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  1. Why would pelicans limit the trade partners? That makes 1 less bidder. Idiots.
  2. to be fair, its not like yal had that many "holes" either.
  3. its funny because ESPN's entire coverage was stupid as fuck. https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/more-sports/anyone-else-find-espns-lotto-coverage-weird-and-cringy/83518519/
  4. 8, 10, and Collins+Prince and I'll do it
  5. jay is a solid#2 he isn't a great RB, but he's serviceable. Overrated starter IMHO
  6. it was a hit during the atlanta game he was seen shaking his arm afterwards and getting it looked at. after that, his balls looked off and he seemed like he needed more hip/leg into his throws
  7. Yeah.... Booger sucks. Sorry.
  8. Pretty much. We've seen good starts and bad finishes. We've seen bad starts and good finishes. I will say, the Saints approach to the draft made a lot of sense. This year's team had few glaring holes and they were filled in free agency and the draft. That's all you can really ask for going into TC.
  9. For the Saints to get a C/G and a S, two guys I didn't expect to fall in excited. Especially since OL was always my concern, makes the Easton signing look brilliant. Low risk high reward. This team has a lot of talent, not enough spots to have 10 picks and UDFA. They went for talent they can keep and can contribute.
  10. I took the wonderlic when I was 12, as an 8th grader. Imagine being 21 and being more illiterate and dumber than someone who isn't even a teenager. I mean he's gonna make more in his lifetime than I ever will, unless I do GI, but damn. Lol
  11. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/chauncey-gardner-johnson?id=32194741-5221-1068-8e9a-b4c139418bfd NFL has him as a round 2 prospect.
  12. nola90

    Eric McCoy

    I wish it was a future 3rd, but looking at value chart there's no way assuming it's late 3rd. I'm OK with it if he pans out. This is a now or never moment for the Saints. This also sets themselves up for rebuilding the OL with contracts coming up and guys needing to be paid too.
  13. nola90

    Eric McCoy

    The future 2nd definitely hurts, but I'm happy we didn't give up a future 1 this draft.
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