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  1. They are still a part of taking $4.6 million every month of our money to eat steak and lobster
  2. And i look at every mother fucker on this site who takes a side politically and ask you how you can after reading this. A vote for any of the establishment is a vote for fucking the American people
  3. The irony is that nobody does more whining and crying than you 😄
  4. Might just be bad with your chemistry
  5. Lol i love how you argue like this. You play semantics when you are in a corner. YOU made the comment about standards of judgement in this thread and the fact is that your only standard is liberal=right and conservative=wrong You are the one who said you find indictments credible. So are you going to lie and say you dont post criticism of Trump almost daily in here? So show me the indictments on him Hell show me where anybody as high up and knowledgeable as Lisa Paige has stated that he violated the law while under oath
  6. If that is the case you shouldnt have posted a simgle negative thing about Trump. Since we know that isnt the case, than you just lied. Again. Shocking, I tell you. Just shocking.
  7. Dago

    Free agency

    I know...too bad we didnt have $12+ million to drop on one of the worst pass rush specialists in the league who is also a total liability in run defense
  8. isn't it amazing that Syco finds every report of every wrong doing by Trump credible but a lawyer with the FBI with first hand knowledge under oath is not credible when it involves Obama shocking I tell you!
  9. LMAO thank you for confirming exactly what I believed
  10. waiting for the resident Obama knob slobbers to weigh in this is more evidence than we have seen in the Trump-Russia collusion accusations so I expect the appropriate level of posting and outrage....if you are objective and not a partisan hack, that is
  11. Dago

    Free agency

    Beasely's new nickname is Bradford
  12. back in the day, the Browns were my second team when they had Kosar, Mack, Newsome, and Dixon. Mayfield rekindled my fandom and I enjoyed watching Chubb but now I am pretty excited for them. May even get some Browns gear
  13. Dago

    Free agency

    possible too either way, a good reason the Saints didn't re-sign him
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