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  1. set up for my birthday and gave me a custom Marucci bat. on the second pic you can see the gold flakes in the paint
  2. Dago

    Cop body slams Antifa Asshole

    He should probably go back to fighting his battles on thr internet
  3. Dago

    Streaming question for RC

    I am up and running. Obviously if there is a sunday where i am not at home i will be using the account to watch the game but i dont see that happening
  4. Dago

    Streaming question for RC

    Ray let me get my slingbox up and going and he can use my account to watch the game live every week
  5. Dago

    My people are awesome

    its the husband of one of my employees. he is in charge of painting and lacquering bats for Marucci he personally does the bats for MLB all star games
  6. screw that....you gonna need a bush hog gonna look like garden mulch on the bedroom floor when you are done
  7. Dago

    First Look at Red Dead 2 Gameplay

    I just don't have the time to devote to MMORPGs
  8. this is what happens when 'morality' means more than principles
  9. Dago

    My people are awesome

    I don't turn my Genesis in until next year
  10. one of my employees is from Ocala, Fl and is a huge Bucs fan. She been giving me so much shit 😂
  11. Dago

    First Look at Red Dead 2 Gameplay

    dunno...haven't played MMOs in forever. Basically since Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, and WW2 Online Jesus I just looked and had no idea that WW2 Online was still around...I played it when it was just coming out
  12. Dago

    First Look at Red Dead 2 Gameplay

    this, Cyberpunk, and Elder Scrolls 6, and Madden will be all I need for the next few years lol
  13. Dago

    Somebody gonna lose a Hundy this weekend

    think there might be a connection?
  14. Dago

    Monday Night Football - Bears vs Shithawks

    I don't like Seattle simply because I hate Pete Carroll. tired of these college coaches breaking the law and bailing just before the shit hits the fan leaving the kids and the school to deal with it
  15. Dago


    I was at the game and I can tell you that Unger got blown up a few times but I put some of the pressure on Brees. It didn't seem like he was addressing protection for obvious blitz looks from Cleveland
  16. I am in wait and see mode however for those that have already decided that Trump is guilty, can you name one other time where the FBI has come out and pretty much declared somebody guilty and then continued to investigate for 2 years with no charges forthcoming?
  17. Dago

    Terron Armstead vs Myles Garrett

    Couldnt care less about individual performances when the team playing like shit overall
  18. Dago

    Somebody come look at this

    Syco i suggest you do a little research 1) we werent at war with those countries. I even stated as such. 2) i posted the fact that Obama assasinated American citizens without due process Both of those facts pretty much makes your entire post irrelevant
  19. Why do you all act like it is a surprise JB is not able to control himself? If he could, he wouldnt have followed WFW like a dumb mutt chasing a bitch in heat
  20. Dago

    Somebody come look at this

    Did you really expect him to admit to being a piece of shit for condoning murder for the sake of politics?
  21. if the army wanted him dead, it would have been from one of their own sharpshooters with a stolen enemy sniper rifle with brass left at the location for easy identification. only one person below the top officials would know....the sniper himself a huge gunfight between US soldiers with him killed at close range would be the dumbest plan ever. Too many potential witnesses, too many variables, too many things to go wrong. Its clumsy and stupid
  22. Dago

    Somebody come look at this

    no....he wasn't. However, he was the only president to declare that American citizens could be executed without due process https://www.aclu.org/cases/al-aulaqi-v-panetta-constitutional-challenge-killing-three-us-citizens?redirect=targetedkillings I'm not the one giving a president a pass for murder. that's you bro You are one of those partisan pieces of shit who ranted and raved about how Bush should have been brought up on war crimes but kept silent when Obama murdered civilians in countries we weren't even at war with. your principles take second place to your political beliefs which is why you are a horrible excuse for a human being. you define murder and bias based on political affiliation but hey....you do you bro. even if doing you means you are a piece of shit who condones murder just because the man who ordered it was a Democrat 😊
  23. hell yes they would American hero patriot gets killed by a squad mate while accidentally under fire from US forces? The war was already losing support. Also, highly trained military personnel have snapped on any number of occasions
  24. Dago

    Somebody come look at this

    so answer the question JB following the law and selective immigration is racist but outright murder of innocents on foreign soil isn't? takes a pathetic individual to condone outright murder for the sake of his political beliefs. congratulations man