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  1. On the surface it goes beyond what any other US president has done Our last president used to set up like a performing seal to blow the Chinese
  2. For $75 those candles better have actual essential oil from the source
  3. it isn't like this would be the first time a politician shoved some bullshit through and claimed victory so I want to see the details
  4. Can anybody find something that lays this out in layman terms? It is possible that its all for show
  5. Thats because they hate this. They havent cared about the lost jobs, the theft of intellectual property, the currency manipulation, or the Americans killed or hurt by Chinese products
  6. JB been running his mouth since he was elected and has literally been proven full if shit each and every time He just is too much of a pussy to admit it
  7. while I won't miss playing against him, he is one of those players whose absence will make the NFL poorer as a result great player, great leader, great person. I just hope he he wont have any longer term issues
  8. Joe Brady signed a 3 year extension with LSU today
  9. sorry man...it's just not funny now the doritos joke was funny. I got no problem laughing at shots taken at my team provided they are actually funny
  10. yup....jb and knuck didn't give two shits about the thousands of innocents killed by drone strikes under Obama, about violating the borders of sovereign nations, didn't care that going after Bin Laden was an act of war since we did not have permission from the government of Pakistan (which makes Obama a war criminal), and didn't care that we attacked a sovereign nation (Libya) without a declaration of war which, GUESS WHAT, technically makes Obama a war criminal but they care about this guy takes a real shithead to have his morals and principles dictated by political affiliation
  11. Like when you believed Miami, OH was going to destroy ULL?
  12. So you are saying that falcons fans welch on bets and their word isnt worth a shit?
  13. horrible for a brothers to the north I wonder what the sentiment among Canadians is over this incident
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