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  1. buc-man

    One and Done

    Bring it over here, an let me see it....
  2. buc-man

    One and Done

    Challenge Accepted
  3. buc-man

    Rams vs Saints Official Thread

    Afc has something for y'all this year.
  4. buc-man

    LMFAO the Sucs

    Dude just needs a nose ring
  5. Y'all thought I was bullshitting? No, Glazer's and bucs nation unanimously agreed that Dirk koetter and his number one passing attack was the problem here in Tampa, and Byron leftwich is the answer going forward... #itsabucslife And because the color of our QB half of the fans will NEVER and I mean never admit to any of #3 faults. Dudes the redshirt freshman that the won the Heisman, end of conversation.
  6. buc-man

    Mike Smith Named ST for the falcons

    U got me I was like wtf, lol. BTW Byron leftwich is my new OC....
  7. buc-man

    Bruce Arians to Tampa

    Fucking Byron leftwich is my new offensive coordinator/calling plays, ladies and gentlemen... Fml
  8. buc-man

    Bruce Arians to Tampa

    Agreed I'm going to miss that passing attack
  9. buc-man

    Bruce Arians to Tampa

    Fucking cost us a 6th round draft pick too.... Why is it Always the Bucs trading picks for a fucking head coach for!?
  10. buc-man

    Koetter is back!!!!

    Hope he signs elswhere
  11. buc-man

    Evans in Pro Bowl, Jones out

    Dude woulda had 2000 yards if fat Freeman was still playing.