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  1. In his delusional syphilis invested brain.. police, military, and bikers will band together and do bad things to his enemies when they've had enough. I'm not even going to make the "could you even imagine I'd obama said this" comparison. I couldn't imagine any person in any leadership role in our country saying shit like this. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/03/13/exclusive-president-donald-trump-paul-ryan-blocked-subpoenas-of-democrats/
  2. That's absurd. So it either has to be everything or nothing? Common sense helps in determining what's credible and what isn't.
  3. SyCOLA

    Free agency

    What the fuck is wrong with the saints?
  4. Gay Why do you have to lie? I find every article about trump credible? What I find credible are indictments and convictions.
  5. No , no, and no.. Bruh please research this stuff before you entertain it. You sound like shred
  6. How about try imagining why trump was so pissed over sessions stepping aside for Mueller. If you can atleast be honest about that, ask yourself why you aren't fake outraged over that.
  7. Lol bullshit. They could have just typed random letters and numbers and you'd go along with the title of the article. More Rightwing connecting dots and reading between the lines meanwhile actual indictments and guilty pleas are deemed fake news. The right is radicalized and dangerous
  8. SyCOLA

    Free agency

    You motherfuckers had the flying french guy. Come on now. And you had someone whose name was literally "Gay". I don't know if you can honestly say a name is gayer than the actual word "Gay".
  9. SyCOLA

    Free agency

    Rip Man Bros
  10. Just knock it off facelessgirl.. there's no getting out of this. Either accept the bet or go get your hair did. Damnit, I guess i can't make fun of your homosexuality anymore
  11. There's only one team who can't win with that combo.. Unfortunately..
  12. There's nothing honorable about your bet. You've brought shame to yourself. You're not even a man anymore facelessgirl06.. that's right, you're down a digit too. If you don't think laws were broken, accept my bet, little lady.
  13. One season of not being one of the best rts in the league and he's out. Quinn is kind of a dumb fucker when it comes to oline. This is worse than letting Hawley go a few years back
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