter and a 1/2 left and we'd need a field goal. Nearly unfathomable how we lost that game. And even with everything we did wrong, 3 runs and and a FG would have put it out of contention. Ugh
  7. If you can't trade up, why bother?
  8. Gotta be an offensive guy with a good head for scheming. We've had defensive coaches for ages. We end up with shit defenses, AND the conservative game calling that comes with defensive coaches (they all want it to be the 1970's football game, and it isn't anymore). Give me aggressive, smart offense, and aggressive, attacking defense.
  9. Always been envious of the Saints pass protection as a Falcons Fan. Always prioritized solid pocket pass protectors and good pass catcher routes/combos. Shit ain't complicated but we manage to fuck it up.
  10. Shocking how bad they are. The O-line isn't good enough to run the offense they want. They put resources into it, but shouldn't have expected it to be solid until mid year. Running long developing solo routes instead of quick rubs and slants. Andy Reid or Payton would have this O scoring 30 per game. Defense...I have no idea. Thought they'd really step up with Quinn because historically he's done better when calling the D. But everything is a mess. Bad angles, poor tackling...just sort of a trainwreck.
  11. We haven't seen what they call a "pass rush" from our defense in decades. We're all addled.
  12. Yeah, team won't be good until OL and DL are decent. Figured the OL would gel around week 6 to 8, but now our rookie OG is already injured. I think the DL problems can be fixed with better coaching. Really hope the OL comes into form, but have no idea if it will.
  13. FIgured it would take til midseason for the O line to gel. But the whole team isn't supposed to suck in the meantime. One of the ugliest games I've seen.
  14. Kamara's a better receiver than all those backs, but not quite as proven from a "bell cow" back standpoint. Will be interesting to see how his contract works out. If I were his agent, I'd lean heavily on pass catching stats and info to make the claim I should get top receiver type money or a hybrid between RB&WR.
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