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  1. Shaq needs to get more sacks..been MIA in the past 2 weeks...
  2. damn from getting ready to talk shit to cursin out the whole franchise in an afternoon
  3. 2 hands to the face call on Trey Flowers and no PI on Packer's CB. Absolutely no excuse for this, they need to be fired. Al Riveron needs to be fired.
  4. Never mind no good on the PAT hahahahaha Falcons be teasin their fans
  5. At least Falcons aren't giving up. But it's a tough hill to climb.
  6. Damn you found Hargreaves' high school tape.
  7. Congrats Panthers, Bucs and Falcons fighting for the cellar.
  8. lol we can't even get a punt off wtf is wrong with this team
  9. Winston can't succeed with this Oline. Thank god for Licht's investments to protecting our QB.
  10. FUMMBBBBLLLLEEE Good thing refs called it unlike last game.
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