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  1. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Ok i just looked up your safetys. Jesus fucking christ man.
  2. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    What Ted fb bjn =%_\ Oh sorry I fainted. Let me read what you said again.. AWhatgvhjj__45
  3. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Cb, saints in a landslide. Jesus christ. Holdyamore is pretty good, but who the fuck are your other corners? Safety.. I can't even name your safetys, are you serious WR wash... Hahahaha
  4. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Jesus when did you find out you had brain cancer? Prayers
  5. Fact

    Oh since this dopey fuck right here says it, it must be true. Lol. It's an incredibly disingenuous statement and you know it. Eh.. maybe you don't since you get your information from memes. Do a little research buddy
  6. Fact

    When I saw this thread was titled Fact, I knew for certain it would not contain facts
  7. It would be a precautionary measure
  8. They might as well be. They spread hate, lies, and divisiveness. That's what is protested, not their free speech
  9. I think it's just great that the original fake news supplier backs trump and covers his trail. His entire media backing is whacky conspiracy theory peddlers. Just great
  10. Countering nazis is not protesting free speech.
  11. What alts are popping up? The Beef loves ever guy has been posting forever stupid. Can you specifically point to how MY ideology is oppressive to free speech and liberty?? You've already embarrassed yourself.
  12. Then Christianity must not be as popular as we thought