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  1. So , he is basically saying old people can just go ahead and fucking die already. Why even bother trying to save them ?
  2. Have always respected him as a player , coach and man . That 30k will help save a lot of helpless animals... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/ron-rivera-raised-more-than-30-000-for-charity-in-garage-sale-ahead-of-move-to-washington/ar-BB102ICl?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=spartandhp
  3. Dam , that looks great , is different from an enchilada bake we do sometimes , I'll have to try it . Love the Anaheim peppers , on occasion I will stuff either those or Poblanos and make a version of Chile Rennellos
  4. Is hate not hate ?...a dooshbag that hates Americans and burns the flag is not a hater as well ? Hate is hate.
  5. The TB SEA game is a defensive masterpiece !
  6. No ? … Is burning an American flag not also an act of hate ? The difference is , had the guy stolen an American flag from a church and burned it , he would most probably get probation , or 6 months .
  7. My mighty Battlehawks gonna fuck them Roughnecks tomorrow at 2 !
  8. But it is OK to burn an American flag , anyplace , anywhere. THAT is free speech . Man , this country is fucked ... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/12/19/hate-crime-iowa-man-sentenced-prison-burning-lgbtq-flag/2705226001/
  9. Neal not going anywhere since his option is fully guaranteed for injury unless he passes a physical in March which he won't . He's counting against the cap no matter what so we may as well see if he has anything left. Cheap lunch pail guys like Sweitzer are what you need , you can't have an all pro at every position. I hope he signs back on at a reasonable price , he is much better than Brown or Carpenter. Fowler is a fucking pipe dream .
  10. Yep , Mike Person as well . But the TATF geniuses will tell you Sweitzer is the worst G in the history of the NFL . When in actuality he and his minimum rookie contract is much better than what Gel Boy spent 10 million on . And he is still very young and just entering his prime. Good god , what could have been if we had just plugged and played him , cut Beasley , not signed Brown and Carp , and spent that 23 million elsewhere. But no , fuck no , we are the Falcons and we love being cute...
  11. Hey , @SaintRay , fuck the dumb shit , eat whatever dafk you want bro and don't worry about it. Love this thread and I have actually attempted a few of the meals you have posted here. Keep em coming . I eat whatever I want within reason and if I lived in NOLA I would prolly weigh 400 pounds , but I have managed to keep my svelte , solid 250 pound girlish figure for decades LOL ...
  12. Yes bro , I'm a student of history , I know all this...sympathy for Germany and the rise of Hitler was not rare in England at the time , not at all . The last thing most Brits wanted was a conflict with Germany and most of the population realized the treaty of Versailles was way too punitive for Germany to swallow . Hitler admired Loyd George greatly and the feeling was mutual. Thus , the policies of appeasement implemented by Chamberlain and many others . Even when Germany invaded Poland in 1939 , the vast majority of Brits did not advocate for war . And anti Semitism was certainly not invented by Hitler , it was widespread thru out the continent and had been for years. The Poles were among the worst offenders and a majority of holocaust survivors that returned to Poland after the war were persecuted heavily. The history books we read in school, for the most part , do not mention this . Read up on Oswald Mosely and the British Union of Fascists , Unity Mitford , etc etc . Really , it was only after Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain began that the tide of British sentiment turned heavily against the Nazis. And fascism was hardly unique to Germany. It was widespread thru out the continent. Had Hitler held his water and not bet the house against the Soviets , we would all sprechen sie Deutsche today . True story...
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