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  1. Oh want to get racist, we can do that but you wouldn't like it so you butter shut your big lips up
  2. I live nowhere close to Atl, I give 2 shits about name calling Atl fans. But atleast they have there teeth, there not just a bunch of drunk idiots looking for a reason to get wasted then blame there anger and depression on the refs
  3. I think we all know it's not going to end well for Tom Brady, dude already hit a wall
  4. The 5m will be worth the home field advantage it will bring us. Just fill the seats baby. Like Lynch going back to Sea last year
  5. So now he will try again playing for his home state
  6. He wasn't a falcon so who gives 2 shits? Always talking about old shit
  7. Well most teams ran the same offense that they ran against the water boy in the championship game because they knew Winston was there greatest weapon. Every team wanted there D on the field vs Bucs LMAO. Now teams will be trying to light up the scoreboard so a run stopper isn't as important when teams are passing the ball every play. Still a good resign though
  8. Gurley is cool because it's very unexpected and cheap, but even you know it's the Fowler signing we are are drooling over. So enough of your dumbass sideways remarks that are as usual untrue
  9. Nobodies going to watch that, glad your excited, going to be the most dissapointing season in Yucs history, crowning yourselves when Brady hasn't even taken a snap.
  10. Sense 2012 NYG, Niners, Rams, Falcons, and Seahawks twice all made SB after new stadiums were built or being built
  11. Damn I can't believe falcons have 14m with Trufants money coming after June 1, let's fn sign another big name!
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