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  1. Staints could very well be headed on a 3 game skid here....hope the Steelers get Conner back in time ….
  2. Freebird Lives

    things just feel like they are going your way

    Is that Dan Quinn he's holding ?
  3. Freebird Lives

    RIP Bill Fralic

    We could use a couple more like him....RIP soldier....
  4. Freebird Lives

    things just feel like they are going your way

    You thought they were going your way last year as well...….😂
  5. I was trying to be facetious but by now I should know better....
  6. Fuck, if they stayed in their respective shithole countries that 50k each would probably be a lot cheaper for us in the long run....I read somewhere that the average illegal ends up costing taxpayers 75k per year each....
  7. Freebird Lives

    Falcons starters playing

    Tanking is a myth that only exists in the minds of fan boys such as yerself….
  8. Freebird Lives

    NOs Front Four

    Meh, as if the Sucs O line is anything special ….
  9. Freebird Lives


    Great stuff, where you sending dabirds 25$ to ? …..😅
  10. Freebird Lives

    2018 RC Fantasy Football League (official sticky)

    I thought I was toast, lost Conner then got zero again from that shitty Trequan Smith....Goff totally screwed you man....
  11. Freebird Lives

    Chris Christie thinks trump could be fucked

    Yea, in August of 2016 Trump wiped his ass at Trump Tower with rump ribbon that was made in Russia and was purchased by Michael Cohen.....man, GTFO....