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  1. LSU got a NFL franchise? Never heard a word.
  2. Handsome_Jimmy

    Shame on you, Falcons fans...

  3. Handsome_Jimmy

    First Look at Red Dead 2 Gameplay

    It won't.
  4. Handsome_Jimmy

    Wounded Falcons

  5. Handsome_Jimmy

    First Look at Red Dead 2 Gameplay

    From the video, there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on gambling, setting up camps, chores for ppl in camp, etc. I like the exploring and messing around with the environment, but didn't buy the game to play cards.
  6. Handsome_Jimmy

    RB Comparison

    Only off by 3 letters....twitverse.
  7. Handsome_Jimmy

    RB Comparison

    Dan Palooka. Where do you find these cretins?
  8. Handsome_Jimmy

    DE Comparison

    Oct 30. Used to be earlier.
  9. Handsome_Jimmy

    DE Comparison

    It could be difficult coming up with a list of teams who want to do business at QB between now and the trade deadline.
  10. Handsome_Jimmy

    DE Comparison

    3 Bedwetters.
  11. Handsome_Jimmy

    DE Comparison

    Along with a few million other analysts?
  12. Handsome_Jimmy

    DE Comparison

    Saints Report braintrust. Gonna quote one of your horses next?
  13. Handsome_Jimmy

    DE Comparison

    Just like Dion Jordan.