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  1. What a piece of shit this whore is....

    I think it's obvious what she's doing with that 100k
  2. 8 loaded teams that can gamble at the NFL draft

    Tonight's lotto numbers or STFU

    Sure it is. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.
  4. 20 Most Devastating Loses in NFL History

    Ray always with a handful of salt, looking for a wound to rub.
  5. 8 loaded teams that can gamble at the NFL draft

    In '16 no in '17 slightly better in '18 who knows
  6. If he doesn't go to jail and isn't impeached, will you admit you were mistaken?
  7. Once this whole Russian collusion delusion non-sense ends the left and their MSM cronies will triple down on the Stormy Daniels affair. While ignoring any charges brought on former FBI and DOJ heads, just watch.
  8. Aight Van it’s on in this bitch

    The OP looks like it was copy-pasted from the Huddle, lol.
  9. Willie Snead signs offer sheet with..

    Saints match the offer: "Brilliant move by Loomis and CSP, keeping continuity at the WR position and Brees' chemistry with Snead. A++ move for the Saints." Saints decline to match offer: " Snead played his way off this roster two seasons ago, with players like Thomas and Kamara he was easily expendable. A++ move for the Saints" -NOLA90
  10. Mock Draft 2.0

    I was referring to NOLA, you know the guy I quoted. You were tagged because you used MY patented material.
  11. Aight Van it’s on in this bitch

    Someone's been visiting the Huddle....
  12. Mock Draft 2.0

    Translation: It's only acceptable when the Saints do it. @Dago RCDS indeed
  13. Serious Question

    Left ball, right ball, they both look like dicks to me.
  14. It's sure is quite up in here, I wonder why?
  15. A thread FULL of Racists

    As with most Liberals, he doesn't have to follow the rules he's demanding that others follow.
  16. Saints 2018 schedule

    I can easily see the Saints at 5-1 heading to Minny. No cold weather games and all your difficult games are at home, sans the Vikings.
  17. 2018 NFL strength of schedule

    That didn't take long.
  18. This is how I see the top 10 picks

    I heard that same scenario last night on NFLN, they get 2 of the top QBs and pick which one best suits them and trades the other one for a treasure trove of picks. I think they go EDGE at #4 though.
  19. Infinity War D23 trailer

    What happens on 12-14-18, you finally gonna get laid?
  20. A thread FULL of Racists

    Fat chance!!
  21. Infinity War D23 trailer

    Don't you have some cartoon Kung-Fu guys to be obsessing about?
  22. Thanksgiving 2018