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  1. Next year is Lebrons last chance to win it with the Warriors in the infirmary
  2. WakeGOAT

    Old Spanky

    Kellen Winslow Jr........ 9778BB91-BAD4-42F8-89F3-9FC4336D073A.mp4
  3. You right he only has more than Brady, Rodgers, and Rivers before 30
  4. And you also care about my opinion clearly lol Also I wonder how good of a passer you think Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Ben Rothlisberger, and Aaron Rodgers have been considering Cam had more passing yards before turning 30 then all of them.
  5. Hopkins had the best season last year but I still think Odell and AB are the Top 2 then Julio, AJ Green, and Hopkins are tied after them.
  6. Didn’t think it was necessary but it was nice to see. His motion looked more over the shoulder than in the past but we won’t know about how much it changed until at least the preseason
  7. Lowry is a bum. How do you hit backboard on a corner 3!?!?
  8. Welp KD back. You know what that means
  9. Yeah I get the slippery slope part but it’s just flag lol I didn’t even notice the confederate flag when it was still up at the State house just a few years ago
  10. Damn you beat me to it lol
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