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  1. Post your latest draft simulator

    Coleman would likely cost 7m or so. 15m for that potent of a 1-2 punch is good money and good value considering both can be every down. Patriots literally paid gilleslee, white, and burkhead like 12m total last year. That's not including Bolden and whoever else they had at rb either.
  2. Post your latest draft simulator

    Can afford Coleman. Don't want to is more it sounds like.
  3. Post your latest draft simulator

    I know right? Theyre nutty af.
  4. Mock Draft 2.0

    Some say Bryan has the length to play both 3t and bounce outside as a 5t. Similar to how we use David onyemata, Bryan is an amazing athlete.
  5. Mock Draft 2.0

    He was a phenomenal prospect and still took that long to come on. None of these guys match him in that. Would melt with a TE in the 1st, hard. Couldn't even spin it properly because id lose my shit. Especially if a quality DL guy is available.
  6. Mock Draft 2.0

    Would melt with TE. After adding meredith and Watson, and now snead and Coleman returning, too many mouths and adding another TE that early I'll flip. Would rather spend a 3rd round on fumagalli who I think is more balanced. He could be an early Ben Watson, good at both aspects but not great. Likely caps out at 5-600 yards. Considering DL needs depth and a talent like Bryan or davenport would do a lot more for us short and long term than any TE. I'm also not super high on many of these guys, either old, one dimensional, or high bust potential. All high ceilings, but none even were the prospect like OJ Howard and even he struggled.
  7. Mock Draft 2.0

    To be fair. 2016 Buckner is a DT, 3-4DE (7th), 2015 Leonard Williams is a DT, 3-4DE (6th). But 3 would only happen if there's a run on them like last year's late 1st edge rusher/olb
  8. Mock Draft 2.0

    Bryan and davenport are two guys I see the Saints eyeing. Versatile dt/de or pure edge. Both is why we need right now. If either are there at 20 or 23, I definitely see a power move/trade up. 20 is 850 value, 23 is 760 value 27th is 680 value, 127 (4th) is 45 points, 147 (5th) is 32.6 value, 164 (5th) is 25.8 Total is 783.4, that'd be enough for the Patriots pick. Gonna need the 3rd rounds for 20. Patriots have no middle round pick and they tend to love those picks in the past. Also the history of trades with NE might be an interesting tidbit too, they tend to like each other. Atlanta is likely gonna be on the phone too if that's the case, but I don't think they'll be as desperate to jump up this year.
  9. Cavs

    Healthy pre-achilles Cousins is better than jrue. But it's a ball handler's league and teams that tend to be efficient, usually have a ball handler as their top 2 option. We're unique that we have 2 of the top big men in the league, the issue is now one big man is hobbled with a torn Achilles. That takes time to come back from, most don't come back at all. The ones that do tend to take 2 years to get close to 100% (Elton brand for example). So this jrue is definitely better than a hobbled cousins.
  10. Cavs

    Maybe if the #1 was a go-to ball handler, but its AD. This is now a ball handler's league, late game situations its gonna have to be a guard to take over. Defenses get tight and whistles get swallowed. Its also because achilles injuries are severe to the extent players only come back 80-90%. This level of Jrue Holiday is a perfect 2nd fiddle and is more necessary as a ball handler. Boogie is a phenomenal talent, same with AD, but its not their kind of league unfortunately.
  11. Cavs

    The biggest thing in all of this and watching this team the past 3 months? Cousins HAS to be accepting of the 3rd fiddle, assuming he comes back healthy in 2019 (Takes ~2yrs for a NBA player to revert close to their normal self. Rudy Gay even says its been a year and he's still not 100%). Cannot have Cousins as this 1b to AD's 1a. It HAS to be Davis->Holiday->Cousins. Cousins settles in a 3rd-fiddle role in a reduced role. We're talking AD being the lead guy putting up 28/12/2 in 33MPG, Jrue putting up 20/5/7 in 34 MPG as the 1-2 punch Cousins going from 25/13/5 on 18/6/8 attempts in 36MPG to 20/12/4 on 14/4/7 in 30MPG. Niko eating away at those minutes and giving 28MPG. 96 minutes at the 4/5, those 3 alone will eat up 90 or so minutes, realistically you can play all 3 at the same time, diallo gets his 10-15 per night.
  12. Grady

