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  1. Didn't he rant on social media about how unfair it was for the Pats to cut him while the owner Roberts Kraft was accused for being a customer of sex trafficking right after being cut? He then went on to say that he was done with the NFL and was going back to college to further his education lol.
  2. AB wasn't quiet. Texting his accusers the way that he did was far from quiet. He also ranted about Robert Kraft and the whole massage parlor stuff right after he was released. Quiet once he got to NE? He only lasted 2 weeks with the Pats.
  3. Are y'all okay with AB destroying the Saints from within? I'd love to see it happen. Brown is only apologizing because he misses the money and spotlight for not being in the league....... ...........he'll be back to regular programming once he returns.
  4. I heard she was pregnant with Bray Wyatt aka Husky Harris' seed
  5. It's on YouTube with a new episode every Wednesday.
  6. No team in the NFC South will be celebrating a SB victory this season.
  7. That ain't shit NFL official will have something for y'all asses in the postseason. I'm going to be sitting on my couch in a tuxedo with wine and a rack of ribs in preparation for the moment.
  8. "In addition, police said they have arrested Pryor. He faces a charge of simple assault." Damn, Pryor wasn't innocent in his own right in the incident either I guess.
  9. Yep, and the fact that many of the NFC East games are nationally televised is a tragedy. Those games and that division gets crammed down our throats annually.
  10. The NFC East has always been the most overhyped and overrated division in the NFL. The NFC South usually has 2 teams that are at least in playoff contention most years.
  11. The NFC South is a joke this season. Especially when it usually has 2 teams make the playoffs most seasons. Clinching the division in the state that it's in now is not that impressive. Someone has to win it.
  12. Falcons will feast on the limp carcasses of the Saints.
  13. So does that mean the Saints will be last like the Falcons if they fail to win the SB? See y'all bastards in the losers circle soon. The Falcons will be putting on yet another Buster Douglas vs Tyson style performance Thanksgiving Night.
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