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  1. Me too. Need shooters! Bradley Beal? I wanted Klay and he is still an option, but he's like 10 months from playing at 50%
  2. Throw the ball into a bucket?
  3. Davis to Lakers. Lost Hart, Ball, and Ingram, but glad they kept Kuzma!! Let's do this! @Sauce Castieaux @WakeGOAT @Falconcheff
  4. Happy Father's day to all y'all!!!
  5. So I know it's tomorrow, but these are the one of many moments I love as a dad... Watching a movie and he insists on watching it laying on top of me lol Best son ever...
  6. We shop local (Wegmans), don't get a newspaper delivered. For $19 bucks a month, I go through Delta Sonic car wash unlimited times...
  7. This sucks... Rather have room outside!
  8. Asparagus with garlic butter... Cookin....
  9. If you're a blues fan, this is the best I've ever heard...
  10. Doin seafood for Father's day. Wanted to use the grills they bought me but it's rainin, so doin it inside. Mrs B insists on the deveined and detailed shrimp for cocktail... Spiced up my sauce...
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