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  1. Jim Nantz - "we'll toss it to Tracy on the sideline"
  2. Your schedule is favorable. AFCS turning into NFCE.
  3. At least they found out before giving him a big contract.
  4. Another game lost on a no call....a no call to Mark Ingram's agent.
  5. Finished stabbing your poached egg?
  6. Panthers teaching us a lesson in tanking.
  7. Uneasy lies the head that wears the Crown (Royal)
  8. Perry isn't providing much in the way of Fewell.
  9. Wake, I feel your pain. I don't care, but I understand.
  10. Matt Ryan becomes the 10th QB in NFL history to pass for 50k career yards.
  11. Can I hang out here until Ronda is finishing flushing the linings of it's uterus?
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