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  1. if so, his $12.8M salary is fully guaranteed 🤣
  2. nah Bucs just gained $10M by cutting jackson.
  3. Yep. Great locker room guy. Great leader on the field. Very passionate. Good at rushing the passer when asked. Elite level reaction time, but terrible at finishing tackles and has a tendency to overrun.
  4. Michael Thomas is going to double his stats? lol how. Thomas is already 26
  5. Yes, he knew they sucked ass, so he skipped town to a team that sucked more ass. makes sense.
  6. Yes, Steve Smith was the #1 option getting all of the attention of opposing defenses, yet still put up a HOF career with average QBs.
  7. please quote me where i've ever talked him up. he misses a ton of tackles and gets lost in coverage. plus he's coming off an ACL tear. I'd be pissed if the Bucs paid him $13.5M/year. he's currently the highest paid MLB.
  8. Y'all are literally fucking insane. Steve Smith is one of the baddest MFers to ever play. He never had a HOF QB throwing to him and he still put up a HOF career.
  9. $13.5M and he's coming off an ACL tear? yikes. Devin White to the Bucs confirmed.
  10. Report: Falcons will use franchise tag on Grady Jarrett, who hoped to hit open market This may reveal just how wide the chasm between the two sides is, and it’s not a comforting thought. By Dave Choate Mar 4, 2019, 10:50am EST SHARE Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images Grady Jarrett would very much like to land a huge long-term deal, and as such his team was reportedly hoping the stud defensive tackle would make it to the open market. Per ESPN’s Vaughn McClure, that’s not going to happen, and the Falcons will do what we all have come to expect in recent days and franchise tag their rising star. This isn’t an ideal outcome for either side, if it proves to be true. Jarrett would undoubtedly like to be paid more than the franchise tag is going to allow for and gain some long-term security out of a new deal, while the Falcons would’ve undoubtedly liked to have more fiscal flexibility in 2019 that goes up in smoke with the $15.2 million on the tag. That leaves them even tighter in free agency than they may have expected to be, and it leaves Jarrett’s camp to fight for what he’s worth without the looming threat of a cash-flush market to parry Atlanta’s offers with. As a fan, I hate that it’s come to this, and I’m sure neither side feels much better about the outcome. Given the reported gulf between the two sides, which has apparently not closed in recent weeks, it’s an open question whether the Falcons will even be able to work out an accord before free agency rolls back around next year. That’s a long way off, but even the notion that Jarrett really wanted to reach free agency has to be a disquieting one for the Falcons, and it could lead to long, acrimonious negotiations if things don’t get back on track. It’s also going to force Atlanta to at least think about contingency plans if Jarrett is absolutely determined to get out of town in 2020 or 2021. Where they elect to take a defensive tackle (or two) in this draft class may give us a clue about what’s ahead. For now, expect to see the tag placed on Jarrett in the next day or so. We’ll hope against hope that the Falcons and Jarrett’s camp can work from here to get a long-term deal done.
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