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  1. nola90

    Best QBs outside of the pocket

    To finish it up: 2006: Saints O 25.8 PPG, Saints D 20.1 PPG Win vs Eagles 27-24 Loss vs Bears 14-39 2009: Saints O 31.9 PPG, Saints D 21.3 PPG Win vs Cardinals: 45-14 Win vs Vikings: 31-28 Win vs Colts: 31-17 Guess you can add the Bears to that short list of teams that stopped the Saints offense. Lets not ignore the fact that the defense were worse in 3 of the above 5 either.
  2. nola90

    Best QBs outside of the pocket

    Tell me the Patriots. I guarantee it's lower than typical. Playoffs is a different animal. You are playing the best defenses. The best offenses. Likelihood is its going to be worse than regular season. Like. Matt Ryan's 2 point offense. 2010 saints o: 24ppg, d: 19.2ppg Lost to Seahawks 36-41 2011 saints o: 34.2ppg, d: 21.2ppg Won vs lions 45-28 Lost vs 49ers 32-36 2013 saints o: 25.9ppg, d:19ppg Win vs eagles 26-24 Lost vs Seahawks 15-23 2017 saints o: 28ppg, d: 20.4ppg Win vs Panthers 31-26 Lost vs vikings 24-29 In the last 7 playoff games, the defense had performed worse ppg in all 7. In the last 7 playoff games, the offense had performed worse ppg in 2. In the other 5, they were all higher. They went 3-4 in those games. Telll me. How the offense lost these games so badly. Seahawks in 2013? Sure. Otherwise the offense kept up their end of the bargain.
  3. nola90

    Brown's trade Carlos Hyde to Jax

    It's definitely not all on bortles, just majority of it.
  4. nola90

    Broncos beating the Cardinals ass

    I forgot to start Denver d over Chicago... Fuck. Me.
  5. nola90

    Best QBs outside of the pocket

    Saints had one of the most opportunistic defenses ever in 2009. They played a huge role in winning (note the picks that sealed the sb and the one that gave us a chance vs minnesota). 2010, Saints also lost Jenkins in week 17 and were missing many starters. Upset. Only year they lost in round 1. 2011, defense got railed. The offense got fucked early, but they still put up a fuck ton of points to only lose last second. 2013, good ypg/ppg, poor turnovers. Lost to Seahawks, one of the best defenses this turn of the century. 2017, lost last second thanks to the defense. Brees has put up some of the best overall numbers in the playoffs when compared to his elite peers. 2 losses (2011 and 2017) were literally last second because of the defense. 2010 was destroyed by the defense, remember the run they keep replaying? Tell me more though.
  6. nola90

    Ginn died.

    Trequans emergence and Ginn not fighting for deep balls spelled his doom...
  7. nola90

    Best QBs outside of the pocket

    1. Which is fine. We're talking about offense and production on offense side. Why bring up rings? Saints have putrid defenses that cost games, known fact. Let's get back on the topic of offense.
  8. nola90

    The best QB in each division by Gil Brandt

    Thats what they said about Lebron. It's cams willingness to be hit as he ages.
  9. nola90

    Best QBs outside of the pocket

    Yeah. Routinely one of the best offenses in the NFL with the same makeup on offense.. It's 13 years. Still going.
  10. nola90

    The best QB in each division by Gil Brandt

    ehhh...2nd best is not Cam. Its easily Ryan.
  11. nola90

    Best QBs outside of the pocket

    then defend it. seems predictable enough.
  12. nola90

    Freeman to IR

    Because similarities matter when its comparison, so why not use the last 2 years when Coleman had his fair share as the go-to back. It'd be unfair to use Freeman's best years against Coleman. Did they have to invest early, no. That's a TD thing like I said earlier. Did they invest heavily, I'd also argue no. 4th highest paid RB, but for what he contributes for 8mil is good value. I mean compare him to other 3-down RBs across the league right now. You'd either have to re-invest another 3rd round pick or pay somewhat well. Gurley - 1st, Zeke - 1st, Gordon - 1st, Hunt -3rd, Connor - 3rd, Barkley - 1st, Crowell 4mil (also not a complete 3 down RB), Breida - UDFA, Hyde - 5mil (also not a 3 down RB). That's just the top 10. I agree paying him a year early was stupid, but TD has a history of doing that. But keeping him, I don't think its such a bad idea. You either invest 8mil (not even 5% of your salary cap) or invest a top 3 round pick.
  13. nola90

    Y'all need to check out this website

    I can understand the argument for khalil mack trade. With Mack on a rookie contract deal: T-24th sacks, 23rd YPG, 20th PPG. Now you have to pay him. How do you get better if you can't afford anyone? Gruden chose to keep Carr over Mack. That's what it comes down to.