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  1. Freebird Lives

    Lol so American citizens...

    Hell, these pickers are making good coin....when I was a young man I pounded nails and poured concrete in the hot sun for far less than these avocado pickers are making.... Even though he pays well above minimum wage, he’s also lost workers to farms that can afford to pay more. The experienced harvesters at Shade’s farm can make up to $400 a day, he says. The rookies start off at minimum wage and then move up to $200 to $300 a day after a few weeks.
  2. Freebird Lives

    Jameis Winston will be suspended for the first 3 games

    Peerhaps....but it could create a big backlash if this woman whose crotch he grabbed came out publicly.
  3. Freebird Lives

    Jurassic World

    Better effects than the original ?
  4. Freebird Lives

    Jameis Winston will be suspended for the first 3 games

    Maybe not....some organizations don't like to be associated with crab thieving sexual predator scumbags especially in todays climate.
  5. Freebird Lives

    Jameis Winston will be suspended for the first 3 games

    Tampa columnist calls for Bucs to cut Jameis Winston https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/tampa-columnist-calls-for-bucs-to-cut-jameis-winston/ar-AAyZx2g?li=BBnbfcL
  6. Freebird Lives

    Don’t wait too long ....

    LOL, that is exactly why I retired at 54....I am still young dumb and very full of cum....fuck all you motherfuckers....😎
  7. Hit ? Hit ? ....ole Buc would ravage it from sun to moon....hit is way too soft a word for WTF Buc would do to that...
  8. How did I just know she would be a total dog before clicking on this thread ?
  9. Freebird Lives

    Our President

    Bird, did you expect anything else from him ? ....as we speak, he is reaching for the comfort of good ole blue....
  10. Time for you to update your Mooler thread fuckstick.....while you are at it, we need your input on EVERYTHING related to Obama and the Dems border policy...and why Trump is being demonized for shit that happened on Barry's watch for years ...EXPLAIN YOURSELF YOU RACIST PIG !
  11. Freebird Lives

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    Julio be on field real soon....Birds will be a monster in 2018....bank it homeys.....
  12. Freebird Lives

    This is on its way to new Orleans

    LOL, just dam....
  13. Freebird Lives

    Where is You Know Who?

  14. Freebird Lives

    Our President

    Rarest thing of all is an atheist in a foxhole...