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  1. Were there sanctions that prevented this...yes or no?
  2. Dago

    Democrat confirms what we already knew

    Of course. Partisan hacks dont admit to being partisan hacks.
  3. Here is NBC saying it as well https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/barack-obama/obama-era-license-aimed-let-iran-convert-money-dollars-n880506 And its hilarious how you ignore that the banks refused to do it because they knew it was illegal You are a partisan hack dude
  4. Dago

    Democrat confirms what we already knew

    Your opinion of the 2nd amendment is irrelevant to this discussion. The founding fathers showed in their writings their intention and the supreme court had upheld it as a right for private gun ownership and possession. You completely ignore a politician advocating to take away what has been defined as a constitutional right by the supreme court because he is a democrat.
  5. This might be the most stupid, myopic thing i have ever seen. Who the fuck appoints the secretary of the treasury? The goddamn president Whowas the president when this license was given? Obama Why was this license given? To give Iran access to funds that they didnt have due to sanctions Why did the evil, greedy banks refuse and give up profits from converting massive amounts of money? Because they KNEW they werent supposed to do it
  6. Dago

    Democrat confirms what we already knew

    In other words, fascism is ok provided that it agrees with you political beliefs
  7. ahhh....yeah Syco somehow thinks that a obscenely wealthy politician who gives away relatively little of his money to charity cares about poor people just because he is a democrat
  8. Dago

    Democrat confirms what we already knew

    this just proves that you are unable to grasp the big picture the man is pushing forth an agenda that takes away a recognized constitutional right as well as an agenda that is not wanted by the citizens of the United States (Gallup shows that at least 72% of Americans are opposed) so in order for this to occur, the government would have had to have turned on its citizens and not be governing according to the will of the governed and therefore would have declared war on its citizens so who is declaring war on who?
  9. this Forbes article is dated Jan, 2017 and I don't really see anything here to have a problem over https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/01/20/how-barack-obama-has-made-20-million-since-arriving-in-washington/#e43b3ae5bf05
  10. CNN and AP reporting that Obama went around sanctions and lied to Congress and the American public there....did as you asked. I can link the thread if you like now do as I asked edit: let me just point out that you called me a damned liar and I said you need to stop asking others to do what you aren't willing to. I did as you asked, so now do as I asked
  11. Dago

    Democrat confirms what we already knew

    yes...a US representative speaking about murdering hundreds of thousands of US citizens with actions that are against the constitution is outrageous in what made up fairy tale reality would this be ok? grab her pussy said in a private conversation is horrible (it is) but this isn't? son....you got issues
  12. you asked me to prove something that I claim does not exist. If you had any sense of logic, you would already know that is an impossibility and I notice you didn't even address what occurred in our debate over Iran and your claims that you never even backed up or explained I'm sorry if asking you to provide proof of your claims is too much, but if you aren't willing to do it I suggest you not ask other people to anymore. It's that simple. Don't ask others to do more than you are willing to
  13. Dago

    If we don't make some moves on D...

    they did because if your only loss had been to Bama you could have still gotten to the playoffs with the computer rankings
  14. Dago

    Ezekiel Elliot...

    You wouldnt be the only ones. Elliott has faced more 8 man boxes than any RB and he still gets his. They were talking about it in the last cowboys game
  15. I am claiming you have never found creedence in an article that is critical of democrats and u called me a damned liar. Logicically it is impossible to prove something that does not exist so actually it is incumbent upon you to prove that i am a damned liar