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  1. More of a suggestion. Some are taking it serious.
  2. Around here, it looks more like everyone believes the country was given a vacation rather than shutting down to stop a virus. Its unreal. The weather changing is making it worse. I've seen more people out and about than ever before.
  3. This is what I'm concerned about. Prices dropping so low, people start beating up the supply which could set off a panicked rush to get gas before everyone runs out, then possibly prices skyrocketing. But ray says supply versus demand looks good so I'll take his word for it
  4. Just use some common sense here. Just the fact that he has to issue a disclaimer shows that hes making poor choices. To continue making those same poor choices shows that he really doesn't care about the harm hes creating
  5. Jeez, sorry to hear this kev.
  6. Is someone carrying a giant posterized version of this tweet around with him so they can hold it up when he says something racist.
  7. I know it is. But if let them roll in their own shit for awhile, they'll get comfortable distorting the truth just waiting to get busted on it. When they do, its pretty funny watching them squirm.
  8. Ray when the absolute fuck did I even hint that I think China cares about me or any agenda what so ever When did I say anything about nation of china at all? I'm talking about asians in our country being abused while fraudulent trump shows no empathy. I'm aware that you aren't capable of understanding but don't twit my words around
  9. It's not just used for malaria. It treats other conditions. I seriously doubt there's a stockpile with no purpose considering most drugs expire or lose effectiveness over time.
  10. Trump hears them but is he listening? According to Fauci, trump sounds like a fucking nightmare to deal with https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/488961-fauci-on-trump-coronavirus-comments-i-cant-jump-in-front-of-the
  11. Oh well since ya hurd dat, I guess it's all good
  12. You're ignoring the main point. There's concern that we could see the supply depleted without hard evidence that it could work. It isn't being produced for coronavirus spread. Also we're too far gone to start giving people a false sense of hope without science backing it. We have a president that believes things are true if he can convince people its true. I can't blame anyone for being skeptical of anything he supports after he massively fucked up this entire situation. Hopefully it works, but most importantly, we need a vaccine.
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