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  1. Having pathetic defenses since around 2012 has really hurt Brees’ attempts to carry a winning team. 3 years ago - everything clicked On D - sometimes with smoke and mirrors though did his last big payday play a part or the earlier failed draft and free agency picks Brady - wins 5 out of 6 AFCE games if he gets out of bed. rarely gets hit but when he does... Denver 2016
  2. Let Brady keep the goat status gladly concede that, beat them in an NFC championship and win 2 more Super Bowls
  3. Just change this to red and gray or we can go back to the 70s creamsical days
  4. Mahomes’ contract will be much bigger than Matt Ryan’s record setting bank buster haul and he will deserve every dime of it ..... unless they put him on the cover of Madden 21
  5. After missing out on Tony Romo and Peyton Manning, ESPN has now made an eight figure offer to Drew Brees to be their Monday Night Football analyst. The deal would begin when Brees retires from the NFL: https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/espn-pursuing-drew-brees-for-monday-night-football/ … Brees offered 8 figure salary in 2021 to announce Monday Night Football with this season on the line will he rethink retirement? Irregardless - can he be as good as Tony Romo? Tall task did I just ask that? Getting Collingsworth the hell out of there would be wonderful
  6. Graham said Nagy’s offense is the closest thing he’s seen to the Saints’ offense since he left New Orleans five years ago. The Bears would love to see Graham look like he looked in New Orleans — and not like he looked last year in Green Bay, where he managed just 38 catches for 447 yards and three touchdowns.https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.co...-plan-for-him/ That $9 million is big money and who is the quarterback?
  7. Brees better designate where that money goes. Our governor and clueless mayor of NO will squander it
  8. This implies Not just empty seats. more than half of the taken seats are the opposing teams fans Gurley will be a bust except that he is broken already
  9. Thomas/Kamara/Cook/Sanders - even Murray 2020 - they will still draft a wideout In all of 2020 - Emmanuel Sanders had more catches and yards in the Superdome then Tre’Quan Smith did. Plus Sanders has the big game experience 3 out of 4 ain’t bad
  10. I’m sure Roger Goodell dropped a tab of Corona 19 all over Sean’s door handles. Season suspension without anyone batting an eye.
  11. No way the Patriots take Cam 1) he is beat up 2) Billy boy doesn’t take any cross dressing sisssies
  12. Prime RW decline\prime RW/JJ .. prime JJ .. ? decline\prime. JJ/CR
  13. Roddy White/ Julio Jones / Calvin Ridley notice a pattern?
  14. As long as they don’t sign this “ball hawk” Jarius Byrd terms I am good with it
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