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  1. Personally the dome is one of the crappiest places to see a game. Narrow hallways, terrible expensive concessions. What makes the Saints home is people in their seats or standing all into the game the roar of the crowd. the excitement of the fans themselves is contagious. Throw in some local jazz music and traditions Getting to the stadium is a monumental event and the crowd moves as one It doesn’t hurt that a great dinner out of afterwards or a run down Frenchman Street is there afterwards especially a night game. that you can’t buy or manufacture.
  2. Burgundy has been on my ignore list so long. I only see his comments when somebody quotes him - don’t
  3. Congrats Chiefs! Shanahan watches 21 unanswered points fly by in the fourth quarter Not quite 25 Niners fans are some of the most obnoxious bitter pill time
  4. Because Brees is Russell's idol who he pattern his game after.
  5. You had 5 games where Teddy was afraid to throw more than 10 yards and Thomas was like the first born and a new camera.
  6. Cook balls out and they were really coming together in 2019. Once Brees was getting protection in the 4th of the Vikings wildcard - he and Cook were hooking up.
  7. It used to be a reward to go to Hawaaii. Great vacation with the family, Islanders loved it. done 1 week AFTER the Super Bowl Now it’s a consolation prize if you don’t make the dance. paddy cake at least they don’t try to injure each other
  8. 2 games this season Brees folds - both the d blew up our shitty inside guard game The rest of the time? He put up 46 on the vaulted 49ers defense. Didn’t look too shabby in the powder puff bowl sunday.
  9. Strief can come back better than keeping Peat
  10. Or won his second Saints super bowl
  11. The 49ers will have no answer for Tyreek Hill If Mahomes gets time - look out Kansas City cannot spot points early as they have done against the Texans and Titans.
  12. Wait till someone makes a terrorist threat at one of these games NCAA Championship being very high profile First there is a police presence entering the game and keeping the rabble rouser violence down. Most of these “mall cops” work a full time job as police officers outside of this work OBJ disrespected an officer in the line of duty consequences
  13. Travis is nearly completed with his nuclear physics degree
  14. Too bad that dirty jersey in the trophy cases isn’t out of the dryer and ready for a SF matchup tomorrow
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