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  1. Post your latest draft simulator

  2. Post your latest draft simulator

    Terrance Magee is the 3rd RB as of now....and still no FB on the roster...
  3. Good, hopefully they will crack the skulls of many rioters, looters and " peaceful " protesters ....
  4. Mock Draft 2.0

    Beef, that is kind of exactly what I was thinking....rounds 2-4 loaded with dam good DTs, some of which will turn into very solid players and even stars in the league . I just hope we go BPA/impact at #26 and not reach at ANYTHING....
  5. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Or vise versa ....I'm thinking more a guy that is primarily a center that can also play guard that can learn under Mack while he is still playing ....we know the folly of pushing a guard into center ( see Person/Michael ) and just plain BAD centers see, Stone/James Konz/Peter....
  6. Mock Draft 2.0

    Again, I hope you are right but I do believe neither Payne nor Bryan is there for us. Only thing I know for sure, as usual, the draft will go down quite differently than any of the mocks or what we think is going to happen. There are going to be lots of surprises and WTF is a Corey Peters ? type moments LOL ....
  7. Post your latest draft simulator

    Surely we could get more than a late 4th for Teco....fuck man, I wish some way we could keep Teco and somehow deal Freeman, dude is a concussion away from real trouble....
  8. Mock Draft 2.0

    I tend to agree but it is certainly not outside the realm of possibility ....if Payne and Bryan are gone I think we go another direction than DT anyway....
  9. Mock Draft 2.0

    I hope you are right but most mocks I have seen they are gone by 26 and both Payne and Bryan are/ have been riser types. I agree there is a chance Bryan could be there but I'm doubting it....I think what will be left for us is Hurst/Phillips. i'm not a huge fan of picking Hurst, I like Phillips a lot the more I look at him but would be a reach I guess .
  10. Mock Draft 2.0

    I would hate to see them get Gesicki....
  11. Mock Draft 2.0

    I'm predicting Payne, Vita and Bryan are gone by 24.....I think it will be Hurst or Phillips left for us....but I tell you, the more I look at Harrison Phillips the better I like him and I would not cry to spend 26 on him. I know the Vikings got a target on his back if he is there at 30....
  12. Mock Draft 2.0

    I don't .....I think Vita ,Payne, and Bryan will be gone for sure and possibly Hurst as well.
  13. Mock Draft 2.0

    I really hope not but we got to find a starter out of this DT class so I don't rule it out.......but I see DTs in rounds 2-4 that would normally be like first thru third type talents if not for a very top heavy DT class.
  14. Post your latest draft simulator

    Notice you got Freeman in both drafts....strikes me as a guy that could be a 3-4th round steal if he is there....
  15. Falcons Prospect Meetings

    Mock based on your visitation list and whom I think may actually be there in the projected round, I think Bryan and Payne will be gone.....