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  1. Make that two warehouses.
  2. You need a whole warehouse to hold all of yours.
  3. Like your dad does in yours?
  4. At least he has somebody worthy to be bragging on.
  5. It is not "better then", it is "better than" ... and no he isn't. Learn the English language.
  6. Yawn. It takes total Shitdom to match that. Look elsewhere.
  7. Tell me. Little Ronny, where are you?
  8. Still waiting to hear all about Little Ronny's wonderful life.
  9. It's because he isn't anything. It's all in his little head.
  10. Mine is fantastic. Retired. Set for life. Fantastic friends and family. Paid for house and cars. A virtual vacation site with a pool and all the amenities. A wonderful wife of over 31 years. The youngest head coach as a son in the USA Swimming program in the State of Louisiana. The other son is a singer songwriter performing daily on Broadway Street in Nashville with an EP that debuted and peaked at #2 on the iTunes Blues Charts. Your turn, Ronny.
  11. Tell me how your life is better than the one I have.
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