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  1. I'd listen to every bit of it.... For about 6 months, until her sexy ass gets old. AOC is a gorgeous woman, doe.
  2. I'd learn this dance, shit.
  3. Dem Cheeks don't even look pregnant.
  4. we're gonna need a bigger boat, If that thing Is a fucken mole!
  5. I don't know fellas, that's a juicy Berry there.
  6. Before my time, I do remember hearing his name when I was little.
  7. It's a great show, enjoy the fuck out of the first 7 seasons though.
  8. Turning fucking 34 this year, shit like this scares the shit out of me.
  9. No one cares about the rays around here anyways, once Joe maddon left it was all over for the rays.
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