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  1. Eli looks like a broken Jim Hensen muppet.
  2. This tickled me. But back to topic. Wasn't it Jerry Rice that had a clause in his contract that said he HAD to be the highest paid WR in the league? So, no matter what another WR made, the 49ers had to immediately pay him more.
  3. Yeah, the rings are the thing. You win as many rings as Brady you'll get favorable reviews. Also, Brady is CLUTCH is high=leverage moments.
  4. I am sorry. LOL. I meant to write Cam is but Baker isn't. lol
  5. ↑↑These↑↑ Come on Wake. Baker Mayfield is NOT in the NFCS and somebody else being a douche doesn't make Cam's behavior any more excusable. If we get exposed to Baker Mayfield shenanigans on a consistent basis. please believe we are gonna call him out.
  6. I remember JJ took a stand against Emmett Smith, they lost their opening two games. JJ caved, brought Smith in and they went on to win a Super Bowl. Not saying the same thing will happen here but the Cowboys without EE running the rock are nowhere near as potent as they are without him. That SB team had Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Moose Johnston . Charles Haley and other stars that made that team beastly, this team has Dak Prescott and hell, I don't know.
  7. I saw the TreeSpn before on both the old RC and here but I was quoting it because I think together with TreeFiddyFocus, it's hilarious.
  8. The Patriots seem to have a horseshoe embedded in their dna.
  9. Based on the thread title, I thought this was about a porno and Taveko was some hot piece.
  10. Fiddy, these are ingenious. LOLOL. I love it. Seriously, might be your best work.
  11. Dude has been a rock star for the Saints Organization. And he's still killing it. As a side note, I think had the Saints made it to the Super Bowl last year and lost it, he'd have a better chance of being fired than now. The No Call, I think gave him even MORE room. But, he's not getting fired anytime soon.
  12. When I originally saw this in Jackass, I was like What the ENTIRE hell?! Then, I thought...white boys.
  13. The plastic surgery got his mind warped.
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