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  1. You turds are not going to the Super Bowl ...your third horrific almost there assfuck is waiting for you...
  2. Did you see the play where we rushed 3 and dropped Davison back in coverage ? it was 1st quarter 7-3 and Murray had a big scramble....I shit you not bro, DAVISON...
  3. I loves to go swimmins wit bow legged womens...
  4. Yet another empty and hollow stat for wonder boy...
  5. Should have held on to Italian Ice....🤨
  6. I'm getting ready to go check on the TATF boyz….I'm sure they have some theories on why we suck golf balls thru garden hoses...
  7. Dam straight….I was starting to fume like a bitch that Quinn would not toss the flag....
  8. Was I wrong the last two years when I foretold the Saints would not make the Super Bowl ?
  9. You know how it all ends for 2019 don't you fellers ? ...these things happen in 3s. Just like 7-9...
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