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  1. Cavs

    Looking at how well the Pels starters are playing, I am wondering if Cousins really fits in I liked watching Cousins even before he became a Pelican and would love to see him back next year, but unless he was willing to be in with the backups more (imagine how much he could dominate against bench players) it might be better to spend the money we would give him on two or three other players.
  2. pretty much. freedom without responsibility is the liberal utopia until it all blows up and you have a fascist regime running things
  3. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Saints allowed 4 less sacks on the year and rushed for about 15 yards more every game plus averaged a half yard more per attempt there is literally not one significant statistic that the Falcons OLine did better than the Saints (although I didn't look at penalties)
  4. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    my assessment QB: Saints RB: Saints WR: Falcons (have no idea how Meredith will recover) TE: Falcons (Hooper gonna ball out this year) OL: Saints DL: wash (Atlanta slightly better against the run, Saints with a few more sacks) LB: Falcons CB: Saints SS: Falcons P: Saints K: Falcons
  5. last time somebody jumped in front of us to take a player it worked out pretty well for us
  6. Banning

    this might be the best analogy ever
  7. Cavs

    I'll bet you $100 the Cavs don't sweep
  8. Winston just announced his retirement and will be moving to Australia
  9. its pretty much done here
  10. Dude living his life on Trump's schedule and doesn't think Trump owns him
  11. Still great

    fixed that for you
  12. Cowboys Cut Dez Bryant

    Dez Bryant upon hearing that nobody signed him yet
  13. its hitting the Baton Rouge area now
  14. Cavs

    that sound you heard was Rondo and AD sucking the soul out of every Clippers player
  15. Yeah i cant say it surprises me that you have your head so far up your ass you cant even see it
  16. Lmao you are so pathetic. You just admitted that trump owns you
  17. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    This was when they were using laser therapy to fix her back. Yes i made a meme out of it
  18. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Hartley is a rescue we got just after the saints won the superbowl and yes she was named after the kicker. I am sure she was glad when he got cut cause it had to be confusing to hear me yell at 'her' when he missed a kick
  19. This is the type of blather that someone says when they refuse to admit they are wrong
  20. says he is a troll, then makes a statement denying it it's pretty funny when you have a person who can't even keep track of the bullshit they are spouting
  21. Lets be honest....JB would let another man bugger his wife as long as he was a Democrat politician and would insult Trump while doing it
  22. problem is that there is no difference between your real football talk and your trolling