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  1. You all forgetting a couple things 1) medical science is far better 2) Bo Jackson literally popped his leg back into place and went on like nothing happened without realizing that he cut off a lot of bloodflow when he did it
  2. Dago


    Because you like how democrats enriched the top 1% when they controlled the federal government in the past decade?
  3. there was definitely a cleat to the crotch at about 1:16
  4. makes sense....send the teams who have shitty fan bases that don't support their team
  5. Who was that rb who played in atlanta and tampa? Guy was a huge class act and always heavily involved in charity
  6. of course not but it also doesn't change the fact that one of us is still playoff bound and the other is isn't given a choice, I would rather be in our shoes and, if you are being honest, so would you
  7. I know this...Falcons fans would love to be 7-2 instead of 2-7 And really thats all that matters
  8. Dago

    Congratz yall

    or your could take the win and congratulations with a little class but then you wouldnt be you, right? Novel concept, I know
  9. Falcons were ready to play and the saints werent
  10. Hope that fat nasty skank you were with last night gave you gonorrhea And it was not my wife or mother! Lol
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