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  1. We takin the title back next year somehow lol
  2. WakeGOAT

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    Must be nice. Most of our defense is old and washed
  3. WakeGOAT


    Lmao who is running OP’s account
  4. WakeGOAT

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    Aj Brown gonna be a nice 4th WR for them lol
  5. WakeGOAT

    My prediction for this forum

    Nah I’m still here. I just don’t have shit to say lol we have lost 5 straight and @buc-man got in dem cheeks
  6. Just gotta be honest lol
  7. 20 is too high for us atm
  8. WakeGOAT


    72 passing yards and you win!?! Whats the lowest amount of passing yards throw by the winning QB in the modern era? cant be much lower than that
  9. WakeGOAT

    Mash has it figured out.

    As long as you have a chance at the playoffs, you keep playing imo
  10. WakeGOAT

    NOs Front Four

    Must be nice
  11. WakeGOAT

    5 straight Ls man

    Cam is out here struggling get the ball 15 yards down field and putting in our Backup QB for a hail mary but clearly dont see that he's injrued and probably need another surgery this offseason. This team is just depressing.
  12. WakeGOAT

    Panthers at Browns Game Thread

    Cam needs to stop playing man. His shoulder isnt right
  13. WakeGOAT

    Panthers at Browns Game Thread

  14. WakeGOAT

    Panthers at Browns Game Thread

    Mike Adams got shifted