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  1. The genius of the deal is front loading in the extension year makes it an 8.5 APY contract for the last 4 years. The contract will look well below market value. Just dont pull a Julio and say I am “underpaid”
  2. Very team friendly deal 4 years, 57 million Good call @Handsome_Jimmy
  3. I don’t think it’s even a debate. Jones is the best receiver in football. Possibly the best since Jerry Rice
  4. This isn’t really true, Mash. The Rams took 2 very different approaches against him last year. The result: 250 yards, 1 TD on just 22 targets. Thomas also had over 200 yards in the playoffs last year. Do I think 20 million APY is the best use of CAP any any player not under center? No. But Thomas will have earned his, just like Julio
  5. I agree...at minimum guys like Sanu, Freeman m, Schaub, Rico & Ty are gone for CAP reasons. Hopefully Mack restructures. And guys like Hooper, Vic, Crawford & Dre aren’t even offered a competitive contract
  6. The 2nd best receiver on the Saints the last two years has 180 fewer receptions than MT. At this point, Brees needs MT more than vice versa
  7. People act like they are spoiled millionaires, but TD is a quality veteran player making less than some on this message board
  8. After taxes and agents fees, he will bring home around $350,000
  9. I don’t diminish Pioli’s role. He was s huge voice in the decision making. But I still believe the decision makers are described here: “When the Falcons fired Mike Smith and hired Dan Quinn as head coach in 2015, they also reshaped the front office structure, and Dimitroff no longer had strict control over the 53-man roster. For a guy who had acquired the core of a team that had five straight winning seasons (after 42 years in Atlanta without consecutive winning records), swallowing what amounted to a demotion was difficult. But Dimitroff told Mike Reiss of ESPN.com that it was a matter of accepting the change after a pair of flatline seasons, and forging a new relationship with a coach he had never met. “I knew that hierarchy would change,” Dimitroff said. “No question, you had to check your ego at the door.” And in doing so, he went to work getting to know Quinn, learning the preferences of the new coach on the fly, and trying to find the common ground they had. Much like coach Pete Carroll and G.M. John Schneider in Seattle, the lack of an existing relationship didn’t hold them back. “As I got to know Thomas through the interview process, we had an interesting connection. For me, it was very easy to see he had his stuff together,” Quinn said. “So we spent as much time together as we could, on scouting trips, watching tape. There was a definite hole in the carpet between my office and his office.” The two began creating what they called a “composite philosophy” for rebuilding a team, and set about finding the kind of fast, physical players on defense which had become the norm in Seattle. A quick start last year fizzled, but when they supplemented an already good offense with some key free agents (Alex Mack, Mohamed Sanu) and drafted immediate contributors to the defense (Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, De’Vondre Campbell) this offseason, the result was a trip to the Super Bowl. “The philosophy came together and it wasn’t vaguely understanding each other, but spending hours and hours and hours to truly make that connection,” Dimitroff said. “It wasn’t only Seattle’s system or New England’s system, which is where we both came from. It became ‘our system’ and that was a brotherhood bonding experience for us.” And by stepping back, Dimitroff was able to push the Falcons even higher than they had been.
  10. Ryan was hardly a cant miss prospect. Many thought Flacco was the better prospect. QB needy teams like Miami passed him over. His accuracy was a concern. He was just a 59% passer in college who threw too many INT’s And Pioli plays an integral role in the draft. But Quinn/TD make the draft picks. And if there was any doubt that TD has final say, this draft proved it. Quinn absolutely wanted to uses our 3rd to move up for Wilkins. TD wanted KM and needed the 3rd to move up. Of all the drafts since Quinn arrived, this one had the feel of TD/Pioli. If you saw, who was it that called Kaleb to let him know we were moving up to take him? Pioli
  11. The guy most consider a dumb meathead actually is showing these young players the way: Rob Gronkowski still hasn't spent any of his NFL contract money, now younger players are seeking his financial advice The 29-year-old former New England Patriots tight end accrued nearly $54 million in contract earnings over his nine seasons in the NFL, and he exits the league with that mountain of money entirely intact. That's because Gronkowski decided early on that he would live solely off his endorsement earnings during his playing career and save or invest the rest for retirement. "(I haven't) touched one dime of my signing bonus or NFL contract money," Gronkowski wrote in his 2015 memoir, It's Good to Be Gronk. "I live off my marketing money and haven't blown it on any big-money expensive cars, expensive jewelry or tattoos and still wear my favorite pair of jeans from high school."
  12. Just for hitting on Ryan you have to give TD’s first 5 year window a B+. Did we give up too much for Julio? Yes. But the end result has been positive outside of 2013/2014. And TD’s second 5 year window from 2014-2018 is the best in football. I just don’t like his approach of sacrificing top 100 picks. Since 2011 the Patriots have had 12 more picks in the top 100 than the Falcons. That’s a huge number. Imagine how much better our roster could look
  13. TD Drafts: 2008-2013 - 2 HOF players: Julio & Ryan - Quality Players: Baker, DeCoud, Lofton, Douglass, Willy Mo, Weatherspoon, Peters, Trufant, Alford, Grimes - Serve A Purpose: Biermann, Hawley, Reynolds, Walker, Rodgers, Bosher, Toilolo
  14. The average NFL career is only 3-4 years so its an unfair approach. If you want to break it up into 2 five year windows, it’s a better look: so lets take a peek. And let’s start with this premise: A Few Pre-Season Power Rankings From 2008: 32. Falcons This year it will be rebuilding year No. 2 in the post-Vick era. Rookie QB Matt Ryan is trusted to be the pillar of the franchise going forward. That is the right move. The team has no chance of winning this season, so they are best to get the growing pains of a young quarterback out of the way this season 32. Atlanta Falcons (4-12) - Initiate Disaster Recovery Mode. 30. Projected WIN Total: 4-6 Matt McGuire's Take (5-11): Curtis Lofton has looked great in the preseason, but the defensive line is still suspect. It will be baptism by fire for Matt Ryan. He's not going to get much help from the running game or offensive line. Does this sound familiar (Carr, Harrington, Couch, etc?)
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