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  1. Was wondering why I keep hearing people screaming "fug!"
  2. Why don't you just, shut up
  3. Are you trying to lure Micheal Thomas into posting here
  4. Head coach: June Jones ... Offensive coordinator: Chris fucking Miller Yes, that Chris Miller. And my initial reaction was FUCK YEAH and then It hit me.
  5. Lol oh ok well let's notify the hof that we need to just redefine how we determine players careers and start honoring all the fatasses with whack knees who couldn't handle the nfl for more than 2 seasons
  6. SyCOLA


    What the fuck is wrong with your keyboard
  7. Kikaka couldn't even keep a job in the nfl and you're still trying to pull this? Beasley by far has been the better athlete, player, pass rusher. And that says more about what a disappointment kikaka was because Beasley turned out to be a dud for where he was drafted
  8. Fuck this motherfucker. I'll screenshot myself kicking your grandma in the face. Peek in on the nurtz.
  9. Looks like the roughnecks run this son of a bitch.
  10. You only think that because they have kikaka. His fat ass ain't running away with anything
  11. I like the 3 point option on Pats.
  12. If you can't figure our who you will back for the XFL I've devised a fool proof system to pick your team. Visit Google number randomizer and set it for 1 through 8. According to their website there's 8 teams I guess so in this order 1. Dallas 2. DC 3. Houston 4. LA 5. Ny 6. St Louis 7. Seattle 8. Tampa bay Of course you're free to not participate, choose your own team or pretend like basketball is a sport, but I thought it would be interesting to follow a team at least till it becomes apparent they are horrible and we lose interest. I shall now announce the team that will be awarded my fandom... drum roll please. Let's go.... HOUSTON..hold up.. the roughnecks? Are you fucking kidding me? Well I guess I'm a roughneck, let's goooo
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