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  1. Added charges because when the officer approached him, White pushed-off.
  2. When that's gone, they'll say Atlanta is alphabetically ahead of New Orleans. That's all they'll have, poor bastids.
  3. Guys, this is all they have. You know and they know they'd gladly switch places with us, we've been to the mountain-top, and they haven't. They sound like virgins who constantly masturbate, clowning someone who has had sex about how they struck out with a new girl. Trust me, let them have this. Nothing compares to the suffering of 3-28 when you've never won it. Edit: Wait, the Buffalo Bills 4 straight trips to the SB with 4 straight losses. That compares. It's actually probably worse given the wide right and 2 or 3 blowouts.
  4. My prayers and good vibes are with you bro. Anytime you are dealing with heart issues, it's serious and shouldn't be taken lightly.
  5. I know people don't like tough schedules but I like it because we know exactly what we have. We had one of the toughest schedules last year, we know we had a SB caliber team and we know aside from that crazy call, they would have been. Let's just see how we do. But I don't even know the last time we won our first game of the season. Lol
  6. I think part of what can make a coach successful is longevity. He obviously knows what he's doing. He's not perfect but I think he's the perfect coach for us and I hope to see him stay for quite a while.
  7. If the Saints win the Super Bowl, then obviously they made the right decisions. But even short of that, I say we have to wait and see if he was worth it in the long haul. I think he will be, IF he stays healthy.
  8. SaintsFanInLA


    S4L, my condolences for the loss of your love. Heartbreak has absolutely no formula for recovery. The heart wants what the heart wants and things can linger for awhile. I know for a fact how hard it can be to recover. The Lord can sometimes remove people from our lives because in the long-run it's better. That doesn't make the pain any less. I pray for your swift recovery, man. Keep exercising and doing things that lift your spirit. And let me tell you, whether you are a one-woman man or a player, when your heart hurts, IT HURTS. Sleeping with a bunch of different women may TEMPORARILY help but the heart still hurts. My prayers are with you, bro.
  9. I don't know the man but I keep hearing reports that he is a giant douche bag. I still like his discount double-check, though.
  10. Most people are crappy and not empathetic. That's how life is most of the time.
  11. Dude was a beast. When he was healthy, he was a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully, he can stay healthy.
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