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  1. Aight Van it’s on in this bitch

    Lol Nah I made this
  2. Aight Van it’s on in this bitch

    Barely lol I’ve posted way more here since I found out about this place about 4-5 years ago
  3. We beating that ass Week 1 and I’m goin to The game Sean Lee 6 games per season headass ain’t gonna save y’all asses Lawerence overrated trash ass finessed the fuck outta y’all cap space from the back and the front Loomis style Jason Witten’s washed ass couldnt separate from oil in water Dak too busy gettin washed by spring breakers at the beach Zeke wishes he could choose white women as good as he chooses a hole through the line to run through And Jerry Jones gonna watch that shit wishing Box office Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly were his QB and MLB @Rave needs to get his butthurt ass back in here
  4. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Panthers winning it all. Cam NFL MVP. Kuechly/Short Co DPOYs and CAM OPOY and SB MVP lol
  5. Cowboys Cut Dez Bryant

    Washed. Its sad to cause i loved watching him play a few years ago.
  6. Just curious to know y'alls views on this.
  7. Lol couldnt find an english version of it with the video
  8. Imagine hating Kaep for kneeling while suddenly loving and appreciating MLK. Imagine being that big of a hypocrite.
  9. I knew Thomas Davis wasn't shit...

    Lol the anger and salt in this thread was funny to read
  10. That would have really had the cops fear for their life. Surprised they didn’t get him any Burger King along the way.
  11. Doubt you'd said that in his position lol