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  1. this screams 2011 all over again holy shit
  2. Yeah, you can tell the refs are helping. That call on the punt return... So bad.
  3. San Fran's DL is made up of 5 1st rounders IIRC they good.
  4. really wanted him, not willing to give up a 1st for him though. (was ok with a 2nd) dude is special
  5. yeah, that's true. kept thinking they were also 2 losses to conference. i think ultimately they get the #1 seed though
  6. Yal realize new England lost to Miami last year right? This is the NFL. Any given week.
  7. Saints played like this was a pushover. Jokes on you. Not establishing the run even a 1 possession game. Gratz on the win. DQ keeps his job and yal move out of top 5 drafting. Does put us behind San Fran now
  8. 7, lol pass protection looks downright pathetic.
  9. tre'quan has disappointed since his back to back good games last year. can't stay healthy. trying to limit kamara touches for the long haul too. jared cook looks okay at times its a weird dynamic
  10. he's trying to win and lose, conflicted.
  11. this is a really annoying game with the refs calling things, seriously.
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