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  1. Time for new ownership. They can rot in hell. Add this to the shady ass shit the Saints org has done.
  2. Fuck that dumb bitch. Democrats didnt even like her ass to vote and is the reason why Donnie's sitting at the Oval office. She should just stay quiet in retirement being cucked by her husband.
  3. MT needs to shut the fuck up. Lookin like a pink pussy here.
  4. I picked the Ravens to win but also said that the Titans had a good chance of winning. I want to see them win it all.
  5. Damn dumping off Kamara already? Is he a bust now?
  6. which one of y'all boomers did this?
  7. Yeah banning is too much. Though I dont know what punishment he could get, maybe just escort him out but no ban.
  8. Lmao no way they can all keep Brees, Bridgewater, Jenkins, Apple, Bell, Peat, Onyemata, Klein, Ginn. Half of these people are gone.
  9. It would suck being a famous actor that's always surrounded by moronic neanderthals. Mans trying to enjoy the game, leave em alone.
  10. Gotcha, it definitely had those but thought it had calamari as well but I think I remembered it wrong.
  11. Strawberry shortcake and milkshake, hot dog, and cuban from a local strawberry farm.
  12. 49ers - Kwon is back Seahawks - Both these teams aren't better than their record. I feel an upset coming. Chiefs - Texans are a shit team but since JJ Watt is back, he can keep them in the game. Ravens - I think there's a good chance that the Titans can pull a win here. Better than what most thinks.
  13. CM Punk is a punk bitch. Fucker cost a UFC fighter his job because he was so shit in real fighting that the other guy toyed with him lmao
  14. This is the only thread were we talked about him since I joined, though I somewhat brought it up lol
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