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  1. Lol I didn’t go. I have better things to do no offense to him
  2. We don’t know if he said it either way right now. All of a sudden people believe the NFL? Interesting.
  3. Yeah if I was a Bucs fan, that would piss me off especially since he looks good half the time and then absolutely horrible the other half
  4. No way they would trade him in the division lol
  5. Reading @MASH ‘s replies to this thread IMG_7910.MP4
  6. He had work ethic issues. He was suppose to be our Greg Hardy replacement
  7. My guysgot washed Got damn
  8. We are actually projected to draft him or Derrick Brown in a lot of mocks lol
  9. just like GAMECOCK LEGEND JAVON KINLAW is about to be
  10. Good player but probably wants way more than good player money
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