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  1. Is this the kind of crap all these NFL felons keep kneeling during the national anthem about?? Wheres kap at
  2. The police are 100 % correct And that community of Obama supporters are all 100 % wrong.
  3. buc-man

    2017 Fantasy Football League

    Second I got something for @facelessman07 called paybacks a bitch.
  4. buc-man

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    Ray without any of his hands...
  5. buc-man

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Anyone else starting to see a pattern with these football players?? Wonder why brett favre hasnt been arrested yet?
  6. buc-man

    She said yes...... maybe

    Go tell that to my quarterback
  7. buc-man


    Listen to this dude for 2 minutes, holy hell.
  8. buc-man


    Anyone else see these story's? Pretty interesting stuff
  9. This is what dude does to blow off some steam? Gtfoh!
  10. buc-man

    Was busy this past weekend...

    Looks great bud, you did a hell of a job.