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  1. Willie Snead signs offer sheet with..

    Did Snead even play last year? Doubt they match. Thomas, Meredith, Ginn, and Coleman leaves Snead with very few snaps.
  2. This is how I see the top 10 picks

    Nelson to the Bucs would suck for the rest of the NFCS.
  3. Grady

    Absolutely no fucking way the Falcons sign Ryan, Matthews, Beasley, Allen, Coleman, Poole, and Grady and still end up $20-25M under the cap to start next FA. You're smoking meth or crack or both.
  4. Grady

    That doesn't include the team's 5th year option for Vic ($14.2M), the 2018 rookies ($6M), or the 2019 rookies ($4M).
  5. Grady

    80? lol closer to 50 and that's without Ryan on the Books.
  6. Grady

    Stop jerking off to videos of grown men glistening with sweat and pay your wife some attention.
  7. Still great

    Chick on the right was acting lol she def didn't give a fuck.
  8. really nice signing. I fucking hate this division.
  9. Saints 2017 draft is already one of the best in recent memory.
  10. LMFAO ! Drew Brees has cash flow problems

    he only owns a handful. the PE firm that owns JJ makes a killing anyways.
  11. No Hometown Discount For Matt Ryan

    LOL. Condon represents both Ryan and Rodgers. Condon is going to take both the Packers/Falcons for a ride. How much Ryan signs for will directly impact Rodger's contract So he will make sure Ryan signs for at least $30M/year, then Rodgers will sign for $31-$32M/year the following year.
  12. Little Ron B is mad at me....

    So where's the 2018 Rivals meet-up? Freebird vs. Ron B Beef vs. JB Tree vs. Tree's virginity Me vs.& Beef's wife
  13. The face you make when you're offered less than $30M/year

    Fuck that. They should get every fucking penny they can. Players should not have to take discounts in order for their teams to win. Boo fucking hoo they weren't able to re-sign Poe and probably won't be able to re-sign Coleman next year. It's on management to draft well to replenish FA losses.