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  1. I wish they would start popping caps at these " peaceful protesters " that are throwing bottles, attacking police and their vehicles, rioting looting etc. They are a bunch of fucking animals....
  2. Classic TDS....a peaceful,Trump supporting, observant Jew in London called a Nazi by leftist fascists....folks, you can not make this shit up.... http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/07/13/in-london-pro-trump-counter-protesters-hit-with-abuse-some-violence.html
  3. Bet JB would love to sit on that dildo throne.....
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/downtime/worlds-longest-fingernails-cut-off/vi-AAzXe9i
  5. Yepper.....yepper indeed.... The Falcons have the best offensive line in the NFC South, per Pro Football Focus The other day, we noted that ESPN thought the Falcons had the third-best arsenal of offensive weapons of any team in the NFL. Today, we’re seeing the Falcons rank #3 for something on offense again, though this time it’s that underrated offensive line. Per Pro Football Focus, Atlanta’s relative strength at tackle, the sustained excellence of Alex Mack, and the addition of Brandon Fusco are all reasons to believe this line will be one of the best in the NFL. I’d say that given Andy Levitre’s 2017 injury I’m probably slightly less optimistic than PFF about this line, which is probably a first. One need look no further than the divisional-round matchup with the Rams to know that guard is an issue for the Falcons. In that game, Aaron Donald racked up 11 pressures against the Falcons interior (albeit without Andy Levitre). They’ve alleviated that to some degree with the signing of journeyman Brandon Fusco from San Francisco (76.0 overall grade on 1,083 snaps last season). They’ve been solid everywhere else though of late, especially at center where Alex Mack has posted back-to-back 88.0-plus graded seasons for the Falcons. Where are the other teams in the NFC South, you ask? The Saints appear at #6 with their strong unit, which is one of the best in the NFL in terms of pass protection. The Panthers are at #21 with questions at left guard and Matt Kalil stinking up the left tackle position, though they have some options to try out this summer. And the Buccaneers are at #22, with left tackle Donovan Smith looking like an active liability and center Ryan Jensen a pricy signing who has to live up to that contract. All of those rankings feel fair. If it shakes out like that in 2018, the Falcons are well on their way to another playoff berth, and the Saints probably won’t be far behind them. That’s especially true if you believe, as I know many of our fine and fair readers do, that games are won and lost in the trenches.
  6. Freebird Lives

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Meh, he fucked his self IMO....
  7. Freebird Lives

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Of course he is going to try and cover his ass....sorry brah, he strikes me as a classic self server that abused his position for personal gain. not saying he was bad at his job....
  8. Brah, your defense last year was a smoke and mirror mirage, Kamara headed for soph slump, Bama boy suspended, mole is drinking Geritol . And you know deep in your heart Davenport will be a bust. 2 sacks...
  9. Freebird Lives

    Because Fuck The Environment

    He was good at his job....too bad he was such a self entitled dooshrag though. A real swamp gator....
  10. Freebird Lives

    Public Service Announcement

    Bucman ! .....down boy, DOWN .....
  11. Freebird Lives

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Isn't it ironic that Canada ad Europe are all talk and no walk ? ....
  12. Freebird Lives

    I’d like to point out ....

    This will be the year his arm falls off and osteoarthritis attacks his bad shoulder with a vengeance......😎
  13. Freebird Lives

    Head Scratcher

  14. If you bring plenty of Vaseline.... https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/falcons-to-hold-their-first-ever-public-full-pad-practice-at-mercedes-benz-stadi FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. –The Falcons will make the trip down I-85 to hold their first-ever open practice in Mercedes-Benz Stadium for their third 2018 training camp session on Sunday, July 29. Prior to the start of the team’s fully padded practice, fans are invited to attend a special roof-opening ceremony to witness the first fully automated opening of the stadium’s one-of-a-kind roof. For complete details on the Falcons Fan Day event and open practice, click here. · When: Sunday, July 29 at noon ET. · Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium · Price: $5 (Buy here) Parking lots will open at 8:30 a.m. ET with stadium gates and the Front Porch opening to the public at 11 a.m. Accompanying the opening of the gates and Front Porch will be music, a drumline and Falcons cheerleaders. The roof-opening ceremony will take place at noon. Once fully automated, the eight individual panels that comprise the stadium’s roof should open in as little as 12 minutes with the single push of a button. Following the opening of the roof, the Falcons will take the field in full pads at 12:30 pm for the start of practice. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn lauded the speed and energy his team had during OTAs and minicamp this summer, but the real evaluation will begin once the pads are on and the helmets strapped up. All ticket proceeds from the event will be used to benefit the Super Bowl LIII Legacy Project at Kennedy Park on Atlanta’s Westside For those who want to attend the team’s practice and the opening of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof, additional information as well as links to purchase tickets and parking for the event can be found on the “Together We Rise – Falcons Fan Day” page at atlantafalcons.com.
  15. Freebird Lives

    For the bourbon lovers

    I'm a gonna look for it at my friendly store Moonshine Liquors .....they have been running a special on Jameson, two fifth bottles for 39.99 and I picked up four a couple weeks ago.....that special prolly ends at the close of the month doh....I'm not really a true spirits connoisseur but I would certainly like to learn more about the wonderful world of booze ....😃
  16. Freebird Lives

    2017 Fantasy Football League

    I'm in like Flynn ....
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/conservatives-moving-to-impeach-rosenstein-soon-report/ar-AAA2Cjn?li=BBnb7Kz
  18. Freebird Lives

    Trump considering tapping emergency reserve

    Trump knows WTF he is doing....this could really stimulate discretionary spending for a short and mid term and then ramp into kicking back up our domestic oil industry that now seems limitless. As a business man he's trying to put money to work instead of scared money not making money....
  19. Freebird Lives

    For the bourbon lovers

    Henry McKenna eh ? ......don't think I have had any in years but didn't it used to be kinda rot gut ? ....I understand this is a special 10 year version though. Seems like back in the day McKenna was either a poor mans Old Grandad or a rich mans Heaven Hill LOL ...
  20. Freebird Lives

    RC FF League

    Beef was commish last year and did a real good job....hopefully he will do his RCnet duty again this year LOL ...
  21. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/demarco-murray-is-retiring-from-football/ar-AAA2hN7?li=BBnb7Kz
  22. Freebird Lives

    Trump considering tapping emergency reserve

    Good, bring on that cheap gas watch billions in Griswold summer vacation $$$ flush the economy and we get serious with stream lining even cheaper fuel into our tanks once we truly open up the worlds biggest supply. Fuck the anti fracking goons...
  23. Freebird Lives

    Anyone else watching the FBI hearing

    This is truth...Syco and JB both revert to straight trolling when the going gets rough for them....every time