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  1. Of that bum assed motherfucker has some trade value so does mr 5000 yards.
  2. **LESSON #3** DON’T BE A PUSSY WHEN SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL YOU, HAVE BALLS. alright folks, today’s video comes to us from Las Vegas Nevada. This video is a pretty good example of how to just lay down and die instead of fighting, don’t be this pussy.
  3. 2 rookie stud defensive players, thank you mr licht
  4. **LESSON #2** understanding the tools of de-escalating potential violent situations, and what steps YOU should take when a crazed SOB comes after you. ok folks, today’s lesson comes out of New Mexico, and this situation Can truly happen to any one of us. Today’s lesson is a 3 Pronged attack in utter stupidity, and why thinking you’re a cop never seems to work out.
  5. I think I can SQUEEZE the 14th into my busy schedule, thank you. And you call that a smile?
  6. Could double as a beef emo
  7. Grown ass man wearing a mask at a football game.... must be shit y’all do up north, too hot for all that.
  8. **Lesson #1** knowing the importance of holster placement, practicing your draw, and making your only shot count. Alright folks, first lesson comes from white settlement, Texas. And I really want to stress the viewer discretion advised on this video, this one isn’t easy to watch, but if do go to church you NEED to watch this clip to better prepare yourself. Lessons learned from the incident could very well save you or someone else’s life. again, John will also warn you before the video starts, if you have a weak stomach wait for lesson #2...THIS VIDEO IS TOUGH TO WATCH, you’ve been warned.
  9. buc-man


    I like that
  10. Agreed, I’d vote for JB also
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