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  1. As she's supposed to be, am I right?
  2. I have a gut feeling she's about to get spoiled rotten, glad she's doing well.
  3. I can assure you everyone is relieved your not, most of all Matt.
  4. I'll answer for him, he's a massive hypocrite, the biggest one I have ever met online or IRL. Naturally, he doesn't notice it, due his rage against any and everything that doesn't align perfectly with his beliefs. IE, if you're pro-life, you're a Nazi. Fuck him.
  5. What a granny grocery getter, I bet you had the custom purse rack installed. j/k That's some American muscle right der.
  6. She's not very photogenic, but she's not fucking deformed.
  7. Jordan is better than LBJ, because he's the GOAT basketball player. It's not a slight at LeBron. Brees is better than Tom, because he has all the passing records whilst Brady has had the benefit of having the GOAT football coach. It's not a slight to Brady. I'll put it this way, Brady is the better football player and Brees is the better passer/QB. I believe if Brees played for the Pats these last two decades they would have had the same success, I can't say the same about Tom playing in NO.
  8. Brady has had a top 5 oline and top ten defense damn near every year of his career. Brees has had to deal with historically bad defenses. Brees >>>> Brady So, yeah fuck off Buc-Man.
  9. Exactly, there is no argument who the better QB is between Flacco and Ryan. Only a troll would try to make the case.
  10. The Dems are hoping this nightmare continues into the election, China too.
  11. He literally said that's what would happen if Trump was POTUS, he's completely fucked in the head.
  12. By that time Trump will have been re-elected and JB will have more pressing matters to deal with, like a mob of Nazi's hanging his wife and daughters in the front yard, just like it happened in '16. Right @jb™?????
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