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  1. Freebird Lives

    Brown's trade Carlos Hyde to Jax

    For a 5th. Fournette must be worse than thought , Yeldon is banged up , and Grant on IR Jags injury woes are similar to the Birds except on O. Besides their RBS being decimated they are on their 3rd LT, 3rd TE , and lost their #1 receiver. Not all on Bortles.
  2. Freebird Lives


    I watch it from time to time for comedic relief...
  3. Freebird Lives

    Jokes (not long ones)

    Mash is on a roll....đŸ˜€
  4. Freebird Lives

    Steal a base....

    Or a real taqueria....I agree Taco Bell is Gringo caca... .
  5. Dumbass you think the wealth is distributed equally in Honduras LOL? You think if Honduras had nuclear weapons the gangs would not be able to access them? You think the wealth was distributed equally in the Soviet Union LMFAO ? GTFO
  6. Your stupid communist bullshit combined with your insane open border policy that you advocate would have us turned into Honduras within a few short years. Gangs and organized criminal cadres would run the country and control the military and the nuclear arsenal. THEY would control the wealth, not some benign communist government that takes sweet loving care of all citizens from cradle to grave LOL. You live in a cozy little pipe dream of a perfect world that will never exist.
  7. Freebird Lives

    Selling my house......

    Nah she be on the lake and have 3000 less sf to clean.
  8. Freebird Lives

    Selling my house......

    Nice crib Mash...where you moving to ?
  9. Trumps approval rate among blacks is now in the 30ish percentile..
  10. Freebird Lives

    Breaking News: US Budget deficit expands to...

    Possibly 9 trillion...
  11. Freebird Lives

    Breaking News: US Budget deficit expands to...

    U are the kidder not me. Your boo added nearly 7 trillion...but you knew this....