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  1. when Ginn was out and T'Quan went MIA - then everyone knew the ball was going to Micheal Thomas or Kamara out of the backfield. Didn't help that Alvin had a few blatant concussions on him to limit his availability
  2. Pioneer Elite Kuro plasmas 60" 50"
  3. if he can't throw past 20 yards defenses will have a field day
  4. https://www.nola.com/news/courts/article_aa256bfc-b9f0-11e9-b01b-bb5b6c6ab7c1.html?1565279137096&utm_medium=notification&utm_source=pushly&utm_campaign=desktop_push The Saints state in their brief that the purpose of NFL rules is to provide “finality” for all teams... Let's move forward but I don't want to see any team violated again Goodell needs oversight Jacksonville/New England 2018 AFCCG anybody https://forerunnersofamerica.com/article/did-the-nfl-rig-the-patriots-jaguars-game/ One Jaguar player was fined by the NFL for noting from the coach to lay off in his defensive role.
  5. I don't see Cam Newton's name there or are his erratic passes at 20 yards +?
  6. Julio is a goat stud up there with Rice but he disappears in the redzone thomas is perfect for the Saints but needs a good #2 and #3 against the best defenses Kamara causes problems but it was obvious when Tedd Ginn was gone that defenses were collapsing on Mike Julio has Sanu and Ridley. Pick your poison
  7. If Armstead is glass and the rookie center doesn't pan out Drew will have his hands full even pretty boy Brady doesn't play well under pressure
  8. https://www.nola.com/sports/saints/article_5d7bd852-a75a-11e9-8e3b-cfe5cffd358b.amp.html?3245&utm_medium=notification&utm_source=pushly&utm_campaign=desktop_push Way to go. Now get another receiver or two to open it up for Michael. Circus catches in triple coverage will take their toll.
  9. I just want to hear Roger's deposition testimony listen to him squirm move on already - third times the charm
  10. the Superdome sucks - terrible outdated facility It's the fans, the noise level, the fun that makes this place not the flashing lights or a retractable sphincter muscle
  11. In that sad day that Drew hangs up his cleats Falcons, bucks and panthers players and fans will be saying "oh my God he is finally gone, thank you Lord"
  12. Never know if Payton reverts back to chasing a Brandon Cooks sparkle Thomas needs more playmates
  13. Thanks Tom i just hope Sean doesn't get all antsy and cute and trade away some key starters for an unproven draft pick.
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