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  1. Even cop hating Willie Mo has to admit that was a clean shoot.
  2. DD: OG

    I’d like to point out ....

    No worries!!After I take those two Benji's, Imma be back in the black. Then my retirement will be back on track.
  3. DD: OG

    I’d like to point out ....

    Cool story ba-rah. Please quote me throwing shade at Brees at any time prior. FFS, all I said was I don't see him being an all-pro for the next 4-5 years and you pansies lose your damn shit.
  4. DD: OG

    I’d like to point out ....

    I hadn't realized 2017 and 2018 were one in the same, thanks for clarifying.
  5. DD: OG

    I’d like to point out ....

    Define good, if it's a top 10 QB I'm right there with ya. If you're talking about being his old all-pro self, I don't see it happening.
  6. What a fucking shit show, these fuckers are dancing around every question or just flat out refusing to answer them.
  7. DD: OG

    A cesspool of deviancy

    Sycoly's reaction....
  8. DD: OG

    Let's talk about... the Russians

    Holy thread resurrection Bat-Man!!!
  9. DD: OG

    Indictment incoming

    Gee, I dunno maybe Trump meting with Queen Eli.
  10. DD: OG

    Indictment incoming

    It looks like 12 Russians are being indicted for the DNC hacking, they really got Trump now. Just a matter of time, any day now.....
  11. DD: OG

    Indictment incoming

    Looks like another distraction from your pals in the Liberal MSM, so surprising.
  12. DD: OG

    Pepe johns founder resigns.

    I just read the transcript of what was said and quite frankly it's a bunch of BS. He was in a conversation about other national restaurant founders and Harland Sanders was brought up and during the conversation Schnattner mentioned that the KFC BoD forced Colonel Sanders out of public view because he still referred to blacks as n*****rs. That's it, he wasn't targeting anyone with the word, he was simply referencing it. PC culture is apparently the law of the land now, mind your P's & Q's.
  13. DD: OG

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    More illiterate nonsense, keep being you Billy.
  14. DD: OG

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    Oddly enough Lawyer Hank just left, I'm filing a restraining order against your crazy, illiterate ass.
  15. DD: OG

    Pepe johns founder resigns.

    I don't get it, if you use that word in public and you're not black your career is over. Why in the fuck would you use it, unless you're a true racist?
  16. DD: OG

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    What a dumbass.
  17. DD: OG

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    You're implying Ray has more than one wife with that statement.
  18. DD: OG

    OccupyICE Retards - LOL

    What in the hell were they trying to accomplish here? Did they think a dozen limp-wristed Libs would force that precinct to close it's doors. These assholes just don't make any damn sense.
  19. DD: OG


    Seems legit
  20. I may have created a monster.
  21. JB's neighbor got tired of his racist comments.
  22. DD: OG


    Darwin wins again...