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  1. Yeah, can't deny that. Brady and the Pats did have to go through very good Ravens defenses, the Steelers when they were really good contenders, and Peyton Manning though. Pats may have had an annual cakewalk as a division, but they still had some pretty serious competition outside of it. They still upset the "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams, beat a pretty solid Panthers team, beat a really good Eagles team, beat a SB defending champion in the Seahawks, and an offensive juggernaut in the Falcons in the SB. Rams with Goff shit the bed in the Pats last SB win.
  2. To be fair Brady is a close #2 in many of those all-time QB stats while having all the hardware to go with them. Brady has spent literally half of his career in SBs and most of his career in conference championship games. Brady with the 2nd most passing yards and tds of all-time to go with 6 rings will never be accomplished again in our lifetime. Brady would surpass Brees in those stats if Brady plays an extra few games after Brees retires or misses a little bit of time due to injury. We will eventually see someone surpass Brees stats and match his 1 SB ring in our lifetime. Can't say the same about Brady and his 6 rings to go along with his top 2 all-time stats.
  3. Da fuck did I just watch? Went from hating that Brady joined the Bucs to how Tom soaps up his man titties in the shower? 100% that's @buc-man or @jb™
  4. Just talked to a mod He said Mash and GOAT POTUS(Kevo) will remain banned. Freebird and MVCrook can pm JD dirtybird21. He said for y'all to let me know if y'all want to pm him so he can unlock your accounts to talk to him.
  5. Are you sure you're banned? You're on my friends list on AFMB and it doesn't say anything about you being banned.
  6. What were y'alls usernames on AFMB? Wasn't yours the same MVCrook?
  7. I'm checking to see if you guys can be reinstated.
  8. It's combat sports, but football discussions are allowed as well. Falconsin2012 has came up with a great idea to incorporate into the forum. He wants to setup a way to settle debates(football, or anything in general) like a debate battle. Any poster who has a debate dispute can battle. Each poster gets one post to state their opinion. Another post to respond to the opposing poster's opinion. Then people on the board get to vote who's the winner. It goes with the combat theme.
  9. No not to TATF. I just got a new forum started on AFMB devoted to Boxing, UFC, etc.. y'all are more than welcome to come and talk about those topics Just starting out so bare with me. I'm trying to build it up.
  10. Hopefully that undone the affects of the hit that Burfict put on him a few years ago. He may actually be fixed now lol.
  11. Yep, and the NFL has planned to have a game in Mexico both next season and in 2021. That is why I think NFL moving to 7 playoff teams per conference and and are starting have regular season games in multiple foreign markets along with owners want to go to 17 game schedule could culminate in the movement and expansion of teams to international markets.
  12. Pretty much half of the league will be playoff teams. The format of how the NFL is being setup is opening the door to an NFL team expansion. Looks like it'll more of an international expansion like the UK, Mexico, and Canada.
  13. Payton was a huge HC candidate as the OC of the Cowboys. Jerry tried to make him the highest paid coordinator in the NFL just to keep him to eventually replace Wade Phillips as Cowboys HC. Payton leaving and having success with the Saints is the reason why Jerry screwed over Wade Phillips in order to give Jason Garrett the HC job. Jerry really thought Garrett was gonna be Sean Payton 2.0 lol.
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