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  1. No coincidence that Brees missed so much time
  2. Julio has the longest td streak in the nfl
  3. Drew brees 37 gwds Matt ryan 37 gwd's Tops in nfl
  4. No such thing as a falcon fan in atlanta is the cause
  5. ugly wife Shit pants noodle arm doofy lookin whiteboy cam newton and josh freeman are a few of our frustrations over the years joe it happens to the best of em
  6. 1 josh freeman 2. Tony romo. 3. Joe flacco 4 cam newton Feel free to include any i missed
  7. On one of the patriots td drives thhere was a cruical 3rd down picked up. That wass quesstionaable...quinnn aand thee. Pppll uupsstaiirs didnt see. It live and tthere. Was no replay on the scrreens but brady. Rushed the team to the los .....all evidence was wiped off the. Net
  8. And my point is just because he is the best on your team doesnt make him a god. Most teams dont beat deshaun watson with a back up
  9. Sure plenty of teams win games without brees at qb
  10. He feels he was under utilized in that sb i think he let T.O get into his ear thaats why i dont defend him anymore Any way its all amatter of opinion some are craving the duds we laid before julio some like HoF players that take you to the cusp of greatness
  11. Ah this is so stupid. When someone asks if someone else ever did something usually that includes the past
  12. You retarded 1 tooth mofo google past tense for fathom
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