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  1. We all know that 1200 is going to Mons. You can finally afford the Saturday night specials.
  2. We'll probably get a home game during the playoffs. That's my expectation. When you have the best QB to play the game and the elite passing game in the NFL there's no way you not reach the playoffs. There's no excuse for anyone in the team or the FO.
  3. Love how you agree with me and your reply is to move out. HAHAHA
  4. And who's fault is that? Donny disbanded the NSC pandemic that could've helped reduce this catastrophe in 2018. He didn't take this shit seriously once it was discovered in December 2019. Now Americans are dying the most from this virus due to his incompetency . Look at South Korea's response to the virus, there's no way the US could replicate what they did because it don't make $$$. Now the US is shut down for this month and most likely the upcoming months. 32 of the 33 developed nations have universal healthcare, the US does not. Despite spending more and having a higher mortality rate, 'Murica doesn't seem to get it.
  5. Income inequality where the .01% has all of the wealth while everyone else is living pay check to pay check isn't an emergency? Lol.
  6. 10 million jobless claims 5000 deaths and counting projected to 100k-240k This is what winning looks like lmao.
  7. Lemme get some of them socialism. You right wing folks should give it back right? Were anti-socialism of course hahahah
  8. This collection of great minds are the perfect candidates to lead this great country.
  9. Nah it's me, your daddy. Came back from the store when I went to get me a pack of smokes. How you doin' son? Shoutout to them people.
  10. Damn son, why do you even try? Posting here is useless with all these right wing morons.
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001106744/article/tom-brady-has-agreed-in-principle-to-join-bucs Just got him. No excuse for this team not to make playoffs.
  12. Time for new ownership. They can rot in hell. Add this to the shady ass shit the Saints org has done.
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