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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/colorado-business-owner-forced-close-pulling-nike-items-protest-kaepernick-200325564.html So, do you think the owners, the businessmen or businesswomen believe they made a good business decision?
  2. Damn Ray, I like you brother but this reads horribly. It just sounds tone deaf. You are basically saying you pay people of color for menial and demeaning jobs and that is the extent of it. Read this out loud to yourself man. No shade but this is a horrible statement. Seriously. Unless you were being sarcastic and joking around, this makes you sound bad man.
  3. SaintsFanInLA

    Bring JB Back!

    Because we didn't all agree on the rule. I thought we formed this esoteric forum so we could all be ourselves. But I get it, you guys don't like it, and then he was banned from football talk. It is what it is. I just view it differently. No need to go back and forth. You guys won. You got what you wanted. I just have a different view.
  4. SaintsFanInLA

    Bring JB Back!

    So now the man is a sewer rat? SMH. Ok, continue with the Gestapo tactics.
  5. SaintsFanInLA

    Salary Cap

    But what about you?
  6. SaintsFanInLA

    Bring JB Back!

    Everyone who is bothered by him just put his butt on ignore. *shrugs*. It's a defacto ban without being a ban. Then folks who aren't bothered can still interact with him. Everyone wins. *shrugs*
  7. SaintsFanInLA

    Salary Cap

    You think he's a $20 mil/year receiver?
  8. SaintsFanInLA

    Bring JB Back!

    With the exception of a limited few, I like everyone on here and when we left the other board, it was with the agreement that this place was a hold your balls, no holds barred, no rules forum without policing. Now, because some cadre of posters don't care for what JB is saying/doing, you guys are whining about it and changing it to this one rule. Put him on ignore, if it's that insufferable to you. Just push past it. I do with some stuff here. I just move along. I already know you don't agree with my sack up and move on philosophy, I am just explaining my take. And I get your take as well, I just disagree with it as you do mine. In the end, you guys will do whatever you want. I am just giving my 2ยข.
  9. SaintsFanInLA

    Bring JB Back!

    I say if you we could tolerate WFW, who was THE most insufferable poster ever, JB should be a breeze. Don't getcha panties in a bunch. Just ignore him and move on. That's what I did with WFW. *shrugs*
  10. SaintsFanInLA


    Because it doesn't fit their narrative. When your theory that you hold dear is disproven by facts, you must move the goalpost, deflect, and attack but NEVER acknowledge.
  11. SaintsFanInLA


    I can't wait to hear all of the moving goalposts and switching narratives. All of the people loudly proclaiming that this case had no merit and was fruitless, and yet the NFL is paying out big bucks. I am sure it's coming, then if that fails, next will be ad hominem attacks on CP. I guarantee you it's coming.
  12. SaintsFanInLA

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    The Browns are trending up. Wouldn't it be something if the Steelers fall off of a cliff and the Browns take the AFCN next year?
  13. SaintsFanInLA

    EA Sports - this is damn funny

    I couldn't watch the ending once I saw we lost. LOL. Even in make-believe I don't wanna watch us lose.