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  1. Assholes that aren't following the rules...
  2. ProFootballTalk : Sean Payton: I’m a dummy, I don’t know if this is Drew Brees’ last year https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/01/sean-payton-im-a-dummy-i-dont-know-if-this-is-drew-brees-last-year/
  3. 59 new cases today in Monroe County as of 5pm.
  4. Who would win more games with Bucs this season, Brady or Brees?
  5. Bress, aside from Moss rarely had the weapons Brees has had. They are both great, first ballot hall of famer but I'm not ready to call Brees a better QB than Brady. 6 rings are better than 1 ( @Capt. Obvious). Is Lebron better than Jordan?
  6. As you probably noticed right away (well, except for MASH), that when you switch the words of Lirpaloof around....you get it... It was funny as hell when he REALIZED!!! Very fun exercise!
  7. As we all know, kids are working from home. Ryan has very good 4th grade teacher that is keeping on Ryan as well as the rest of his class. Today, she decided to have a little fun... She had sent my wife and I this idea this morning and then sent out this flyer to show to our kids. Ryan's teacher had a Zoom meeting about it with the kids and really sold the idea of this bird to him. So Ryan I hopped on our bikes and went up to the park (a 4 minute bike ride) to try and catch a glimpse of the bird...
  8. How long ago? I had to have a mesh implant for an umbilical hernia probably 10 years ago or so and I've been having issues with it, just not something I felt needed to be checked out...
  9. Here we are bitching about a slight glitch on frequently visited site meanwhile a pandemic is goin on.... Cuz we ain't got shit else to do I guess!
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