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  1. Mash went FULL Servo. Lol. It was beautiful.
  2. I was just coming here to say this. Almost EVERYONE backs good police. I seriously doubt anyone would be in favor of firemen who were arsonists, lifeguards who drown people, or doctors who purposefully kill innocent patients.
  3. BRUHHH! When I watched the OPI in the Super Bowl, I was SHOCKED it was called. SHOCKED. I thought of our game against Minny, it was almost identical, it got reviewed and NOTHING. Lol
  4. In his last two Super Bowls, Kyle Shannahan has blown a combined 35 points in leads.
  5. Why is CK obnoxious? LOL. The man asked for the police to stop killing unarmed black citizens. THAT BASTARD!! LOLOL
  6. Chiefs start slow but get up big early. Then the 49ers learn that having to depend on Porn Star Jimmy isn't the way to go as Mostert can't be relied on either when you're behind 24 points.
  7. TMZ is reporting that his daughter Giana was on board. Ugh
  8. Someone just told me that his eldest daughter was indeed on the flight as she had a game today at the Mamba Academy and he was travelling with her. Man, regardless, this sucks.
  9. I HOPE you're right. I heard it on ESPN.
  10. I need a drink. This has me all of the way f'd up.
  11. They are now reporting that his daughters were on the flight. Jesus.
  12. I am legit in tears. I am a little f'd up behind this one.
  13. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Listen, a couple of the BLR vids have had me crying, doubled over in pain from laughing. I know it's silly to a lot of people but this is right up my alley as far as humor goes.
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