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  1. That's why New Orleans will remain in the Super Bowl rotation for decades to come. When we go to games we park in the Quarter and walk to the Dome. Depending upon the time of the game we eat in the Quarter before or after the game, but enjoy libations the whole time. And where else can you find random people on every street corner between the Quarter and the Dome selling ice cold beer out of coolers. Gawd, I love New Orleans!
  2. You're sitting on a 1.5 billion dollar sphincter.
  3. Nope. Goodell fucked that ordeal up so bad that he'll never suspend a coach for no tangible reason again. He got read the riot act by his self appointed arbiter, Paul Tagliabue, on how he handled the whole matter. Tagliabue cleared all Saints players (because they had a union), yet he had no authority to overturn Goodell's over-zealous penalties on the front office.
  4. From what I have heard, Payton was like a son to the Bensons, as is Loomis. Gayle Benson has been very close to the two and the passing of Tom Benson has most likely made that bond even stronger. The only way Sean Payton leaves the Saints is if he decides to retire ... and that is not in the foreseeable future.
  5. Not sure who "Bree's" is, but the Saints' future HOF QB, Drew Brees can deliver the long ball.
  6. Not much coming out of camp concerning our squads.
  7. Agreed. No way that happens. Peat has the ability to swing to left tackle, as well, as we both know is needed at times. This late in the preseason movement of substantial contracted players are next to impossible.
  8. I am a cap junkie. Degree in accounting, love for the NFL and especially my Saints, I study it. Virtually no deal is impossible to make. It depends upon how it is structured. He can get those numbers back loaded with yearly roster bonuses counted as guarantees the yearly average is easy. The backend can, and is, easily reconstructed.
  9. Not much chance of that happening. Keep your love alive. 😉
  10. He's going unpaid this season unless he joins the XFL circus.
  11. Obviously a head case. Didn't like his role with the Titans and demanded to be released. They complied and he signed with the Saints. I'm pretty sure he was presented to the fact that he wasn't near the top of the totem pole so he ran away crying.
  12. Hit with a left squad designation. He cannot be a member of an NFL roster for the remainder of the 2019 season or the playoffs. Idiot. His agent is probably shitting a brick about now.
  13. I understand where you are coming from. It's just that I have never personally given any credence to what I've seen in the preseason apart from perhaps an offensive skill position player that can make the play on their own. Everything else to too dependent upon the man lining up to your right and left.
  14. Many of the first string was in, but not all of them. A defensive unit is only as strong as its weakest link. Trying to read anything into the first preseason game is meaningless. Nothing is schemed. Quite often coaches put their players in a position to be beat on certain plays just to see how they react. That comes from Parcells who we all know was and still is a mentor to Payton. I never read anything on preseason games. They are nothing more than a hyped up practice session. Nothing can be projected into the REAL games yet to be played.
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