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  1. This is nuts. The Democrats have not taken a position that nothing is wrong. And trump isn't doing anything because of the Democrats lol. Where do you get this shit from
  2. Body cams are there to protect everyone. Here in Nashville there has been a big dispute over why the city still hasn't fitted it's officers with body cams after it became a law. This came in the wake of an incident where an officer killed someone. But like I said, it's still happening and other than body cams, I haven't really heard much about what is being done to stop it from happening. Unfortunately it's still a thing.
  3. I think the reason why you're hearing about it more is because they increase every year and it's now becoming recognized as a serious issue that isn't being addressed. The cop stuff.. just think about all the stuff that was going on at the time. It was campaign season and blm was becoming a thing, blocking roadways, and highjacking campaign events, not to mention riots. So the media was paying attention to that. A black man being killed by a police officer was instantly front page news. Unfortunately it still happens and we aren't discussing it as much.. and we wondered why they were blocking traffic and kneeling for attention. though many states are cracking down, and passing body cam laws.
  4. Ffs, you're the problem
  5. You don't remember any mass shootings? The police brutality stuff was on the forefront cause blm was breaking out and was in the national discussion.
  6. Nah man, just lean back and let it soak in and you'll start to see it too. You had a little bit of common sense one time. I remember
  7. You share this animals ideology and you're asking if this is normal??? Celebrating violence towards those you disagree with Calling for war Calling for murder Yes this is the new normal for the radicalized right
  8. I don't care for any of that stuff. But I'm going to mind my own business and let them be fruity fucks all they want.
  9. The Guardian says it's working? Well rawstory says it isn't, so how bout dat
  10. That moment you realize you stand shoulder to shoulder with hate filled bigots
  11. You don't have a clue what you're talking about lol. Me: couldn't care less about what some fat fuck does for a living.
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