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  1. 28% of people distrust Mooler and his bullshit investigation... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/poll-half-of-americans-say-trump-is-victim-of-a-witch-hunt-as-trust-in-mueller-erodes/ar-BBUUO7T?ocid=spartandhp
  2. Well, they gave him 6 million so hopefully his fused neck don't pop....it's not like centers ever get hit in the head or use their necks much anyway ….🤡
  3. Still much more valuable than the turd you guys just paid in desperation....if this guy is worth 6, Beasley is worth 25...
  4. True, Ray can just pop him with the steel kettle after he and Ms. Ray enjoy the gumbo....🤡
  5. But yet the Pantys would take him in a heartbeat LMAO...
  6. Beasley may be a joke but he is much more valuable than this guy....and 6 million is huge for a guy with a fucked up neck vertebrae that barely sees the field. A center with a fucked up neck, LMFAO, good luck with that shit...
  7. He knows that....4 years 24 total = 6 million per....it is still a huge LOL....🤡
  8. He made sure to remove his neck brace first....
  9. If he don't pay up, Ray will hit him with a steel pot of boiling gumbo ….
  10. I know right ? And they seem to be happy with it ….🤣
  11. Ugghh, after reading the link below, this signing looks like a giant risk to me....and to give him 6 million a year ? …..man, I don't know.... https://saintswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/17/saints-free-agency-nick-easton-vikings-harvard-max-unger/5/
  12. I get that , but again, when I am presented with a bucket of shit and a bucket of piss as my only realistic alternatives, I'll take the bucket of piss....
  13. You didn't have to brain him with a beer keg ! It was only 25$ …...🤣
  14. Lesser of the evils for me pure and simple....shit, I used to be a Dem until they went batshit crazy. Trump is the closest thing we have ever had to an outlier....like I said, there needs to be some kind of czar over this crab and lobster type shit. There is absolutely no doubt that the Republican party, at this point in time, and despite it's many flaws, is 1000% better than the shit the donkeys are serving up.
  15. Falcons got some relief on the way …..so you just got off of Unger and Brees must have restructured or Staints would be #2 on that list behind the Falcons
  16. This year the Saints will lose the NFCCG to the Falcons on a nullified TD due to a phantom hold of Beasley who was not anywhere near Brees ….
  17. I'm a try this too....I assume adding the other ingredients to the SBRH cuts the sweetness to balance it out....
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