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  1. It was really unclassy for the Raptors fans to cheer the injury. Rewatching the footage, you can see fans smiling widely at the injury.
  2. That's really unfortunate. I would hope that we are above this sort of bullsh*t. Messing with people's lives...smh. But this is one of the problems with the internet. Before, people interacted in person, so things either calmed down or escalated and got dealt with right there on the spot. But the internet has allowed people to become keyboard gangsters and things can escalate without the immediate threat of repercussions, so it can get REALLY heated. But again, I hope we are better than that.
  3. We should actually charge an admission fee for this.
  4. I would honestly hope, the amount of grief we give each other notwithstanding, that no one here would be malicious enough to actually do anything deleterious to anyone else. I know that we don't all get along but I actually look at you yahoos as brothers-in-arms. We joke, cajole, and tease but I would never think to harm any of you by my actions directly or indirectly. I actually hope, we can all meet one day and have some drinks, maybe even ribs and shoot the crap with each other.
  5. Now, all we need is NYG4 and this party will be complete!
  6. I think that we can all agree that the board is better when KYS is here. If you don't think it's better, you have to admit that it is at least more interesting. I for one am glad he's back.
  7. This is a Fiddy special macro. And even though I already know that, I am literally crying from howling in laughter. @treefiddy, nyugga I am DYING!! You may be a worthless, reprobate, contrarian, racist POS troglodyte, (and those are your good qualities) but dayum that was funny.
  8. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at this whole and entire post but that bolded part....DAYUM!! LOLOL
  9. Each of these teams has at least one SB victory in the last 10 years. (Steelers 2008 season but the SB was in 2009). This would carry more weight for me if the Pats hadn't won so many SBs. If they were terrible, the crucible of the playoffs would have weeded them out. But they just kept winning. It's amazing. Seriously. I remember the 49ers feasted on a steady diet of Saints, Falcons, and Rams in the old NFCW and "padded" their stats but they kept winning titles, so I had to give them credit where credit was due.
  10. Dude, I am literally laughing out loud from this. #TearsFromCryingFromLaughter
  11. Dude, did you have some inside information? What happened?
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