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  1. DD: OG

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    2 'busts' in 4 drafts is not routinely, you big dope.
  2. She won't have to come out of pocket for this, I'm sure she has the financial backing from Soros and company.
  3. DD: OG

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    Besides Beasley and Collins, I can't think of any wasted 1-3 round picks under the current staff.
  4. DD: OG

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    Well, whoever the fuck we draft you shit kickers will call him a bust before he can grab his jersey on stage.
  5. DD: OG

    My prediction for this forum

    Meh, I'll be here either way. Unless you fucks push Fiddy over the edge and he shit cans this place.
  6. DD: OG

    2018 Picks Challenge week 15 (official)

    Chiefs Texans Broncos Falcons Giants Jags Dolphins Bills Cowboys Bengals Ravens Bears Seahawks Pats Rams Saints
  7. You're such a dishonest shithead, you know damned well that was meant as a weak ass dig. So, answer my question....
  8. How exactly do you expect us to react?? You fuckers have gone beyond ridiculous.
  9. 25 is too high, 28-29 sounds about right.
  10. DD: OG

    Mash has it figured out.

    To many big players we're injured for a long period of time. They'll be big and with some top draft picks. We'll be fine.
  11. DD: OG

    For fans of those teams that lost today...

    Fruity ass meme is gay as fuck!! Kevo special no doubt....
  12. DD: OG


  13. DD: OG


    PM sent.
  14. This season has been nothing short of embarrassing, I hope AB has the balls to clean house and not hold onto the 2016 SB feels. The disfunction from Quinn and staff during games is inexcusable and needs to be addressed, IMO. Draft should go DE, OL, DB, DL, IDGAF, FRFA, DB, DB, FRAA, BPA, BPA.
  15. DD: OG

    Saint's at Bucs week 14

    Six is the number that follows five, which was your previous total of kicks to the balls you have coming.
  16. DD: OG

    ATL VS. GB Official Thread

    Some shithead threatened a female at a Chick-Fil-A...
  17. DD: OG

    ATL VS. GB Official Thread

    34-7 Defense is fucking gassed, they're getting abused by 4 back up offensive linemen.
  18. DD: OG

    ATL VS. GB Official Thread

    There's Debo's 2nd dropped pick.
  19. DD: OG

    ATL VS. GB Official Thread

    God damned if Quinn doesn't look completely clueless. He's like, 'derp I think they scored again'
  20. DD: OG

    ATL VS. GB Official Thread

  21. DD: OG

    ATL VS. GB Official Thread

    Quinn has lost the team, the meltdown to end the 1st half should be enough for Blank to pull the trlgger. He won't though...
  22. DD: OG

    Look how happy this man is...

    This is fucking retarded, it's like saying if the Pelicans win the NBA title, the Benson's shouldn't celebrate. Fucking moronic...
  23. DD: OG

    2018 Picks Challenge week 14 (official)

    Like I said, desperation mode.