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  1. Gonna be fun watching the rest of the South battle it out this year
  2. We gonna be ass it don’t matter to me lol I need us to get 3 wins max
  3. 1-15 for the panthers. I think we beat the lions
  4. Lmao but nah he’s solid it’s just funny that’s the Falcons traded for him for basically the same compensation it took the Cardinals to get Hopkins
  5. Hope this happens tbh. Would be entertaining at least
  6. Yeah they could be just bitter but it’s interesting that it’s more than one person sayin stuff like this
  7. Yeah fr out of nowhere too lol
  8. Damn what’s goin on in Atlanta?
  9. Fuck Clemson. If we tank I hope it’s for Fields
  10. Idk why people say "The price has to the right". Of course it does lol
  11. Yeah I would have been fine with it if we at least got a pick out of it
  12. Sometimes I wonder why I support them. Then I remember liquor exists lol
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