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  1. Dago

    Chargers @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football

    Troy and Joe Buck should be ashamed of their beard game. Shit looks like homeless old man scruff
  2. I am not doing that....you are changing the subject this is about legal vs illegal. I have given you a specific instance. Do you know the instance I am speaking of or were you bullshitting when you said you already knew the details? your opinions of when it is ok for a sitting president to break the law are completely irrelevant and show that you have no understanding what the law, checks and balances, and precedents are for now are you going to stick to the topic or are you going to continue to wriggle around like a fish on a hook?
  3. Dago

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    you said this topic was posted as a joke and now you want me to be serious about it? Do you even read what you type anymore?
  4. Jesus Christ I gave you a specific example and you were like "well if its for this, I am ok" and then I pointed out that there is a reason that it is against the law and you said you had no idea why laws, checks and balances, and precedents are important you are the one dancing around like when you started talking moral vs legal...especially when you don't even know what the situation is.
  5. Dago

    Falcons starters playing

    nobody is saying that anybody should be benched. Falcons fans were the ones who started saying garbage time stats don't count and the Falcons have been in garbage time since losing to us on Thanksgiving
  6. I believe we give about $1.5 billion to Central American countries every year.
  7. for real....we have done some pretty shitty things down there
  8. Dago

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    and yet here we are with the Saints #1 in the conference and the Falcons imploding
  9. Dago

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    sure if its funny just like that is a pretty funny accusation considering your thread is an 'oh yeah' joke
  10. well you are the one who said you can't see how any of that is applicable while at the same time saying you support a president violating laws if its for a reason you agree with you also claim to know the details of everything I have posted and yet have displayed nothing but ignorance
  11. Dago

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    yes I see you trying to make a joke
  12. if you don't know what laws, checks and balances, or legal precedents mean you have no business being in any political discussion
  13. by the way....you went from HE DIDN'T BREAK ANY LAWS! to IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! pretty quick
  14. Dago

    My prediction for this forum

    you are barking up the wrong tree on that one. I doubt any of the Falcons fans here posting would defend someone disappearing and welching on a bet. Other than fiddy, that is
  15. Dago

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    so you only care about voter fraud when its a Republican. I kinda figured that would be the case with you
  16. congratulations on proving your ignorance. you have no idea what I am referring to despite your trying to pretend otherwise but lets pretend that Obama had the best of intentions when he violated the law....I am sure he did. The problem that you seem incapable of seeing is that the laws exist for a reason. We have checks and balances for a reason. Our legal system runs on precedents so if a sitting President violates the law (even for good reasons) it allows the next president to perform the same action legally even with bad intentions. The shit you are railing about Trump doing were precedents set by the last two presidents but you are too goddamn ignorant and blinded by political party bias to see the big picture.
  17. Dago

    Falcons starters playing

    Actually its been Negan advancing the idea that the falcons are tanking. UG9 is just asking if you are tankkng why have starters in
  18. Did these things occur? Cut your bullshit for a second. Its a simpe yes or no. If yes, laws were violated. If no, they werent. Its sad you cant objectively look at your own responses and see how you condemn one man because of a headline and refuse to entertain wrongdoing by another even when the evidence is right there. For example...did Obama make a permanent change to refugee laws through executive action. Yes or no. If he did, then he is in violation of our refugee laws.
  19. Dago

    Democrats and their voter fraud

    Well good...you just made a case for greater protections to prevent voting fraud. Glad you are on board now
  20. We already give a shitload. Problem is that it isnt reaching the people
  21. There is a lot of propaganda over there encouraging people to go to the US and telling them that they will get all kinds of free shit
  22. Dago

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    But dat eye test tho