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  1. Get the Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich and put regular mashed potatoes one it. Amazing.
  2. Tru lol explains last year as well
  3. It is kinda crazy how y’all keep losing in the preseason. Not to say it matters or anything just weird especially since y’all are never that close to being the worst team like the Browns or somethin
  4. Lol what prompted this?
  5. Probably should tbh lol even tho they would never trade with us
  6. We should be keeping Syle over Ganos trash ass
  7. Mood 5CA4E459-D2D7-4BFF-A60C-FC2DF04E2EE7.MP4
  8. Lets get this shit started. Didnt give a damn about the first games besides watching our draft picks
  9. Damn hes that injury prone? I didnt know it was that bad. Scratch what i said then lol Elite LTs usually can play well into their mid 30s tho. Whitworth for example
  10. That looks like a fair trade to me. He’s an Elite LT
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