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  1. Its bullshit but whatever i'll get over it
  2. WakeGOAT

    Interesting list with 2 NFC South QBs

    And more TD passes than a good number of QBs last season
  3. WakeGOAT

    Interesting list with 2 NFC South QBs

    I wonder if you would have said this is Matt Ryan was on it
  4. WakeGOAT

    Happy Motherfucking freedom day

    Not everyone was free
  5. WakeGOAT

    The WAAAAAAAAAAAAY Too EARLY NFCS Prediction Thread

    All I know is the Bucs are gonna be last lol
  6. WakeGOAT


    Yeah I don’t like the way Westbrook goes about playing basketball but I do love the fact that he wants to stay loyal. I wish he didn’t stat pad all the time and just used that energy to play defense and focus on being more efficient offensively
  7. WakeGOAT


    Lol I just not mad at them. I will always respect Athletes for doing what the majority of fans hate just cause they can and aren’t controlled by what fans will think of them for it. I do respect loyality as a lot as well tho and it does say a lot that Westbrook wants to win for OKC.
  8. WakeGOAT


    Yeah it is i just love when players dont give a damn about fans feelings plus I cant be mad about it when Wade/Lebron did something similar. Not near to the same level obviously
  9. WakeGOAT


    Warriors got Cousins too lmao I love it. Make people mad. Boogie doesn’t give a single fuck that you are mad lol
  10. WakeGOAT

    Lol so American citizens...

    Kinda like how kneeling was only viewed as a sign of disrespect until Kaep started doing it or that the flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free as respect to the flag unless the NFL is doing it.
  11. WakeGOAT

    Lol so American citizens...

    Generally i agree with you but all what you just said shouldn't matter when the group of people claiming to have these jobs taking from them see that the owners/bosses of these jobs are struggling to find workers.
  12. WakeGOAT

    Alabama offers scholarship to massive 8th grader OL

    No way in hell he's a 8th grader lol
  13. .....they claimed were being stolen from them?