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  1. And Barkley won't be in the league when Kamara is still evading hits ala matrix and darting out of bounds Barkley is the beast
  2. Bookmark i like what I saw Davenport will be a stud with the Saints
  3. Tate would have been a good compliment to Thomas. $$$$
  4. Payton used to be adept at bringing in rb a while back hard hitters like Khiry Robinson and Chris Ivory but injury prone but then they missed a lot too CJ Spiller was good for 1 play in 2015 Rb just isn't the big $$$ position anymore Mark will be missed he really developed into a fully rounded player who knew the offense sure hit on Kamara This is hilarious 2017 - keep AP and Kamara https://www.canalstreetchronicles.com/2017/5/10/15610240/new-orleans-saints-alvin-kamara-mark-ingram-adrian-peterson-sean-payton Kamara is a class act https://www.nola.com/saints/2019/03/alvin-kamaras-heartfelt-message-to-mark-ingram-im-forever-grateful.html
  5. On Charges of being an Eagle Scout but letting the team self distruct around him Hunt broke his SON's arm - banished
  6. Just like with Drew how did that turn out?
  7. and Capt. is still obvious Thomas hands of steel
  8. Sign and rthen a year later demand a eup that's what happened last year with Julio when OBj got big $$$
  9. That really is terrible for him I dealt with bad arthritis for 15 years - not pretty titanium and cobalt can do wonderful things but it won't land someone back in the NFL pain management - don't let it get to bone on bone like mine avoid mogle skiing in large doses then taking up running seriously years later
  10. Micheal Thomas, Marshon Lattimore and Thomas Morstead all rode in Orpheus monday night. they were having a grand time - throwing away. just barely recognized Thomas as he popped out from restocking beads as the float rolled forward don't know who was on the other side Morstead 6 - on the left the others were on the upper deck in the back
  11. Let's go all the way back to the not so Civil War - Atlanta's turn
  12. No wonder they can only charge $2 for a hotdog.
  13. Kraft's girls were a common sight in the referee's post game locker room
  14. New orleans 3 first round comp picks for the NO Call
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