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  1. going to be? she is already spoiled as hell
  2. thanks. she is out....both tumors were benign. she is being kept overnight for observation
  3. Will do. This was taken just before one of her laser treatments. The glasses were to protect her eyes. She is as smart as she is spoiled....even after she started walking for us, she pretended like she still couldnt because the vet techs gave her more attention and carried her everywhere
  4. Chiefs gonna be garbage when he gets that contract
  5. Gracias bro This is the one who messed up her back so bad 3 vets wanted to put her down and it was an LSU vet who did acupuncture, chinese herbs, steroids, and laser therapy along with physical therapy that saved her She had better health care than me lol
  6. Brought both mine to the vet yesterday for their checkups. My 10 year old has an abscess tooth and a tumor and is having surgery for both in the morning
  7. If either of you has a fever get checked out
  8. Dont play around. Go get checked out
  9. Now they need to arrest this asshole near me who is inviting people sick with covid to come get healed
  10. For those that still dont get it: even tho the coronavirus is proven to be more contagious than the flu, lets pretend like we did nothing and the case load was equal. That would be 35 million people About 1.3% of flu cases need hospitalization. 20% of covid patients do so that would be 7 million vs about 460,000 7 million covid patients would easily overwhelm our hospitals, but lets pretend it didnt. It would still mean 600,000 people dying. However, those are fantasyland number because far more would get sick and the death rate would be far more due to overwhelmed hospitals
  11. Yeah that second one is 5 miles from my house
  12. Do you live in an area with high population density? Social distancing seems to be working very well where where pop density is low
  13. Dont need one. Social distancing as been the most effective tool against outbreaks through our history. Something that has already been proven doesnt need s control. Find me one virologist that disagrees
  14. And you can thank the social distancing and business closures for that despite so many who said this is overblown
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