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  1. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    LOL. What? It's not the same because the players are different? Come on. We are talking purely stats. And stats wise per touch the difference is negligible but one player has more TDs. I guess. I mean, you guys are arguing stats, but statistically, I will promise you EVERY coach will take more TDs if offensive production is similar.
  2. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    CMC yp rush 5.17 yp reception 8.15 AK yp rush 4.58 yp recption 8.44 That doesn't seem similar? It's literally less than a yard per touch. I mean, not sure how different that is in most people's world.
  3. SaintsFanInLA

    Saints release Brandon Marshall

    So, while this is going on, will he still be training and TRYING to come back to the Saints?
  4. SaintsFanInLA

    Chargers @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football

    That holding was so obvious I was shocked it took that long for the flag to come out.
  5. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    I hear you. I was just trying to understand it. I mean, the whole Brees vs Ryan debate led to the following tacit agreement between rivals or so I thought: Yards are important but points are more important by far. So, I kind of thought if you have two players with similar yards, TDs would be the determining factor over which player was "better" for craps and giggles. CMC is a beast, so is AK. But if I had to choose between the two, I'd take the one with more TDs.
  6. SaintsFanInLA

    Chargers @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football

    I think I wanna see this matchup again in the playoffs. This game is far from over.
  7. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    My point is, statistically given passes and rushes, it's a push BUT AK has more TDs and no fumbles. Come on man, let's not act like you can't understand what I am saying.
  8. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    19 yards per game more but fewer TDs? I guess we agree to disagree because there is absolutely NO way I am taking CMC over AK. Yards per rush attempt is .59 yard difference in favor of CMC and the yards per reception is .29 difference in favor of AK. Yet AK has more TDs. I guess I just don't see this clear better play.
  9. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    Better according to what? AK has more TDs? That's what I am asking.
  10. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    30 GMs have a chance to draft either player RIGHT now, who are they taking? Real question, CMC or AK?
  11. SaintsFanInLA

    Family portrait

    This is my thought as well. But then this ↑↑ makes a lot of sense to me as well. lol
  12. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    What are you basing this on, yards alone? Because AK has more TDs than CMC. According to https://fantasyfootballers.org/rb-running-back-nfl-stats/ CMC is averaging 125.15 total yards per game and has 13 TDs, while AK is averaging 106.46 ypg and has 15 TDs.
  13. SaintsFanInLA

    All NFCS Team 2018

    I think Lutz has has a great year as kicker. He's 25/26 with at make percentage of 96. The only kicker better has been the Giants kicker.Aldrick Rosas, with 28/29 for 97%. Matt Bryant is 15/16 for 94%. Both kickers are great, I just think Lutz is getting overlooked because the offense is gelling in other areas so well.
  14. SaintsFanInLA

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    I am legitimately wondering what this eye test is that Shred keeps mentioning. It sounds like more hopium than fact. The Saints D has quietly been shutting people down. They have been getting turnovers and key 3rd down stops and sacks. This team is playing complimentary football. I love it. We absolutely cannot dominate every team for every second of every quarter but we can string together enough good plays to put other teams away or behind the 8 ball.
  15. SaintsFanInLA


    Uhhh, yeah. Ok.