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  1. Topic point is that there are plenty of people that invest WAY too much time here and make things personal. It's kind of crazy and I take some responsibility for it. I truly enjoyed my time interacting with everyone here but Freebird and Handjob. I have requested my account be deleted by admin. Don't want a part of the personal attacks any longer. And I am the first to look at myself to see what I could do differently. Not posting a 12 year old hardcore Falcons fan picture of myself would be my first choice. My bad. I'm done. Peace y'all!!!!! I wish nothing but the best for everyone here. And I truly mean that. I'm happy to no longer be so stalked that Jimmy knows my age. I know I've offered up a lot of information and I take ownership for that. It's gone way too far. People dish stuff out but can't take it. So they make stuff personal. Well wishes to all! @treefiddy you've created a great site brother! And I'm not being sarcastic at all!! Well wishes y'all!!!
  2. JB - how will you live ?

    Nah, you see I am no longer allowing you and your butt buddy to get to me. Place your effort elsewhere, you might actually accomplish something for a change. Actually, I'm not even sure how you are not on ignore, I swear I had already done that. Welp, have a great day
  3. JB - how will you live ?

    You think I'm giving in to interweb tough guys?
  4. JB - how will you live ?

    Free is such a fuck
  5. Grady

    You're trying too hard
  6. Cavs

    We already have a captain obvious on the board. Sorry to dissapoint.
  7. Grady

    Grady in the yellow shirt...
  8. Grady

    Jessie's son!
  9. Cavs

    Lebron did go off today. In a loss nonetheless. Wanna place a wager on this Cavs/Pacers series? Thought so.
  10. Installed a 3rd TV in the cave today. Right above the fireplace...

    Another addition....
  11. Cowboys Cut Dez Bryant

    Thank the Lord... https://www.chatsports.com/atlanta-falcons/a/source/report-falcons-not-interested-in-former-cowboys-wide-receiver-dez-bryant-14435496
  12. Funny Shit

  13. Funny Shit