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  1. Saints will be back to being the 7-9ners or worse real soon. Brees' arm will finally die a painful death and Sean Payton will say fuck it as he runs back to Geriatric Jerruh in Dallas.
  2. Tell Lattimore to stop trying to feel on Julio's nuts when attempting to cover him.
  3. Somehow Eli may end up getting the last laugh....
  4. Preseason is nothing. Micheal Sam got sacks too..... 🙄
  5. Who gives a shit..... The biggest question is when is he going to get a hair transplant??? He already does a comb-over and act like we don't notice.
  6. Damn That is a lot to give up for 5% of a team. Although it is the Steelers and it has one of the biggest fanbases in the NFL and pro sports. Would rather pay to be a minority owner of a team with potential of eventually becoming majority owner.
  7. Oh I can't wait for the Teddy B era to kickoff in NO.
  8. 55 inch no more.... That's what my girlfriend said to me if I'm caught cheating ðŸĪŠðŸ˜­
  9. Well....... Jerruh definitely has become a senile old fuck hasn't he..... The Cowboys franchise is bleeding and dying a painful death under Jerruh. Couldn't happen to a better team. This is entertaining on a high level scale of fucked-upness.
  10. Thanks bro, would've been here sooner if I had known about this board earlier. Rival Central was one of the more interesting forums at AFMB before Mono nuked it.
  11. Damn Wouldn't it put him as the highest or tied for the highest paid QB? He deserves it because he's the QB of the Cowboys. I hope he blows their cap to hell.
  12. Just to think that Jerry is already aging badly. He looks like he could play as a horny old guy from Golden Girls.
  13. It will be time for Jaylon Smith to get paid soon as well. Especially if he continues to play like he has been. It will be even more difficult for the Cowboys, which is fun to watch. Stick it to them Dak! Rob Jerruh of what you don't deserve.
  14. Which will fall off first? Brees' arm or the last bit of his hair?
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