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  1. Right He and I made the same statement. In my case, I did mean all or at least the vast majority of liberals which is what the statement we both made means He did not mean all or most
  2. My question was where did I ever say an American flag was never stolen? Since you quoted my posts, you just proved that I never said that. I appreciate it but I guess you arent man enough to admit it or apologize
  3. He asked me if i meant every liberal in my post and I clarified that I did or at least the vast majority of them. Please tell us in your rambling, nonsensical manner of posting how that makes me a hypocrite
  4. If an independent or libertarian that I prefer doesnt come along, then yes. Right now the dems offer nothing except trying to promise shit the president cant even do and TRUMP SUCKS. Whether I like Trump or not or even think he has anything to do with the good things going on in this country, putting in one of the Dems aint going to continue it
  5. I think it is pretty obvious someone is off their meds today The old mash is rearing his ugly head in all his idiotic glory
  6. Jesus you go all out when you suck up...I already clarified that I meant exactly what I said Unlike you, I am not a hypocrite
  7. Trump gonna win easier than last time. Independents will fall his way and moderate dems are gonna stay home
  8. Their salary cap is lower than NFL backup QB play, I believe
  9. Much appreciated. And that does make sense Thanks for taking the time to answer instead of being defensive and dodging a simple question
  10. No...by law hate is not hate anymore. There are different kinds of hate and different levels of hate as determined by the though police. I am not saying I agree with it, but that is the law now
  11. Because this statement makes no sense: "Americans are a minority group in the US that has had to deal with violence and prejudice from fellow Americans" where "LGBT are a minority group in the US that has had to deal with violence and prejudice from fellow Americans" does
  12. You are still refusing to answer the original question. Nothing you are saying is a relevant answer. But since you are so into following scripture and quoting it to others, what does scripture say about the way you have been to Sycola and Ron?
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