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  1. Now the Dems will start crying that Trump is gonna start WWIII. Just watch...
  2. Shad up you goofy bitch!
  3. Third from the bottom may be the greatest advertisement I have ever seen, LMFAO.
  4. DD: OG

    Old Spanky

    I believe that is a part of Servo's job description. Odd career choice....
  5. If you raise any questions, it just means you're a racist and as such your opinion no longer matters.
  6. DD: OG

    Old Spanky

    The article notes that, after a player asked to switch rooms, Browns coaches Romeo Crennel and Terry Robiskie tried to mentor Winslow so he would change his habits, but it didn’t work:
  7. DD: OG

    Old Spanky

    Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II was convicted of rape, indecent exposure, and lewd conduct on Monday—charges that stem from separate incidents involving Winslow sexually assaulting a woman, exposing himself to another woman, and touching himself in front of a third woman. A mistrial was declared on charges related to two other rapes, 15 years apart, and prosecutors haven’t said yet if they will retry him on those charges as well. Today, Sports Illustrated published a lengthy story detailing Winslow’s crimes as well as the trial. Robert Klemko’s reporting also discovered some disturbing details about Winslow’s conduct during his NFL career. Winslow’s alleged actions from his time as a pro don’t include descriptions of rape or predatory exposure, but they still betray a complete lack of sexual boundaries around his co-workers. Winslow, it appears, freely masturbated and looked at porn with no regard for who might notice around him:
  8. DD: OG

    Old Spanky

  9. The UK is just about as lost as France and Germany, they're trying to bring that shit here under the same premise.
  10. Bitch, I remember when the AJC included a full page insert that read 'Geaux Saints' What's worse, is it was the same Sunday the Falcons hosted the Saints.
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