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  1. You wanna buy it ? You can put it in your back yard and the chicken lady Will have place to live. They on their own
  2. Strange that as much as Florida sux people are moving here in droves. My property value has risen 38 per cent in 3 and a half years . I'm gonna wait a couple more years and I'm out.
  3. 3 bloody Mary's eggs Benedict and couple analgesics. If you have percs even better.
  4. Could actually be Syco and her husband..
  5. Lmao....a gay French flower is what dafk it is....
  6. One O line on that fucking list ONE....no scare doh...🤐
  7. I loved him out of wvu as you prolly know....been underwhelming doh...how much ? E
  8. You would be surprised how many pro defunct and existing teams/ligand logos are out there.....college teams as well...the more obscure the better LOL
  9. So many temp or alt logos existed in the day doh ... I'm on phone now and cleaning fish or I would post up dozens of great defunct team logos ..kind of a hobby of mine
  10. He will probably find an amigo to shove down dere ..
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