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  1. An All Pro that met a specified need and who only cost one pick? What more evidence is needed?
  2. Claims he will cut off his dreads if he doesn't get 10 sacks.
  3. All the Ravens wanted for him was a village idiot.
  4. Cam Heyward? The hybrid Calais Campbell/Chris Canty clone the team was looking for?
  5. From my jets of semen hitting the ceiling.
  6. Dimitroff. The team is suffering for his inane decisions.
  7. Never. He is in permanent decline, physically, emotionally and morally.
  8. Bischoff out already, replaced by the Dr. of Desire Tom Pritchard.
  9. Take Tru and Mack out, decline Neal's option and the top 5 remaining are still down for $95M next year.
  10. Hooper is playing and producing great, but is nothing special athletically. His production could be replaced. The cap space cannot.
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