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  1. Yea, was MUCH better than nothing.....I'm sure past couple years didn't bother you guys much though since you got your stain trophy to cling to forever.... AFTER ALL, you are the mighty NOLA Saints and those blown chances mean squat......your team is so good you are assured to be in the same position year after fucking year...
  2. Sure hope he is ready.....after all these signings, this draft is going to be absolutely fascinating. We could move up down down up up down, I'm expecting plenty oof surprises. No doubt DQ and TD are all in THIS year to keep their jobs...
  3. Actually, I don't, but I sure did enjoy the karma after the fucking roasting we had to endure...it was downright poetic...🤔
  4. Hey, any talking head" expert " that can admit he is wrong and is this self deprecating is OK in my book... https://sports.yahoo.com/stephen-a-smith-calls-himself-ignorant-fool-for-describing-dwayne-haskins-as-a-running-qb-184755082.html
  5. So fellers, do we say the Bucs are a great team as well because they lucked into a Lombardi decades ago ? By yall's twisted logic they are a great franchise.....like the Steelers, Pats etc...Right ?
  6. Yet another fail for you …..he wanted me to come up there for my ass kicking...
  7. Gotdam, now THAT was the funniest t5hing in the entire fucking thread...
  8. It's fine Ray, I believe you....don't need to check it, unlike you guys I'm not a big fan of ancient history...I like modern history better...
  9. That's all you clowns got, your ten year old stained trophy …..but keep ignoring the fact we still own the H2H against you and we also won the only post season game between us.....but keep clinging, I know it helps you deal with the horrors of the past 5 years....
  10. No shit, leaves his lady to get bit.....bet he did not get head for months ….
  11. What part of we own the head to head do you fail to understand ?
  12. Have your emos in your dashboard disappeared ?
  13. Can not make this shit up.....10 seconds forever and ever...can you imagine how butthurt they are going to be when they return to 7-9 after what they have endured the past 5 years ? ROTF !
  14. A Saint fan calling out mediocrity, fucking priceless brah….
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