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  1. buc-man

    He should go for it

    Dan quinn and beef both wish...
  2. buc-man

    Falcons vs Browns is on NFL Network right now.

    Imagine if the falcons played the saints in the playoffs... Very entertaining game week indeed
  3. buc-man

    TaintRay spotted at Walmart

    Lol Yall are just funny
  4. buc-man

    Sean Payton spotted at Walmart

    I prolly would
  5. buc-man

    Cleveland bound....

    Lol hows the pound?
  6. buc-man

    Cleveland bound....

    Good for you burgundy, enjoy your day brother!
  7. buc-man

    Cleveland bound....

    Looks like a dodge caliber to me, good for you burgundy. Been a donkeys age since my last road game. I better see a 'Dem Cheeks' sign in the stands
  8. buc-man

    She wrote a letter

    Wayy Better role model than #3, for sure.
  9. buc-man

    Is this meme racist?

    Throw some ice cold water on that shit, an lets GO!
  10. buc-man

    Is this meme racist?

    And before you even ask @Freebird Lives Hell fuck yes I would, shit, its the only way I'd ever vote for the bitch....
  11. buc-man

    Kamara gets his own Airheads flavor

    Im SHOCKED dude doesnt have a nose ring endorsement yet, like wtf.
  12. I was always told dudes a hofer one day
  13. I dont get why they just dont cut the fucken mic off when trump wants dude to STFU, why go back n forth like that with dude for?