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  1. Biggest disappointment with the final season was the lack of nudity, both male and female of course.
  2. ? Can't even keep up with y'all anymore
  3. All fun and games til someone posts a pic of them with a mullet, now I'm not gonna judge, thats cause I had a "rat tail" back in the late 80s. Shit was different back then
  4. I'm confident there isn't 12 QBs worse than Winston.
  5. buc-man

    A. Blank

    She reminds me of giada
  6. buc-man

    A. Blank

    What an unappreciated word, mongoloid. 10/10
  7. Crazy how the night King was fireproof, I was really thinking the battle for Winterfell was going to last more than an episode. Dothrake got fucked up, like real hard.
  8. If thats mash, solid beard brother.
  9. I personally love y'all's draft, never a bad idea to go trenches. Price might have been much, but really not that big a deal.
  10. A lot of really good players fell
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