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  1. SyCOLA

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    Huh? Are you fucking with me?
  2. Show me where I said this "you said you had no idea why laws, checks and balances, and precedents are important" You're struggling to piece together your own version of what was said by putting words in my mouth and drawing your own conclusions. This is pretty basic rc tactics though. Once again I'll clarify. I'm questioning your morals by comparing illegally paying off porn stars to granting security for children. I don't believe obama broke any laws, but.. If you want to refer to that as a broken law, then no I won't condemn him for it and you can shove your whataboutism. It's not that hard to understand . And if I don't know this situation, how about you anchor down and specify what exactly you're referring to.
  3. SyCOLA

    Falcons starters playing

    But falcons fans said burhuhuh..
  4. SyCOLA

    Falcons starters playing

    Lol well they cant just stop playing.
  5. SyCOLA

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    Cmon you're only purpose here is to derail and deflect. I can't remember the last time you focused on the op.
  6. SyCOLA

    Falcons starters playing

    What team has benched franchise players in a losing season? How many 7-9 seasons ended with brees slinging it in the 4th quarter?
  7. The "you're just stupid" crutch is played out around here. You really can't make a solid argument when we get down to the actually details. I imagine that's why you want to keep it vague and general. My response still stands
  8. SyCOLA

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    Terrible list
  9. SyCOLA

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    That's because you routinely draft busts
  10. SyCOLA

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    Does hypocrobot not have a sense of humor? Are you too busy identifying whatabouts and ohyeas?
  11. Fuck off with this shit lol.
  12. SyCOLA

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    Do you really not get the joke? Lol
  13. Lol what does this even mean. If I don't know what you're referring to, that's your fault not mine. Maybe be a little more specific. I still don't believe he broke any laws. Regardless, I wouldn't condemn him for granting security for children. It's really not that hard to follow. And it's pretty fucking disgusting that this is your whataboutobama to deflect Trump illegally paying off porn stars. Are morals banned from the Republican party?
  14. In one case we're talking about the possibility of laws being broken and in another just saying laws were broken cause you want it to be that way. I mean, if you want me to live in super biased, and misinformed dago universe.. ok ok ,gahhh obama!! Every thread should be about obama and the million laws he broke! ! And if you want to talk about the legal aspects of granting children security then tell me as a human being that he did the wrong thing. I can't imagine a single reason to condemn obama for jumping an ineffective, obstructive congress for the sake of children.
  15. SyCOLA

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    This is getting tired