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  1. Tru Kelvin Benjamin an All-Pro without Cam
  2. He isnt broke. Why is he driving on a Suspended license?!
  3. I remember falcons fans calling him lazy and trash all the time lol
  4. Lol aight if any falcon player gets injured, I’ll remember this
  5. Lol like? Saints beat us in the wild card 2 years ago and Cam had surgery for his injury this past year.
  6. Damn man I hope you’ll be aight
  7. Yeah he’s best at Guard but he can play Tackle
  8. Idk enough draft players to really answer this so I’ll just be a homer Gamecock Guard Zach Bailey He was a great guard for us that got hurt on the last game of last season. I hope the Panthers draft him to play LG
  9. Tru but that’s what I like about it lol
  10. I just noticed that too lol NFL just trying to maximize their profits
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