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  1. I hate to even ask this because I know this will only turn into an exchange that will be more work than its worth but What do you think they're doing to europeans
  2. Lol oh it was a joke. Of course. I forgot about the trumpublican sense of humor where incredibly dumb statements are later eclassified as jokes. Though he solidifies the point by later weighing the potential job losses vs selling property at a discounted rate. Not to mention he claims landlocked states have nothing to be concerned about. But why am I bothering here? You're probably nodding in agreement with his dumb as fuck comments. This is why you don't let your kids lick windows.
  3. There were several things in the video that he screwed up. Did you not watch it? As far as the highlighted claim in the title... There isn't a huge market out there for homes that are 5 to 10 feet under water.
  4. This is the propaganda pushing youtube star so many smooth brained alt rightys worship yet they ignore this ignorance cause he also says things to validate their backwards beliefs. Black Jesus, help this country.
  5. Wait hang on. This deserves more attention
  6. I'm sad that this is the country my kids will inherent. So much hate and vitriol. They want to see people murdered because someone on "their side" was insulted. Right wing media is solely responsible for tribalism and dividing our country. Nasty agenda driven lies to hold onto power is destroying us from within.
  7. Lol "muslims ruined muh jaggoff mags!!' Snowflake gonna snowflake
  8. Lol yea let's talk about the same old played out stuff over and over. It's obvious I'm not changing your mind, and that I'm not going to ignore logic so let's move on
  9. Nuttys always think it's everyone else who is crazy, right? Lol
  10. I think there's reason to be skeptical of barr's assessment, but the Democrats are diluting facts for the sake of political pr stunts so any argument or point raised lacks credibility. Just take your voter registration card out of your wallet and take a few steps back and try looking at it objectivity
  11. I've answered your question and you pretended like you didn't see it. Obama took office in the midst of the worst recession in history. That isn't a gain for the top one percent. It's a loss for everyone else. When everyone is losing their jobs and homes.. yea no shit there's going to be a drastic reflection of it in income equality. Especially since it's been happening for decades. Common sense overrides biased idiocy, sorry. I reiterated multiple times that I had no clue if their was collusion, but I supported the investigation. Can you prove otherwise? Stop being a fucking liar.
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