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  1. WakeGOAT

    Jussie Smallett

    Lol what a binary thinker
  2. WakeGOAT

    Jussie Smallett

    Hell no
  3. WakeGOAT

    Jussie Smallett

    Fuck that lying faggot. He thought being gay would let him get away with it.....
  4. WakeGOAT

    Kamela just black Hilary Clinton

    Hell yeah complete bullshit man. I hate politics lol
  5. Fuck her pandering ass. I’m not dumb
  6. WakeGOAT

    He’ll be missed once the cleats are hung up

    Yup lol I won’t miss Brees at all
  7. WakeGOAT

    Salary Cap

    Both deserve QB money
  8. WakeGOAT


    NFL scared AF
  9. WakeGOAT

    Michael Thomas - balling - PFF NFL player Rank 6

    II thought so before the season in my bold predictions but i'd still take Julio honestly
  10. WakeGOAT

    Falcons will not offer Brian Poole a tender

    I hope not he's good
  11. WakeGOAT

    Will Marques Colston ever get in the HOF?

    I don’t think so but if he does it’s gonna take a LONG time. WRs have the hardest battle getting into the HOF
  12. The Bucs are higher than I thought tbh
  13. WakeGOAT

    Michael Thomas - balling - PFF NFL player Rank 6

    PFF grades are trash