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  1. What a piece of shit this whore is....

    You think she voted for Trump?
  2. A thread FULL of Racists

    You forgot this guy...
  3. A thread FULL of Racists

    That would still be higher than yours.
  4. What a piece of shit this whore is....

    Are you saying that she's not a liberal?!
  5. What a piece of shit this whore is....

    “I work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. I will never be fired. I will always have people wanting to hear what I have to say,” she wrote on Twitter. Sure sounds like a liberal elitist to me.
  6. Cowboys fan reacts to offseason and Dez

    Driving his girlie car.
  7. Funny Shit

    The funny thing about this is that the property owner's sign is on the left, his brother's sign is on the right. His brother is running for mayor
  8. JB - how will you live ?

    Well Trump is torturing you and jb, so....
  9. JB - how will you live ?

    Shut the fuck up, jb.
  10. Horrible weather blew through Arkansas last night..

    Lambeau Field today...
  11. It depends on how the Saints "powers that be" view it. If they're going by "win now" ...then I don't see them going QB in the 1st. If they're drafting for future, then they'll probably attempt to grab a QB.
  12. I don't see why that wouldn't be a priority.
  13. How do you know that Mahomes wouldn't have been the pick if he was there at 11?