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  1. buc-man

    Cop body slams Antifa Asshole

    That shit was text book right there. Dude wrestled before
  2. About to get a whole lot worse, Monday night... Cheeks will be taken... Innocents will be lost... Thumbs will be sucked.... CANT FUCKEN WAIT! 😃
  3. buc-man

    Deion Jones to IR

    Crazy talk
  4. buc-man

    Our ir team is starting to look pretty good

    Is this what i should expect when the Bucs take dem cheeks.... Excuses and thumb-sucking?
  5. buc-man

    Deion Jones to IR

    Like flies... Shitty
  6. buc-man

    Fuck the Falcons

    Did this tactic work for yall week 1?
  7. buc-man

    Air Ice

    Hmmmmmm.... Look at dem cheeks over there!...
  8. buc-man

    Bucs are a joke, let's be real guys

    I wonder if the defending superbowl champions agree??
  9. buc-man

    Somebody come look at this

    Thats my motherfucka right there, theyre having fun man I fucken love it!
  10. I am so stupid for not play jesse james... Big mistake
  11. Give me dem cheeks! Bitch
  12. buc-man

    Bucs vs. Eagles