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  1. Aaron Murray

    The best DE in the NFC South

    he has more sacks than all of the Falcon's DEs combined.
  2. Aaron Murray

    Where's my money?

    thanks for being the escrow.
  3. Aaron Murray

    Where's my money?

    Oh really?
  4. Aaron Murray

    Where's my money?

    yep. PM'd you.
  5. Aaron Murray

    Where's my money?

    @SaintRay @DD: OG
  6. Aaron Murray

    Saints vs the Brokeback Cowboys official game thread

    funny thing is this loss hurts the rest of the nfc south more than the saints
  7. Aaron Murray

    Deion Jones has officially been activated.

    He'll have a great game this week. Might even lead them to a win. Falcon fans will begin to think they still have a chance at making the playoffs. "Fucking RISE UP!! Fuck the Saints" will be the top voted thread on TATF next week and then...
  8. Aaron Murray

    8-1 and kings of the whole NFC. Bitches.

    This is the year. Drew Brees will be named MVP and will the SB MVP.
  9. Aaron Murray

    A glimmer of hope for the Birds

    There are 7 teams within at least one game of the #6 seed lol. It's going to be a blood bath for the nfc wild card The Browns should be an easy win, but who knows with the weather conditions. The Redskins have been playing pretty damn well. Dallas is a toss-up. Other than Cleveland and Arizona, the remainder of their games are against teams currently in the playoff race. All three of their divisional games are on the road. They play at GB. Baltimore will be difficult too. Honestly if they manage to go 9-7 I would be impressed. I think it'll take a 10-6 record to get the second playoff spot.
  10. Aaron Murray

    Bucs name fitz as the starter.

    Winston has been complete ass against the Panthers throughout his career. This is definitely the right move. If McCoy and Vea are both out, then we're screwed. If they play, but Kendell Beckwith is still out, then we're still screwed, but not as screwed. If all three miraculously play, then i'd be cautiously optimistic. I think our secondary matches up well against their receivers and if McCoy/Vea play, then they should be able to stop their run game in-between the trenches. However, I think the white RB goes off on us similar to Kamara in week 1. Olsen should have a big game against our back-up linebackers. And Cam will prob have 50+ yards rushing. I doubt the run game gets going at all. Our line is trash in the run-game. Our passing offense is great, but due to the lack of a run game it's going to be way too predictable. I'm expecting a lot of third and longs and 3 and outs. Prediction: 34-10 Panthers Bucs Fitz: 240 yards, 1 TD, 2 ints Barber: 13 rushes, 30 yards Mike Evans: 5 catches, 80 yards, 1 TD Jackson: 2 catches, 44 yards Godwin: 3 catches, 52 yards OJ: 3 catches, 40 yards Panthers Cam: 200 yards passing, 50 yards rushing (1 TD) White RB: 200 total yards, 3 TDs
  11. Aaron Murray

    Sack leaders in the NFC South

    He's on pace for 18 sacks this season. At first I was concerned about his contract when they traded for him, but his cap hit is only $12.5M this year. For some reason I thought it was closer to $17-18M. He's been the lone bright spot on the d-line. He's currently on contract through 2020. His cap hit increases to $14.5M next year, then back down to $12.5M in 2020. Given his current production, I doubt the Bucs release him this off-season. I could see him being a trade dead-line target next season for a few teams. At this rate I think the team moves on from McCoy before JPP. He's close to being the first 10+ sack guy for the Bucs since Simeon Rice in 2007.