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  1. SyCOLA

    Indictment incoming

    Uh are you serious? There's no denying who did it now
  2. SyCOLA

    Anyone else watching the FBI hearing

    Why do you think we're talking about the magnitsky act?
  3. SyCOLA

    Indictment incoming

    Nah let's keep the facts straight. You're lying by saying I call it spam when people substantiate their arguments with facts. What I called spam was beef posting several articles and used out of context excerpts to back up his claims. He does this hoping no one will spend the time to verify. And bone heads like you only encourage him.
  4. SyCOLA

    A cesspool of deviancy

    You never provided a quote. You got busted way too many times. You showed quotes that didn't back up what you claim and were forced to insist I implied what you accused me of saying lol. You have a serious accountability problem. And here in this thread, what exactly did I say that I'm pretending I didn't? I haven't denied saying anything. I realized as soon as i posted that you would accuse me of denying I said moore was a predator so I clarified before you had the chance. which obviously pissed you off lol.
  5. SyCOLA

    Let's talk about... the Russians

    probably the illuminati or aliens
  6. I was referring to the timing. I mean I even said elections were coming up.
  7. I bet it'd be cooler if you could actually argue things I said instead of telling everyone what I think and then arguing it. That's like, what a loser would do
  8. SyCOLA

    Anyone else watching the FBI hearing

    FUCK will you take a fucking break. I can't even get down to the next thread. Could you atleast stalk me in one thread
  9. SyCOLA

    A cesspool of deviancy

    Oh and moore is a predator, that wasn't the part you lied about
  10. SyCOLA

    A cesspool of deviancy

    See, here's a lie..
  11. SyCOLA

    Anyone else watching the FBI hearing

    I haven't lied. Deal with it
  12. SyCOLA

    Indictment incoming

    Truth spams lol.. from biased, conspiracy theory loVin alt right nationalists. This forum is a mental ward
  13. SyCOLA

    Indictment incoming

    I've only denied lies and attempts at distorting facts or being misleading. Sorry you don't like that
  14. SyCOLA

    Anyone else watching the FBI hearing

    He's imposed sanctions that he had no choice in the matter. He's spoken out against them. But that doesn't help your case does it