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    Need an NBA forum that posters really visit....

    Pelicans are on fire! 280 points scored in just 2 games! They blew out the Rockets and Kings.

    Brown's trade Carlos Hyde to Jax

    Dalvin Cook was listed as healthy until yesterday.

    Brown's trade Carlos Hyde to Jax

    I'm 0-6 in my church league because of those assholes.

    Brown's trade Carlos Hyde to Jax

    Fournette and Dalvin Cook are fucking killing me in my church ffl 😠


    In a hospital waiting room for the past 3 1/2 hours and the television is locked in on CNN. 3 1/2 hours of crying about Trump. It's beyond pathetic really. Ratings below The Food Network 😂😀
  6. He became a multimillionaire during his time in the Oval Office.


    It was mildly entertaining.
  8. Let's hope they run out of tickets and have to print more. https://www.wwltv.com/article/sports/nfl/saints/drew-brees-raffling-off-ball-from-record-breaking-game-to-help-hurricane-michael-victims/289-605216316 ☰MENU The website says all of the funds raised by the Brees Dream Foundation will go to provide resources for first responders and hurricane victims. Author: WWL Staff Published: 10/17/18 NEW ORLEANS – Saints star quarterback Drew Brees is raffling off a signed game ball from his record-breaking win over the Washington Redskins, and the proceeds are going to Hurricane Michael victims. Brees announced the raffle on his Twitter account Tuesday night. The raffle is being held in partnership with the Brees Dream Foundation and Prizeo.com. The website says all of the funds raised by the Brees Dream Foundation will go to provide resources for first responders and hurricane victims. “After the devastation of Hurricane Michael, the people of Florida need our help,” Brees wrote on the website. “Now I’m turning to you for your support.” There is a $10 minimum donation needed for a chance to win the game ball.

    Best QBs outside of the pocket

    One more than the Falcons have.
  10. https://www.foxnews.com/us/advanced-mexico-us-drug-tunnel-had-solar-panels-ventilation-rail-system Video Mexico-US drug and arms tunnel found U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said they found an incomplete tunnel connecting Mexico and the U.S. that was outfitted with solar panels, lighting, ventilation, and a rail system that could carry illegal immigrants, arms dealers and drug smugglers into the United States. Authorities uncovered a tunnel outfitted with solar panels, lighting, ventilation and a rail system that could carry illegal immigrants, arms dealers and drug smugglers from Mexico into the United States, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said this week. Authorities made the discovery in mid-September and said the tunnel’s entrance, in Baja California, Mexico, was just 221 feet south of the U.S. border. The entry shaft was about 31 feet deep. “Sophisticated tunnels take a lot of time and money to make,” Border Patrol Agent Tekae Michael told the San Diego Union-Tribune. He said the tunnel was most likely built for drug smuggling. “When we find them, they’re a pretty big deal.” To exit the tunnel, smugglers needed to climb up a 15-foot shaft near Jacumba, California, officials said. (U.S. Customs and Border Patrol) To exit the tunnel, smugglers needed to climb up a 15-foot shaft near Jacumba, California, officials said. The tunnel was about 3 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide. It was 627 feet long -- 336 feet of which were in U.S. territory. “Agents reported that there was a solar panel system used to run the electrical, lighting and ventilation systems that were in the tunnel,” officials said in a news release. "There were also two sump-pump systems within the tunnel to pump out any water that gathered...Agents also reported that a rail system was installed that ran the entire length of the tunnel.” Border officials said tunnels are often filled after authorities complete their investigation to prevent smugglers from gaining access.

    Ginn died.

