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  1. Check out the first poster's name and comment lmao. A topic about Suh and the bitch keeps crying
  2. You spend 10 minutes on a post just a few hours ago on a forum you need to type the address, username, and password in to go to, yet claim we give shits? Go fuck yourself.
  3. Ok. Well my son RYAN, was a little apprehensive, but he loved it once he tried it... Eating in the cave...
  4. I promise to try it on the grill in the summer, sir
  5. @SaintRay You had no reply to this post. Looking for feedback.....
  6. I promise to try it on the grill in the summer, sir
  7. So much corned beef and cabbage yesterday. Slow cookin some drumsticks with one of my favorite BBQ sauces...
  8. Didn't see it posted so excuse me if it has been. Levitre is gone?
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