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  1. He's out of the hospital and feeling much better. Thank you, brother!
  2. Comedy Central. Do you use Mad Magazine as your backup source?
  3. You do realize that's the Democrat Party...right!?!?
  4. You're also not admitting up to the faults of the Democrat Party.
  5. Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and Schiff = 158 total years in politics... ...but they want you to believe that they are going to fix what's wrong with politics. THEY ARE WHAT'S WRONG WITH POLITICS!!!
  6. It's impossible for me to believe that with China's overwhelming population density that their coronavirus numbers are as low as they are.
  7. I believe that China's overall numbers are a lie. I don't trust them at all.
  8. Fuck that. Pelosi and Schiff are already wanting to launch an investigation against Trump over the Covid-19 pandemic. No time to be gracious.
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