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  1. Yeah I agree. Kyle Love was at worst our 2nd best DLineman last year. Figured we’d lose him to FA but surprised he only got the vet min from us
  2. LMAOOOOO I came to check how this thread turned into 5 pages but this shit is hilarious. Glad @KYS is back
  3. Exactly why I posted this. To see who was gonna question the opinion of an All-Pro DE talking about his division rival QBs lol
  4. They need to get a life lol
  5. It’s offseason. That only matters once training camp starts
  6. LaMelo gonna be the best Ball
  7. Yeah I remember that was one of his biggest attributes comin out. I wanted us to get him, Dillard, or Burns. Tough break for him. Bengals never have any luck with 1st round pick injuries lately
  8. Yeah but even I can agree that personal info should be off limits plus if you have to look up someone’s personal info to get back at them then that goes back to takin this message board too seriously.
  9. Y’all takin this message board way too seriously if you are banning people. The only thing that should be off limits is looking up people’s personal info without their permission.
  10. Im guessing you think Westbrook is gay too then?
  11. You’d think some people would reach a point and be like “Man I’m getting fat as hell. I got lose weight.”
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