    Well 28.5m would be right in the middle. Which is the highest I think he goes. Realistically, I anticipate 5/140.5 for 28.1m/yr
  13. Grady

    Uhh...look at WHEN they signed it. Brees is different, he's on the back end of his career with 2-3 years left. Ryan is going to be 33 with one last gigantic contract and arguably 8 more years of play. Ryan is literally where Brees was in 2012, just like Matthew Stafford last year. That's who you should be comparing him to, not Brees taking a pay cut. Luck got 24.594m/yr - June 29, 2016, after a few above average years Carr got 25m/yr - June 22, 2017, after 2 above average years Stafford got 27m/yr - August 28, 2017, after multiple above average years Garoppolo got 27.5m/yr - Feb 8, 2018, after a few starts and SF deciding he is their franchise QB Cousins got 28m/yr - March 18, 2018, after 3 straight above average years. The first franchise caliber QB to hit the market in a while Keep going back: Flacco: 20.1m - March 4, 2013, joe franchise right after the SB Rodgers: 22m - April 25, 2013, b2b2b elite years Ryan: 20.75m - july 25, 2013, was still an above average QB, never elite Ben: 21.85m - march 13, 2015, right after his first elite caliber year Newton: 20.76m - june 2, 2015 - right before his elite mvp year Rivers: 20.8125m - August 15, 2015 E. Manning: 21m - Sept 11, 2015 Wilson: 21.9m - July 31, 2015 - right before his first elite year the numbers slowly crept up as time went on. Then luck got paid. So Carr got paid. Then stafford broke it again. Then jimmy G broke it. Then Cousins definitely broke it. Ryan is still in his prime, his last big contract. I'd be definitely surprised if TD and co don't make him the #1 paid guy next year, its just how it goes in recent years.
  14. Cavs

    very much so the haters will say otherwise, but this group is very...VERY bad. No true rim protector either. I don't think LeBron makes it to the finals.
  15. Post your latest draft simulator

    Marcus Davenport DE - So fucking obvious, ran to this pick. Need to pair Cam Jordan with a potential at DE and Davenport is arguably one of the best in this draft. Trenton Thompson DL - I went back to back DL, why? Because great DLs have depth and talent and we need to keep building at it. He fits a 3-4 scheme as a DE better, but he's a legitimate pass rusher up the middle and is developing quickly as a pass rusher. He is going to be rotational at this point, but he has room to grow Keke Coutee WR - SPEEDY guy that I think Saints would develop well. He's small, but he fills that deep threat need that Saints have always used in the past. Explosive, but small. He's definitely limited, but he's a guy who can take over for TG Jr one day Bo Scarbrough RB - I watched him enough in college to know, he is VERY limited. But dude is exactly what the Saints need as a 3rd down/short yardage RB and someone to punish guys late in games when we need to ice it away. He could catch, but won't be asked to much. He's a cheap version of Derrick Henry. like..great value brand, but its a small need of the Saints and why not, we did well with Ingram. I also LOVE watching rantards melt over bama players Dorance Armstrong Jr DE - Double dipping and depth, BPA at that point. Really high upside, they called him kamerion wimbley, that's huge for a late round rotation guy. Zachary Crabtree OT - Depth at OL is going to be important as we keep getting dinged up. decided to give us a guy who has potential to become a viable backup or a starting RT at best. Won't push out Ramczyk or Armstead, but will make me comfortable if someone goes down. And FUCK YEAH, no more bryce harris. Lowell Lotulelei DT - Yes, I picked FOUR DLinemen. Why? Because he's a guy who needs to get his head on right and he could be exceptional. He got fat from what carolina fans said and disappointed. High upside, worst case he won't make the team NBD Jordan Akins TE - I didn't think he'd last this long. I honestly think he's got potential to be a receiving threat. Saints tend to get guys from senior bowls in recent years and turned them into something useful in their 2nd year. Expect he same with Akins, oh yeah. GOODBYE HILL.