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  1. Unless we draft the next Mahomes, I fully anticipate a down year finding said qb replacement.
  2. 7.5mil is around 17th safety money. honestly think the magic # was 10mil
  3. depends on who they sign for backup QB. lots of pickings this year
  4. still going wth. if u wanted a shit LT, u could have just signed one in free agency. losing an all-pro caliber LG though? stupid.
  5. all good, spotrac and OTC are amazing in accuracy about the numbers. either way, its a damn good trade IMHO
  6. I know. What I'm telling you is that it's updated to reflect the contract with broncos and not the Jags. See the signing bonus part? It's 6mil total, but on top its 10mil from his contract. SB are spread over 5 years or shorter if life of the contract. Look on over the cap. Com
  7. The signing bonus is still dead cap spread over the contract years. Spotrac already changed it based off the broncos#s, over the cap still has the official numbers prior to trade.
  8. he still has 4mil in dead cap, but they gain 11.4mil this year and 16mil next year
  9. who you think taught russell that GD elite spin move?
  10. 2020 is not a fun year so far yal..
  11. would rather do a 1st round if you're playing the bait game. 1st round tender shows you're serious 2nd round tender just means i just dont wanna lose him for nothing the first one could convince a team otherwise the second one doesn't tell me you think he's THAT good
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