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  1. Keep wondering why ya'll don't at least take a hard look at him , you know what Allen is already...
  2. Yep , not going far in the playoffs with this outfit...
  3. We been dealing with bad calls/no calls since the beginning of time/ forever , so we ain't crying you no river...
  4. Would be nice but odds are he takes a DC job somewhere and he's a pretty good one...he'll be on teams short list for HC though...
  5. I could see him in Dallas or Jacksonville...
  6. New Orleans Staints , the queens of cryfucking...
  7. This is the play that sealed his fate....
  8. LMFAO....what have you turds accomplished the last 5 years really ?...3 straight 7-9s followed by two giant heart wrenching bedshits . No better than us. Now you get to watch the decline of Brees leading straight to your one and done third straight bedshit. Congrats motherfuckers...
  9. LMFAO....#1 and done seed is much more like it...what playoff horror awaits you this year fellas ?
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