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  1. Have had issues for weeks. Using older tablet, but bought a brand new one and nothing improved. Try Firefox.
  2. All the teams with new FA QB are going to want to protect them. Pushes talent down towards 16.
  3. Firstly, 2020 would be played under the 16 game 2011 CBA. Nextly, in a 17 game season, you cannot finish at 19-0
  4. Bucs the only franchise with a sub .400 winning percentage. You have no standards.
  5. Colchicine is a different drug and generally has limited side effects, if any.
  6. 16 rushes. 16 You guys had no answer for Carson.
  7. How is this for context? You have the worst record, by far, in NFL history.
  8. Colchicine is a cheap and plentiful drug used to treat the inflammatory symptoms of gout. A Montreal group is moving fast on a nationwide 30 day test run to see if colchicine can reduce the lung inflammation (killing) aspects of Covid 19. It is not a vaccine, but could be a difference maker in the fatality rate.
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