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  1. WakeGOAT

    Drew Brees Is Sitting at 81% Completion

    Cam is at 69%........
  2. I’d take him. Why would you punch him in the throat?!
  3. 1. Brees 2. Kuechly 3. Thomas 4. Julio 5. Kamara 6. Cam 7. Peppers https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/cameron-jordan-saints-7-best-nfc-south interesting read
  4. WakeGOAT

    Terron Armstead vs Myles Garrett

    Taylor Moton better
  5. WakeGOAT

    Josh Gordon

    Such bullshit man I’d Would have traded them funchess and a 4th for him
  6. WakeGOAT

    Josh Gordon

    For a conditional 5th rounder man...
  7. WakeGOAT

    Josh Gordon

    Fuck those asshats
  8. WakeGOAT

    Current NFCS TE Rankings

    He’s never done them for any season since I’ve been on rivals lol
  9. Yup turns out Dak and his WRs are just ass
  10. WakeGOAT

    Let's make a toast....

    Yet I still made you mad
  11. WakeGOAT

    Let's make a toast....

    It was too easy to get you mad
  12. WakeGOAT

    Current NFCS QB Rankings

    Don’t forget Cam’s 69% comp since that’s the most important stat a QB can have apparently
  13. WakeGOAT

    Let's make a toast....

    I got you calling me a bitch. I made you mad no matter how much you want to deny it.
  14. WakeGOAT

    Let's make a toast....

    I got you mad even after a win LMAO