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  1. Dago


    feelings of inadequacy?
  2. Sorry that your wife is caught in this situation man
  3. Dago


    he shoots, he scores
  4. Dago


  5. I don't like the idea of just laying people off....isn't their fault the government sucks I would try to create a system where federal workers deemed non-essential would be labeled to be trained and transferred when new positions are needed in other departments. Basically would create a freeze on new hires which would help shrink the bloat over time without putting anybody in an unemployment line
  6. Dago

    for Goat Potus - from the Donald

    Given a choice, I will take a few hours of disappointment over 4 months of misery all day every day You just keep making this better and better
  7. Dago

    for Goat Potus - from the Donald

    Difference being Saints fans are still happy as of this week while you have been miserable for the past 4 months Think about it...you been whining and miserable for one third of an entire year. Nothing about Sunday will change that
  8. Good luck rebuilding both your lines
  9. Dago

    for Goat Potus - from the Donald

    Well we still got more for our money than you did
  10. he certainly seems mature enough to recognize that he needed help. That alone put him ahead of many
  11. Dago

    for Goat Potus - from the Donald

    I know you have to believe otherwise because the only thing you got left is hoping we lose, but I assure you it is true My life and happiness don't hinge on another Lombardi. Losing this weekend won't ruin all the fun I have already had this season watching the Saints with family and friends and watching falcons fans abandon all dignity and self respect.
  12. Dago

    for Goat Potus - from the Donald

    LMAO even if we lose, so what? we owned you, we won the division, and we proved you wrong so many times this year that the biggest falcon troll is trying to jinx us by being a bandwagon fan I have gotten more than my share of happiness and entertainment already
  13. and we are perfectly OK with people from Atlanta coming to our city to watch us make fun of them