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  1. nola90

    Which of these 4 was the worst?

    Bottom left >>> costed them a superbowl victory. The other 3 were blunders but not as large as that single play.
  2. nola90

    Saints-Falcons Rivalry

    Atlanta vs New Orleans: who's the dirtier South?
  3. nola90

    2017 Saints Starting Defense Prediction

    Biermann had a season where he 5 sacks. So close enough to 6. Mr. Almost until he can hit those double digits
  4. Its non-doctors telling doctors how to be doctors. really stupid IMHO.
  5. nola90

    2017 Saints Starting Defense Prediction

    Uh huh. So I guess we shall say the same for takk for now. Mr almost.
  6. nola90

    2017 Saints Starting Defense Prediction

    This DL has potential to rotate 4 quality DEs (Jordan, Okafor, Hendrickson, and Davenport) and if Loewen stays healthy 4 quality DTs (Davison, rankins, and onyemata). Definitely will be interesting how things go if they live up to expectations
  7. nola90

    David Onyemata

    Last year he rankins ate up a lot of double teams and onyemata nor Davison took advantage of it. But this year, onyemata or Loewen should be able to. I don't expect Davison since he's a run stuffing nt
  8. Will do. My girlfriend is adjusting harder because he lives at her house. So much happened the last 7 years. Graduated undergrad, got into med school, graduated med school, started residency. Majority of my accomplishments in life he was in the pictures for it all. Just sucks. Lost two dogs the last 4 years, doesn't get any easier for sure.
  9. The deed is done. He's with all those other dogs somewhere I'm sure. Fucking asshole breaks my heart.
  10. Putting down my dog today. Will post my favorite pictures later today if I have time. On call tomorrow. At work now. Can't pay attention.
  11. When i was younger I went into medicine because I always thought your biggest moments as a physician would be your happiest ones after treating someone. But truthfully, its not. The biggest moments are the ones that are the hardest. The ones that blur that line where the pain family and patient feels becomes your own. While they can cry and be sorrowful, you have to keep a stoic face and show how much you care without breaking down. In my years of school and now residency, I have witnessed 5 deaths infront of me and each one is just as hard as the one before.
  12. Fucking scared me shitless when I started. Things i typed, things i ordered, things I said to nurses, and things i confirmed over the phone all had meaning and consequences if I didn't pay attention. Things you see, you feel the pain of each patient. Last week I rotated and took over a wards service and this lady was sweet as can be. Had a poor prognosis and an infection she never knew she had...A week later we couldn't treat her and she passes away. Shit hurts. Shit is real. Then my dog at home after 2 hard years of battling heart failure has been sick, not eating, guessing nauseous, and I'm not even sure how much more fight he has in him. You'd think talking to family about prognosis for a loved one, outcome, etc would prepare me for things in my own life...but goddamn its rough. 24/7.
  13. nola90

    It's Gameday motherfuckers!

    More excited about him now. Dude can run routes well.
  14. Terrytown cafe >>>>
  15. nola90

    Ricardo Allen

    i don't think he's a good of a 3-down back as free to be completely honest. but it depends on ito smith for them, IMHO