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  1. If true, would that in essence, void the contract? Changing language after a contract is agreed upon and signed by both parties seems to be a fundamental breach in the way contract law is supposed to proceed.
  2. He should have re-signed with the Saints when he had the chance.
  3. He most assuredly did not. Per usual he went off half-cocked, or more accurately in his case 1/8 cocked. lol
  4. Don't waste your breath, Ray. Inbred idiots gonna inbred idiot. But thank you for the kind words, bro. You still owe me a prime rib dinner!! I'll see you when all of this pandemic mess is over and I come back home . I pray the country recovers and we can still have a football season.
  5. My heart is filled with joy that you racists are crying about racism.
  6. If the yahoos in here are a fair representation of white folks, I'd hate you honkeys too. Btw, great deflection, mayo.
  7. "Nah, I had my money. It wasn't no pressure at all." So now, you cum guzzling nimrods are gonna act like it's ok to say but know fully good and gotdayum well that if ANY Saints player had said that, you'd be going in like the butthurt polesmokers are you. GTFOH. lolol
  8. Ughhh, I've been watching it and now I find myself upset and disappointed when the Panthers lose, and have developed a respect for Cam Newton. UGHHHHHH. I hate it here.
  9. He was a perfect fit in Carolina due to the dominant front 7. Him leaving that system wasn't good for him.
  10. I am actually worried about that very thing.
  11. I know I may be late to the party but I started watching All or Nothing: The Arizona Cardinals and it was REALLY good. I have one episode left, I already know they lose the NGCCG to the Panthers and that's disappointing after getting to know the players and coaches and starting to care for them. Bruce Arians is a trip. Guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson and David Johnson are imminently likable. Then I notice there is and All or Nothing on the Panthers' 2018 Season. I plan on watching it. Anyone watched it and have any critiques?
  12. Mash went FULL Servo. Lol. It was beautiful.
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