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  1. Freebird Lives

    So this happened

    Dam, fucker should not have lit a smoke around that methane gas...
  2. Freebird Lives

    Jussie Smallett

    He's gonna make a real popular little fuck toy in prison....I mean WTF, dude had it all - money, fame, respect, why the hell he got to do this shit ? 3 years is fair IMO...and restitution to CPD for wasting their time...
  3. No need to display your sexual fantasies for all to see.....😝
  4. Freebird Lives

    Jussie Smallett

    Shits like him is what keeps screaming to separate us even though we all come together where it counts. Anyone here that has ever served in the military knows that content of character is what advances you, not skin color. Racial gets you NOTHING...Man, fuck the dumb shit.....this cunt deserves prison time for this shit....and an extra year for being a fag named Jussie …..😩
  5. Leave Tom Audio the fuck alone ….he is a much better poster than most here ever dreamed of being...
  6. All good moves....Means and Carter were both retained at vet minimum and gives us solid depth on two levels....
  7. Hope they get every penny of it from that slanted and biased rag.... https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/430728-dershowitz-says-covington-catholic-student-has-reasonable-case-against-the
  8. Freebird Lives

    The free agency market value for Mark Ingram

    Running backs sure are getting screwed in the NFL money madness, fuckers sacrifice their bodies as much as anyone and get paid like guards...got a feeling a RB hungry team will give him more now that the cap has expanded. Remember, Devonta Freeman was the highest paid a couple years ago at two years, 8 million...
  9. Freebird Lives

    Life without Oil

  10. Freebird Lives

    Will Marques Colston ever get in the HOF?

    For fucks sake man....
  11. Fuck a Kraperdink ….first he kneels and then he sux...or was it vise a versa ? Bitch played EVERYONE for money but yea, he a hero and shit....
  12. Well, shit, a whole 2k a month they are pulling ? ….just goes to show that there are like 2 thousand kooks in the entire country giving 1 $ a month to these ass clowns....widespread racism has not been a problem in this country for decades but idiots like JB are bound and determined to make it so. There are idiots and racists in all walks of life but they are a very tiny % of the population. Anything the far left fringe like JB do not agree with can be attributed to widespread , virulent racism ….
  13. I believe there is something to it, but not any where near like the Al Gores of the world would suggest. Weather is cyclical and no one knows for sure what it will do or why. What worries me much more than global warming is the pollution of our oceans and the dramatic loss of coral reefs.
  14. Freebird Lives

    Life without Oil

    Yep, even the Vaseline JB uses with Ole Blue is made from petroleum. His rubbers as well...