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  1. Either way, OBJ is an idiot.
  2. With all the concussions he's had, I'm not surprised. Maybe should've retired even earlier.
  3. Just found out that AB threw a bag of gummy dicks at his baby momma. What in the hell??? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/01/13/antonio-brown-police-hollywood-florida-chelsie-kyriss/ Why would he have a bag of gummy dicks in his possession????
  4. Yep I wonder what's his excuse for saying the stuff he was saying in the video?
  5. Yep He'll be crying about the NFL not giving him a fair chance and that he's broke soon.
  6. No Some people just are who they are. We often tend to make excuses for people's wrong doing, including our own. People choose to do things even if they are immoral. Just like there is plenty of good, there's plenty of evil as well.
  7. I think this is a time in modern society that we tend to blame people's actions too much on mental issues and not take a deep look at the person's character. I actually know guys who are just like this who didn't play football. AB could just be a human shitbag or the case that he thinks he can do and say what he wants just because he thinks he's the shit.
  8. He just seems flat to me. Maybe ESPN is bringing back a 3 man commentator format? Maybe adding Romo could make Booger better?
  9. This postseason so far has been wild and very unpredictable.
  10. Wilson with the extra wet Jheri curl.
  11. O'Brien could lose his job over this.
  12. Never seen a game where one team is getting blown out then ends up blowing the other team out. This game is nothing like 28-3 SB. Falcons lost the lead and the game on the final play. Texans lost this game in the 2nd quarter.
  13. Kelce on pace to have more tds in this game than he has all season.
  14. Looks like the Chiefs are actually making it a game now.
  15. Who would've thought that 2 AFC West teams would look dominant and possibly have an all AFC West AFC championship game?
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