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  1. Nobody is more divisive than your fearless leader. This week alone, he has offended Jews, Denmark and Iceland.
  2. I sense some matchmaking.
  3. Like Kamara's ypa and Thomas' ypc.
  4. I like Americans, but I wish you'd live your lives as best you can and not spend the days fighting over which politicians are duplicitous liars.
  5. Have you called them about Teddy Bilgewater yet?
  6. Flagrant, overt, obvious, glaring foul. Next.
  7. Left tackle Trent Williams, who hasn’t been with the team since last regular season ended, doesn’t want to play for the Washington Redskins again. J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reported earlier this month that a source close to Williams said of the veteran, “He’s not coming back, period.” And the reasons are deeper than money, according to multiple reports. DeAngelo Hall, once a teammate of Williams and now an NFL Network analyst, indicated that it’s “not about money ... We’ve never had a player say, ‘Hey, get that [athletic] training staff out of here or I’m not coming back.’” Jerry Brewer of the Washington Post wrote something similar as to the reasons for the divide between player and team, and that Williams’ mistrust of the organization and training staff are in large part because of a growth he found on his head that scared him. Brewer wrote that Williams believes the medical staff mishandled the situation. He has since had the growth removed, and it was benign. On Thursday, two reporters covering Washington, Finlay and Kevin Sheehan of 980 The Team, reported that the team turned down a 2020 first-round pick from the New England Patriots for Williams, who has been to the Pro Bowl each of the last seven years. While chances are high that the Patriots’ pick would be in the high 20s if not 30, 31 or 32, a first-round pick for a 31-year-old player seems like a great return. But Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported it’s “unequivocally not true” that Washington turned down such an offer.
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