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  1. Students Call Obama Immigration Quote Racist, While Thinking it was Said by President Trump (VIDEO)Students at Georgetown University deemed a quote from Barack Obama to be racist because they thought it was said by Donald Trump.You mean to tell me this is actually not smearing Trump for once. Oh wait that's because the dipsticks think it's Obama's bs bahahah.
  2. Communist LGBT Blacks and Hispanics prevent Whites and Asians from crossing a bridge on campus. This has been going on for the last few years.If you don't look the right color they refuse to let you pass.How can you protest racism when you're acting like a racist yourself????
  3. You would hose them down like gay firemen hosing down a straight parade.
  4. This guy ruined people's lives by PLANTING drugs in their cars during traffic stops. One guy lost custody of his daughter. Florida Sheriff Deputy Arrested After Planting Drugs on Innocent People250 cases were dropped by the DA once investigations into this guy were started.
  5. 2020 Democratic candidates for POTUS went to New Orleans to attend the black supremacist Essence Festival which promotes black culture. If it were a festival for white culture the media and these same Democrats would call it a “white supremacy gathering.” Double standard? Hell yes! Democratic Party has become an anti-white hate group. Heterosexual white males are vilified by liberals in media, politics, and academics. Why is this allowed? Former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at this gathering. If Laura Bush spoke at a “white culture festival” the media would go ballistic.2020 candidates pitch African American voters at Essence Fest
  6. You've been outed, Bob. https://www.confessionpost.com/26090/sniffing-my-step-daughters-knickers
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