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  1. Nah....he knows this shit went on under Obama too. Hell i know people it happened to But this forum is pretty much a conservative circle jerk because the two most boisterous liberals are on the fringe and arent even posting right now Opposite of ABF basically. At some point you want to break up the circle jerk even if it means posting something you know isnt true
  2. I think this is one subject that should be exempt from trolling
  3. Dago

    Lol so American citizens...

    1) why dont liberal cries for fair wages extend to people working brutal farming jobs? 2) why do liberals make dishonest claims about americans not willing to work knowing that the real problem is that they arent willing to work in brutal conditions for less than minimum wage? Unemployment is way down so obviously americans are willing to work I shouldnt call it slavery because it isnt. However, it is morally wrong and those two things directly contradict each other so please give me a logical reason for holding both those opinions?
  4. I wouldnt cut a player on allegations. I havent heard the evidence yet I think we all can agree that winston would be dumb enough to put himself in a situation where someone can make false accusations
  5. Dago

    This is on its way to new Orleans

    Consider the source, consider the source
  6. Isnt it wonderful that he is fixing what Obama did? Glad you are on board
  7. Dago

    This is on its way to new Orleans

    who knew that the 'I WILL' on the trailer was short for 'I WILL GET BROKE DOWN BY A SNOT NOSED PUNK'
  8. Dago


    his wife must be a lesbian cause she married a pussy
  9. Dago

    Lol so American citizens...

    I had no problem with it but i recognize the rights of an employer as well which is something Kaep supporters cant comprehend. But I appreciate you making my point for me
  10. Dago

    Lol so American citizens...

    So principles are fine and dandy till they become inconvenient
  11. Dago

    Julio will not attend mini camp .

    I think he did and i have no problem with it. Both sides agreed and fulfilled the terms of the contract
  12. what is the sentiment in Canada regarding the United States deporting illegals?