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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/08/13/breaking-down-what-home-field-advantage-really-means-in-nfl/amp/ /debate over
  2. Guess Vegas wastes their time taking home field into account
  3. That makes one of you But fiddy trolling...its all he got this season
  4. Dont worry about him. He just trolling on this and the bets. Its all the poor bastard has going for him
  5. Bullshit. No reason to welch otherwise
  6. I'm laughing at your bitchmade ass, not crying I find your little JB like meltdown hilarious
  7. Lollll Fuckin bitchmade
  8. He let you out of it?
  9. Only one crying in here is you "If you dont drop your other bets I wont pay you!" Why would he believe one second you would keep your word and pay him when you already threatening to welch. Fucking idiot
  10. DD is his own man...stop using him as an excuse
  11. Couldnt believe they signed Bortles instead of making a run for cousins
  12. You could make a solid argument for Marino being GOAT I just dont like comparing players from different eras tho
  13. DD already said he dont need you talking for him. Stop hiding behind him and be a man
  14. Did the falcons have the ball last in regulation against the saints or not? Did they fail to score and win in regulation or not? Fuck off with your whiny welching ass bullshit
  15. Dago

    What's on the menu?

    My wife makes the best papusas One thing she HATES is when i try to talk her into changing something in her latin recipes but i managed to use my surgery to guilt her into making bacon and cheese papusas next week. Cant wait