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  1. Dago

    Because Fuck The Environment

    "We dont fuck up the environment...we just make the crap that does and sell it on the open market." You cant make this up šŸ˜‚
  2. Dago

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Lol jimmy outdid himself this time A country is apparently not responsible for their own polution as long as the product is for another country? Gtfo with that bullshit
  3. Dago

    Public Service Announcement

    There is nothing moral about adults living off others either
  4. Dago

    Iā€™d like to point out ....

    I guess if you all just predict it every year it has to be right sooner or later
  5. So the falcons have the best oline, best wr, and third best offensive weapons. Guess Ryan really was the problem last year. Even Flacco could get it done with all that
  6. Dago

    Iā€™d like to point out ....

    so 72% completions, 103.9 rating, and a 3:1 TD to INT while averaging over 8 yards per attempt isn't all-pro?
  7. Dago

    RC FF League

    Heh. Y'all said ball and duty
  8. Nothing amazing, but solid and smooth as hell at 100 proof. Great deal for a 10 year single barrel at $27.00
  9. Dago

    2017 Fantasy Football League

    Yeah but so is your quarterback
  10. Dago

    For the bourbon lovers

    Dunno. Like i said it wasnt amazing or complex but for the price i liked it. The most impressive thing is how smooth it was for 100 proof
  11. yeah this is pretty much a great opportunity. Sell the shit out of our reserves and then buy them back at half the cost? yes please
  12. Dago

    For the bourbon lovers

    actually found this one at Oak Point near where I live in Central, LA but yeah....sending me to Dorignacs is like sending a crack head into a cocaine warehouse
  13. Dago

    Was busy this past weekend...

    See you are much better when you dont force it
  14. seems pretty damned petty to me. TO being a trifling hoe for not showing up, and now they are going down to his level. I understand they don't want this to set a precedent, but do the classy thing and announce him and then put a rule in place for the future that inductees have to show to be announced
  15. Dago

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Btw, fitz had the lowest drop rate in the nfl last season closely followed by Michael Thomas
  16. Yeah i think i am starting to lean more to this opinion
  17. Dago

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    I honestly don't know whether to arrest him or congratulate him
  18. Dago


  19. Dago

    What in the actual fuck, Drew Brees!

    I found myself praying that Drew Brees would not show up in that video because I would have been forced to declare him dead to me
  20. Dago

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    says the guy who runs from a debate when he is wrong šŸ˜‚ its bad enough when someone can't face up to a mistake in real life, but you can't even man up on a message board
  21. Dago

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    didn't you say that he only had a .500 record on winning seasons? and then didn't I point out that was incorrect and then you did what you always do when you are wrong and just pretend like it never happened? running out on a debate when you are wrong is the very definition of little bitch and it is pretty much what you do all the time.
  22. you are made aware of the rules before you buy I'm sorry, but being aware of the rules before you purchase, then purchasing anyway, and then whining when said rules are enforced strikes me as a whiny liberal.
  23. Dago


    people like this need to join the Libertarian party and make it viable to send a message to both parties to stop taking the American people for granted