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  1. Ohh yea? I got a rookie dan marino something somewhere, and a signed alvin harper card! Challenge accepted...
  2. Willie Snead signs offer sheet with..

    From filling his pockets Cheap asses
  3. Willie Snead signs offer sheet with..

    Good for willie Glad the saints cant hold him back anymore
  4. Hey, yall be safe now... Listen, i literally survived the eye of hurricane Irma, this pussy ass storm isnt shit.
  5. Still great

    You never really forget where you were an what you were doing when the Bert Emanuel catch happens... Unfortunately
  6. Hopefully the awesomeness that is jamies winston will keep me safe.
  7. Will it make it to tampa?
  8. Introducing RCCL Symphony of the seas

    Crazy shit Thanks for the heads up dago So i hear theres an opening for a cruise ship captain
  9. Introducing RCCL Symphony of the seas

    No, recently?
  10. All for weed, tax the hell out of it like jb stated. Not for murdering little babies
  11. Did i hear someone say budding?
  12. @SaintRay Check out the new speciality seafood restaurant onboard, other notable changes from Harmony of the seas(other than restaurant changes) is theres a pool in the solarium on this ship. Plus the solarium bistro looks so on point.