    I was thinking that Ginn's trip to IR was him being in Payton's doghouse.
  12. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000975309/article/the-best-qb-in-each-division-tom-brady-aaron-rodgers-reign NFC SOUTH: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints.The NFL's all-time leading passer has a good chance to secure his second Super Bowl title with the Saints. If you've become inured to praise of Brees' quarterback play, perhaps you'd like to view his otherworldly performance through this lens: He's got Michael Thomas on pace to finish with 147 catches, which, in addition to setting a new single-season NFL record, would give him 343 on his career -- obliterating the mark for a player's first three NFL seasons (288, set by Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry). Next in line: Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers.Like Rodgers, it's hard to imagine when Brees will begin to backslide -- it appears right now that he could keep playing this way forever. That said, the 29-year-old Newton (who gets the edge here over the 33-year-old Matt Ryanbecause of age difference) is positioned to play at a high level for years to come.
  13. What you're describing @Willy Mo is the civil war that you say isn't going to happen.
  14. You were the one calling for violence in the streets recently as well as just now, dumbass. You can't expect violence on your terms without the chance of retaliation.
  15. Leave it up to the CNN snowflakes to try and redefine what a mob is.
  16. Further proof of how racist the left really is. They expect every black American to follow in lockstep with the leftist machine...and when they don't this is what happens. Much respect to Herschel for calling it what it is. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/herschel-walker-calls-for-cnn-to-fire-don-lemon-over-racist-kanye-west-criticism Video CNN panel slammed after calling Kanye West 'token negro' A CNN panel hosted by Don Lemon has been called racist after panelist Tara Setmeyer referred to Kanye West as a 'token negro.' Football legend-turned-activist Herschel Walker is calling for CNN to fire Don Lemon after the “CNN Tonight” host laughed when rapper Kanye West was referred to as “the token negro of the Trump administration" during a segment that aired Tuesday night. The segment -- which has been slammed as "racist" -- began with Lemon asking if President Donald Trump is simply “using Kanye as a prop to win over black voters before the midterms.” CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers responded with a jab at West. “Anti-intellectualism simply isn’t cool,” Sellers said. “Kanye West is what happens when Negros don’t read.” Sellers’ remark prompted laughter from Lemon and fellow panelist Tara Setmayer, who followed up by saying West is “the token negro of the Trump administration.” Walker, who has openly supported Trump, is also an outspoken advocate for mental health issues – which were also mocked during the segment. Walker took to Twitter to express his disbelief. “Went to bed appalled over Don Lemon's despicable behavior laughing at Tara Setmayer and Bakari Sellers' awful remarks about Kanye West’s visit with [Trump]! Woke up wondering why CNN doesn’t take all three off the air?” Walker tweeted, adding the hashtag "#Shameful." Setmayer fired back at Walker: “Bless your heart… You want to silence me because I expressed a different opinion than yours? Because I called out Kanye for what he is? Uninformed! I’m an actual conservative, who’s worked on policy advancing those principles for 20-plus years. I’ll never be a shill for Trump.” Walker – who has dabbled in mixed martial arts in addition to his iconic football career – isn’t one to back down from a fight and quickly responded. “No...Tara Setmayer, anyone that is African American with an opinion different than yours, you want to call them out by using the N-word and Don Lemon is laughing? To me that’s bullying and shameful," he tweeted back. CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Walker was not the only person who took offense to the CNN segment. “These reprehensible, racist comments on CNN are typical of the Trump-hating left” that exists in the mainstream media, Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said. “Black Americans who think for ourselves are mocked and degraded with words we last saw under Jim Crow. If President Trump had no black supporters, they would call his circle 'lily white,'” Murdock said. "Now, one of America's most prominent black entertainers praises and visits the president, and he is trivialized as a 'token' who 'doesn't read.'” Murdock added that the “only silver lining in this vile cloud is that the supposedly bigoted Trump presidency has delivered the lowest black unemployment in American history.” Donald Trump Jr. slammed CNN for the segment, calling West a “wildly successful businessman." He added, “Why is free thought and expression so dangerous and scary to liberals?” Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday the segment was “not only racist, it was absolutely despicable.” “I cannot believe it would be allowed on any network, least of all having a host that’s laughing as if it’s funny,” Owens said.

    Ginn died.

    Tre'Quan time!!!
  18. What does Kanye's relevance have to do with racist statements made by Lemon, Sellers and Setmayer towards Kanye?
  19. I don't think that anybody in their right mind wants a civil war, but the way the left is acting I don't doubt that it'll happen.