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  1. y'all some horny old boomers. Can't get none from your wives? Bucs should do better this time around. Winston was being protected by Cappa who had a fractured arm and Josh Wells who was a nobody. Peat being out means we should have more internal pressure from Vea. Evans should get his revenge game without Lattimore covering him and have that 180 3 TDS game he had like the Giants.
  2. If he was going to do a lot for NJPW and AEW I wish he'd lose the beer belly and cut his old died down weave off. But he's been fat since 2008.
  3. 19 yr old little slut Paige here lol anyways thought this promo between MJF and Y2J was fuckin gold
  4. lol she brought the cum belt to the show hahaha
  5. Ahh PPF. It's great when they grade your players high but it sucks when they dont.
  6. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: Sell tight end O.J. Howard. Howard has not broken out in his third season in Tampa Bay, as many had hoped. He's averaging three targets and 2.2 receptions per game, his most impressive catch of the autumn coming at a Tampa Bay Rays home playoff game. Pass-catching tight ends are always of need, and Howard, whose fifth-year option must be picked up in the coming offseason, is a luxury in Tampa next to Cameron Brate. New England has reportedly already been rebuffed. Perhaps the Pats should try again. Potential compensation: 2020 sixth-round pick and 2021 second-round pick. No thank you
  7. NJPW opens up an American subsidiary. Interesting how this plays out, probably will let Bullet Club run that location along with new acquired talents. WWE, AEW, NJPW are trying to take their share of the American market. Impact and RoH are not looking good.
  8. Damn savages. Bucs still got number one 1 rushing defense though, held down CMC twice, Kamara, Barkley (before he got injured), and Gurley.
  9. JR does make mistakes here and there but he's relatively new to the indie scene.
  10. Is this considered a meme? Lmao
  11. AEW is surprisingly putting out a really great product. Even their Dark matches had PPV quality in Janela v. Omega. AEW definitely gives me Attitude Era vibes without all the dumb shit.
  12. Bears recover two onside kicks lmao.
  13. I was hoping he can replace Demar Dotson.
  14. Saints Oline is legit. I can take a nap back there. Also I'd like to take Peat off your hands.
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