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  1. who you think taught russell that GD elite spin move?
  2. 2020 is not a fun year so far yal..
  3. would rather do a 1st round if you're playing the bait game. 1st round tender shows you're serious 2nd round tender just means i just dont wanna lose him for nothing the first one could convince a team otherwise the second one doesn't tell me you think he's THAT good
  4. Assumption in doing so, let it play out and we'll see. If they did, they deserve the hammer 100% regardless of the team
  5. fuck ABC and all those "reporters" click bait reporting man... can you imagine the anxiety and angst being a family member and couldn't get in touch with say rick fox for that moment? Kobe was supposed to be around forever man. wth
  6. because I don't blindly comment a side on situations like this. premature, unlike some of yal hoping its true
  7. She hesitates at that moment, so I'm wondering what the teleprompter wrote out.
  8. uhhh...the ones that were guilty of said acts are already known and in deeper shit. unless those documents are hiding others that are still part of the archdiocese, than the answer should be zero. and if due process does show that the "delay" is hiding things than bring the banhammer. fake outrage canada
  9. yup, but i guess some people here just want it to be guilty before any due process.
  10. i mean if they covered it up, fine. But if this was already after the exposure and the archdiocese asked them how to approach it, than theres no wrongdoing. according to a lawyer friend, its also normal practice to block email access as in allowing it would allow the court ALL emails of the saints. They'll go through a process with both lawyers, filter out the pertinent ones that involve this case, and then allow those to be seen in court. The ones pertaining to the team say...scouting, doesn't get opened.
  11. Yeah, that makes the Saints look good if that's what you read initially. Too bad in this world, click bait titles ruin you from the getgo
  12. Yup. Bensons were pretty huge catholics though. If there's any involvement, football aside they need to be in trouble with the law.
  13. he screams as a jeremy shockey/Brent Celek/Ben Watson type of career solid blocker, solid receiver, won't be elite as a receiver 10 year player
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