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  1. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    Backloading is always to the benefit of a team, unless they do it a specific way (I.e. The last year is a dummy year). It makes the average higher, but it makes the real money value what you truly want. The last year should always be a "well its a lot but your play is worth it"
  2. I bet if you offered him on the market, he gets traded for in a heartbeat.
  3. they going 3-0, lol.
  4. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    its not going to be a problem, seattle did it fine. The issue is its not smart to keep them all because backloading it and not hitting on the draft as routine as those years leads to what Seattle is going through. Money going somewhere and failing to fix elsewhere leads to holes. If its something like 2-4m more a year, I wouldn't ship Julio off and just pay him to shut him up, I said this all offseason. But like I said he has 3/34m left (roughly)...if he wants something like a 2yr extension and to make him the highest paid guy again than you're looking at 5/90 or even making him the highest paid guy with 3yrs left its like 3/54. That's a lot more change than a few mil. There's only so many balls to go around and if we've learned anything the last few years, an elite WR or RB that puts up a ton of numbers doesn't necessarily make a better team. Pittsburgh is the clear case of that with arguably the best RB and WR duo.
  5. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    Ignoring cuts, because that's not as predictable as you want it to be. Right now Atlanta has 32m (not including Ridley's rookie #s which should be around 2m cap hit, so 30m). I'm including Beasley's 5th year option because he hasn't gotten a new contract yet, so while we can assume he should get one that's not definitive. You're also assuming TD isn't waiting to see what kind of pass rusher Beasley is. Closer to the 15 sack/yr one or the high pressure, but low sack guy. That plays a role in him breaking the bank or just paying like 12m. Ontop of that, Matthews is still on his 5th year option, he hasn't had an extension yet either so there's no guarantee that either won't play on their 5th year option. You can talk about "x" player playing well leading to "x" player being cut, but the draft and results are unpredictable, even now. While you mention guys like Fusco and Oliver playing well leading to Alford and Reed being cut and saving 10-11m, you completely disregard the fact that Ridley comes in and shows he can be a legitimate #1, Julio isn't a trade asset? Cmon man, Cooks was a locker room distraction and Michael Thomas showed he could be a #1WR. You don't think that played a role in Cooks being shipped off? The issue isn't about just next year. its the next TWO years. Atlanta has drafted well and its a good problem to have at the end of the day because elite talent is not common. The issue is, its not easy nor is it smart to keep every elite talent you have landed on. Its like the Saints. They drafted pretty well the last 3 years and when it comes down to it, we're not keeping every guy.
  6. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    True and sometimes it leads to a 1yr deal that gets them into a bigger contract the year after. He's still worth top-end money. The issue is we don't know what he wants. He has 3/34.426m left (roughly 11.475m per year). He was paid 2/37m (18.5m) the last 2 years. So if he wants to re-do his contract and not extend the # of years, Atlanta has the money for it. The issue if you're atlanta are you going to give him an additional 10m over the next 3 years? That'd ultimately make it 5/81.25m (avg 16.25m) and 14.8m over the next 3 years. Big picture, you have 6.6m in cap space this year, 30m in cap space next year, and 61.15m in cap space the following year. 3m this year, 3m next year, 4m the last year won't hurt too much. That 2019 FA is gonna be interesting though, if its not resolved, there is a potential for him to be traded. Matthews (LT), Levitre (LG?), Allen (FS), Jarrett (DT), Poole (S/NCB) are the big names (correct me if I'm missing any). Levitre won't cost much at all, but I think yal move on. The other 4 are notable contributors no? Good LT's get paid 8 figures, Jarrett is one of the rising DTs in the league and a top 5 DT is paid roughly 15m. He has another big season and its gonna easily be 8 figures. Allen is an above average FS, another good year and may have to pay him like 8-9m. Poole is a pretty good S/NCB, at most it'll cost 5m. I think it'll be around 4-5m Lets not forget the 2020 FA either: Beasley (OLB/DE), Reed (OLB/DE), Neal (likely get 5th year option), Debo (top 5 MLB), Hooper (TE), Campbell (OLB) Its a good problem to have, but its like Seattle, you can't keep them all. You gotta draft a replacement somewhere. Trading Julio next year saves 12.5m in cap space (2.4m dead), but it'll likely net you at least a 1st. Cost to production, who's replaceable? Julio? Matthews? Allen? Jarrett? Poole? Beasley? Reed? Neal? Debo? Hooper? Campbell? Assume Hooper takes another step forward and Ridley shows flashes of being a legitimate #1, is Julio worth 16m at the potential risk of losing a guy like Beasley, Neal, or Debo?
  7. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    Yal defend the player, but it takes two in a contract. Teams cut you when it benefits them and players sit out when they're disgruntled. They could always play on a short contract, but players would scream no to it due to lack of security. So a team offers you 5 years, 3 fully guaranteed, so they bitch after the guaranteed years are done. It's not a perfect system, but this is where I say nfl contracts need to start having a player opt out clause more and more. Contracts will adjust themselves to accommodate it.
  8. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    Where there's smoke, there's fire. Isn't that what yal kept saying with cooks? Hes elite. Nobody can disagree with that, but DQ has been a stabilizing factor for the falcons and its always about brotherhood and team first. If it causes an issue, there is ALWAYS a potential to trade him, maybe not this year but next offseason if he doesn't get an extension and does indeed cause a headache in the locker room. If ridley comes in and plays like a potential #1, someone calls next offseason with a good offer you'd be a homer to realize that's not an option. Elite QBs are untouchable, WR are not.
  9. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    If the FO and his relationship isn't as peachy as you think, he's a trade option. Hes a top 2 wr, but if he's causing issues by holding out than he can be traded.
  10. nola90

    Alabama offers scholarship to massive 8th grader OL

    should have learned.
  11. nola90

    4 & 5 Star Recruits do not makeup the NFL

    for players, it takes into account their ON the field contributions as well as OFF the field contributions. Moore was a legit #2 WR and PT was a large contributor in the RBBC Sean Payton loves to use. Both integral parts of this team's offensive success early on and throughout the prime years of Brees
  12. nola90

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    seems like it at this point disgruntled, bigheaded, and now a viable trade option IMHO.
  13. nola90

    4 & 5 Star Recruits do not makeup the NFL

    Yeah, I agree you'd think that based on teams like Bama who are littered with 5* recruits, but they also have a ton of successful 3*s too. Goes to show you, the athleticism is pretty similar. It's the work ethic that sets them all apart.
  14. nola90

    4 & 5 Star Recruits do not makeup the NFL

    Saints hof. Makes up more than just being "role players" on a team, it's also about how they are in the community as well. Which is why there's a photographer being put in there too. Purely to honor contributors to the team and community.