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  1. Did you not read where I said the Falcons defense blows? At this point if we are able to be in a position to even compete for a win and one of the best kickers in NFL history misses a FUCKING EXTRA POINT, then the blame goes to him. The defense has already been blamed for putting us in a position for losing a game on a missed XP. Get it now?
  2. Da Bird goin straight up gangsta on yo asses Nice work @Da Bird is da Word 👍
  3. This is about a missed extra point that a retard thinks is insignificant. GFY
  4. Bring your little shit heads along!
  5. Maybe the new helmet won't fit because of the "Point" on the top of your head?
  6. So no decisions are made towards the end of games situationally, rather how the previous 58 minutes went?
  7. Care to join in on the conversation, Crash?
  8. So an extra point shouldn't be a given? You're a complete idiot. Of course or defense sucks, it has all season! We had a chance in this game regardless. We missed an extra fucking point.
  9. Riddle me this @MASH, why the fuck was Matt Bryant sulking with his hands over his head after missing that extra point?
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