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  1. Saints should rest Kamara. If we can't run the ball against them with Hicks out and with one of their DE's questionable after missing time, shame on us
  2. I would throw a 6th or 7th rounder at them to see if they bite
  3. Unfortunately the jaguars claimed him. I was pretty pissed when we kept edwards over him
  4. Blame it on the NFL. They could make the refs full time employees, put in VR training, and institute some accountability
  5. Lmao you are so damned jealous. In here saying stupid shit pretending like you wouldnt switch places in a heartbeat
  6. Masterful job by Dennis Allen Really hope he doesnt get hired away this offseason
  7. Lol that aint the players that is the scheme. That play was called specifically because they knew it should work against Quinns vaunted scheme
  8. Quinn is a moron. Only reason his scheme worked in Seattle is that he hit the jackpot for the talent he had which had nothing to do with him When a defense is this bad with sending 4, you gotta start playing high rosk, high reward defense. Send blitzes. Beasely is worthless in Quinns scheme...send blitzes and let vic move around and choose where to come from presnap. Have a better chance of having him rush without a lineman able to square up on him....might disrupt the protection too as they try to compensate
  9. Some of us are enjoying this year so far
  10. But not all or even most saints fans Even you should be able to see that distinction although I may be giving you too much credit
  11. He also became the first QB to complete >80%, have 300 yards passing, and 4TDs and lose
  12. Hell you should be thanking him for saving your good draft position but that doesnt really matter to me I'm just here enjoying your whining
  13. Sorry but I dont allow them to get online so it will just be me laughing at your whining today
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