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  1. I never thought it would be cheap. I was thinking $8 or $9 million but if he has offers of $11 million that pretty much takes us out of the running
  2. he gonna take the money. last chance at a big payday I didn't think he would get offered $11 million, but now that he has I think he takes the big bucks
  3. And yet you were the one with the stupid ignorant comment If u played beyond high school, then that just makes it even more ignorant
  4. Sounds like you want to pat him down
  5. More like you have a first ballot HOFer, a recent leage MVP, and then he says Cam doesnt count because he was injured? Thats stupid Now why dont you just admit you dont know enough about football to make a real comment
  6. Well i would need to see more but i certainly aint ruling her out based in this
  7. I know....juat like how you dont speak and just give silent consent when conservatives are attacked. Its sad
  8. this is some stupid shit right here. would take more typing than it is worth to point out all the bullshit
  9. LOL the top 1% didn't begin their gains until his stimulus policies went into effect and since you brought up people losing their homes, lets talk about the complete failure of his assistance program that helped less than 3% of those that applied. Or lets talk about how his administration fucked over people who had their homes illegally foreclosed on by mortgage companies
  10. Dago

    Suck it Ray!!

    it must be a legit ranking since Falcons fans tell us the reason nobody is watching the games is because the stadium is so awesome and has so many other things there to entertain you
  11. I dunno....think the Saints are ranked too high.
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