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  1. SyCOLA

    Hate week. Meh

    Even with all the injuries the falcons have right now... saints are still starting more backups. What's up
  2. SyCOLA

    Cam Jordan’s Top 7 players in the NFC South

    When S4L isn't on the ranch tendin' his horses.. he's runnin the streets with his crew
  3. SyCOLA

    Cam Jordan’s Top 7 players in the NFC South

    Also wtf is up with this picture Are you a fucking blood, damn so many layers
  4. SyCOLA

    Cam Jordan’s Top 7 players in the NFC South

    There's alot of football leagues though so it still sort of makes sense.
  5. SyCOLA

    Cam Jordan’s Top 7 players in the NFC South

    Does the name cam just make people retarded
  6. It was cost all of our dignity and respect. Oh wait that's the cost of the saints winning* the sb
  7. SyCOLA


    I believe ray can run atleast 20 yards. And not even spill his beer
  8. SyCOLA


    You'd pass out and die if you ran 20 yards, fuck out of here
  9. SyCOLA

    Shame on you, Falcons fans...

    I think blank really let his ego screw over common sense here. Alot of us predicted that the perception of low attendance would get even worse. They should have opted for less seating and more incentives to be seated by kick off. But then again, the stadium isn't just for football so I can understand why they wanted to go all out to lure more events to Atlanta.
  10. SyCOLA


    Ridley more than made up for that in Week 2, where he hauled in four of his five catchable targets for 64 receiving yards and a touchdown – all good for a perfect WR rating of 158.3. Through two games, Ridley’s average of 3.20 yards per route run ranks first among all rookie players at the position Ya dang right uh oh Dey being your scrubby dbs?
  11. SyCOLA

    Bird Fans Would You ?

    It's too early. You gotta kind of wonder how valuable freeman is right now. I don't think they'd be interested
  12. SyCOLA

    Air Ice

    Look at poe down there getting his redemption. Square on his ass watching the most unathletic person in the universe soar over him.