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  1. Below the Horizonal line means below average defense Above the Horizontal line means above average defense To the left of the Vertical means below average offense To the right of the Vertical line means above average offense The graph as a whole represents expected points added or taken away on each side of the ball.
  2. Not really sure honestly but probably in the next month
  3. Cam won’t stop us for leading the league in Sacks and QB Hits lol along with being second in Takeaways
  4. Refs don’t get punished for their mistakes but everyone else in football does
  5. Lol Addison got more sacks than the whole Falcons team and Burns only has a .5 sack less
  6. At some point him gettin all these sacks isn’t luck man lol
  7. Burns is still proving you wrong so far but tho lol he got another sack yesterday
  8. We’ve traded having a good run defense for an elite pass rush
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