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  1. nola90

    Ran Into Former Falcon Player Dashon Goldson

    Roddy plays the role very well Legit hatred is Pittsburgh and Cincy
  2. nola90

    Marcus Peters

    Avoid Talib and line up on Peters and in the slot. It makes sense. Their weakness in the back 7? Peters and the linebackers. Talib is old but dude is still legit.
  3. nola90

    I might change my opinion about Kamara

    I'm so glad we got rid of malcontents in the locker room. The dynamic off the field and in the locker rooms is what makes this team special. These are guys who would kill for the guys next to them. If it opens up another guy to make a play, they don't care. If it leads to winning its all about the Saints. Not the individual.
  4. nola90

    Big Decision Free Agents for each NFCS Team

    fucking psycho nutcase dirty af too, headhunts all the fucking time
  5. nola90

    Marcus Peters

    Backtracking after seeing Mike Thomas kill last week, lol
  6. nola90

    Best CB in the league?

    traded a 4th rounder for a 2 year starter. worth it.
  7. It also takes years of learning on how to cope and understand. People with good upbringing and structure tend to have better coping mechanisms than the opposite. Theres tons of mature, good people in the world with poor coping mechanisms.
  8. Because of sjw outrage. Gotta appease the crowd.
  9. Yeah. Moreso than anything, I think having a 24/7 on call psychiatrist for the NFL should be mandated. Mental health evals need to be available to players, we see it way too often.
  10. She didn't need to... I don't see why people even took it seriously.
  11. nola90

    One and Done

    Your misconception that those specific guys were so important it changed. It was Bennett on one and he was getting crushed even beforehand (and a dirty sob while at it). It's not like it was Jenkins who got crushed.
  12. nola90

    Marcus Peters

    He's gotta know Sean is a vengeful bitch. He's gonna go after Peters hard.
  13. nola90

    Saints possibly signing DT Tyrunn Walker

    And he won't even be on the active roster... Like jeez.
  14. nola90

    One and Done

    Special teams? Because we didn't do shit on special teams. All of their "injured" guys came back in and played.
  15. nola90

    Peat had surgery on his hand during the bye week

    Iono who Peat fucked over at pff, but he's had a history of being graded poorly by pff. Him and Unger.