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  1. SaintsFanInLA

    I’d like to point out ....

    Dude has been unreal and still doesn't get the credit he deserves. SMH. I hope the defense shows up this year with a vengeance, and you'll see what we are dealing with, a sure fire 1st ballot HOFer who can STILL light it up when needed.
  2. SaintsFanInLA

    Hall of Fame won't announce TO at the unduction

    I am with Dago on the OP. This is SUPER petty and straight bitchy by the HOF. Everybody, their mother, and their tax men knows that TO was a 1st ballot HOFer. WITHOUT QUESTION. He's an emotional wreck, SO F**KING what? The NFL is supposed to be better than this. Rise above the emo fray. The man was a BEAST a legitimate force of nature in the NFL. I'd announce his name, show his highlights and EVERYTHING. Might even commission Randy Newman to write a song about him lauding him and extolling his virtues. Then EVERYONE can see you guys as the class act and him as the spoiled petulant emotional child that he is. Just so much estrogen in this move.
  3. SaintsFanInLA

    DeMarco Murray is retiring from football

    It never seems to fail, whenever a back gets the league leading rushing title, ESPECIALLY if he had the most carries, there is a marked decline within 2-3 years. Maybe even the immediate following season. It is just too much abuse for the body to take.
  4. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article213647764.html
  5. SaintsFanInLA

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    TSA agent caught one that slightly tapped his reset button. If you played Nintento and didn't push the reset button all of the way in, you know things could get a little wonky. It was at that point the Pacman then pushed the button 9/10 of the way in. It was enough. Dude was conscious but he wasn't there.
  6. Apparently the police thought his cell phone was a gun and one officer found it necessary to choke the man out. That officer has since been fired. https://thespun.com/news/video-shows-former-nfl-player-being-tackled-choked-by-police
  7. SaintsFanInLA

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Marques Colston told me once, (in the only convo I ever had with him) that Calvin Johnson was the best WR in the game.
  8. We've had the draft and Free Agency has been in swing for awhile. What's your WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Too Early NFCS Prediction as to how each team will finish in the Division and why? Other than the turmoil going on within the Bucs organization, I honestly wouldn't be surprised with the Falcons, Panthers, and Saints qualifying again for the playoffs and in any order. I have no strong feelings. The Mark Ingram suspension could be pretty rough to overcome. Not sure what impact Julio Jones distraction will have. Cam can be bad Cam or good Cam. The only thing that would really surprise me, is if the Buc did well.
  9. Video or link?
  10. Dude was a legit BEAST. Dominant force in the NFL.
  11. SaintsFanInLA

    El Oh El

    Among the list of demands: 1. A helicopter that only flies backwards while playing Banarama hits, occasionally allowing Imagine Dragons. 2. A luxury RV filled with Blue peanut M & M's. 3. A Lombardi Trophy. 4. 27 Saints Hecklers(meaning they actually heckle all things Saints) to travel with him to be put on the sidelines in every game despite the opponent. 5. Socks that can be converted to a purse. 6. A dietician with a Peruvian accent and loose morals. 7. A cat named Sleeveless. 8. One live muddy catfish.
  12. SaintsFanInLA

    Jameis Winston will be suspended for the first 3 games

    Bucs now probably start 3-0 due to some bizarre universe version of anti-karma.
  13. Good for him.
  14. SaintsFanInLA

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    Didn't Jerry Rice have this in his contract at one point when he was with the 49ers? He had something saying he had to be the highest paid WR and if any other WR at any time received a contract for more money, his contract had to be immediately amended.