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  1. It definitely helps the defense when the offense can stay on the field long enough to give them rest, AND score points as well.
  2. Once Brees gets back and we are healthy, this team is more than likely gonna be completely dangerous. If Brees is leading long, time-consuming drives that end in TDs while the defense continues to do what it's doing, it will be hard to beat.
  3. https://www.phillyvoice.com/nfc-hierarchyobituary-week-7-edition-2019/ 7) Panthers (4-2): While visually unimpressive, Kyle Allen has yet to throw an INT through four starts after taking over for Cam Newton. Not sure I buy this, but Mike Freeman says that a GM told him that as many as 10 teams would be interested in trading for Newton if the Panthers hitched their wagon to Allen. I could make a case for three -- the Colts, Broncos, and Titans, and even the Broncos and Titans are stretches, given their records. Last week: 11 1) Saints (5-1): The Saints' defense has stepped up in a big way with Drew Brees out. In their last three games, the Saints have allowed a grand total of 735 yards, or 245 yards per game. To put that in perspective, the Eagles have allowed at least 245 yards in the first half in three of their games this year. Last week: 1
  4. The refs unquestionably screwed the Lions, there is NO doubt. But as I was watching this game, I said that the Lions were taking FGs when they should be getting TDs and that was gonna come back to bite them. It's frustrating as a fan to have the officials so heavily and incorrectly influence a game. Sometimes in a game, the margin for victory is razor thin and a bad call here or there can be decisive. SMH. But that's why, if you can, you have to take the officials out of it and just smash on your opponent because these officials are putrid. If I was a Lions fan I'd be furious. Even after the first play from scrimmage, a long bomb of what 60+ yards. You have 1st and goal and your first play was a fumble for a loss of 5 yards, then an incompletion, followed by an unsuccessful 3rd down conversion, finally a FG. At that moment, I felt like the Lions were gonna be in trouble. But damn the officials just screwed them over.
  5. Wasting years of Brees prime with historically bad defenses was criminal.
  6. The Falcons are experiencing what we Saints fans were forced to endure with the world's historically worst defenses. Score 34, allow 35, score 44, allow 48. Close losses often within one score...extremely frustrating.
  7. Any classic lines like "I have a shiny new meat bicycle!"?
  8. Is it good? The first two were very good.
  9. Besides his limping, it was obvious he wasn't right. He had no explosiveness nor elusiveness. I was like, please get him out of there before he does some real damage.
  10. I honestly did not expect this with Brees injured. This team can be scary good with everybody healthy.
  11. We actually have a legit defense. It's amazing. Hopefully we can get healthy and have offense, defense, and special teams KILLING it!!
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