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  1. This is almost parody. Any ideology that literally sentences people to an enternal hell of infinite suffering for not being loyal enough is not in anyway accepting of opposing ideas.
  2. The uncut irony on display in decrying “attacking anyone who disagrees” meanwhile talking about “sinful behavior” and “false religions” is really something.
  3. Remember when people said Trump's stance on immigration wasn't anti-immigrant, but anti-illegal immigration? Fun times!
  4. The clock was ticking for him once he over-promised how easy it would be to pull off the coup in Venezula. Trump doesn't like failure and being made to look incompetent. I don't know if it was bad intelligence or hubris, but Juan Guaido was a loser with no actual support on the ground and everyone seemed to know that except the Trump Administration and John Bolton.
  5. At least the falcons were nice enough to kill all my hope and optimism in week one!
  6. Matt Ryan doing his best Cam impression with these throws
  7. No, and it will get worse once we get out of this dome heavy schedule.
  8. We could have 14 or 10 on the board if not for dumb fumbles and overthrows
  9. We needed him alive to spill the beans though. I waned the dirt on every scumbag who ever rode on his plane.
  10. Holy shit, this is hilarious, you're posting literal fake news. Certainly gamesmanship has been afoot with changes being continually made to the suspect’s MyLife entry in the period following the shooting, but not necessarily solely at the hands of “leftists.” It appears the suspect had no profile on MyLife at all until one was created shortly after the El Paso shooting, and that initial profile included no information about his putative political affiliation: Then the profile was altered (probably not by “leftists”) to state that the suspect was “currently a registered Democrat Party” [sic], and that his “ethnicity is Antifa; and religious views are listed as Antifa”: The profile was altered again to show a political affiliation with the Republican Party and to report the suspect’s “Ethnicity is Nutso Wall-Wanting Caucasian; religious views are confirmed Whacky Christian. Strong Second Amendment supporter and beneficiary of the NRA’s patriot of the year medal”: As of this writing, myriad pranksters and critics from both sides of the political spectrum have been having a field day editing the suspect’s profile, with the version extant while this article was being prepared declaring the suspect to be “a Republican a conservative gun-nut who listened to Trump’s racist-rants,” demanding that MyLife shut the page down, and warning that those who have been changing the profile to reflect a Democratic affiliation “will be sued”: By the time this article was finished, all of that screed had been removed and replaced with a profile listing the suspect as both a Democrat and a Republican: For the time being, we have no information about whatever political affiliation (if any) the suspect may have been registered under. News reports have stated that the suspect posted an anti-immigrant manifesto online prior to the shooting.
  11. Are you guys all, collectively, too stupid to watch the trailer and realize that the movie paints the red state guys as the heroes against evil liberals?
  12. If charity worked to solve any problem, we would've ended world hunger and poverty a few decades ago. I would love for your explanation as to why these migrants, coming from utterly immiserated nations, want to come here since I guess "economic problems" doesn't cut it to you. And I'm pretty fucking sure they want to leave their homes considering the aforementioned dangerous journey they take their family on. What exactly are your implications here?
  13. The problem is, they can't come legally, because the Trump administration is blocking off ports of entry to asylum seekers. Trump administration announced an unprecedented rule that would deny tens of thousands of asylum-seekers the chance to find refuge in the United States, imposing a bar to asylum for anybody who has passed through another country without applying for protection and being denied it there. The rule went into effect Tuesday, the day after it was announced, and set off an immediate storm of criticism and outcry. The 58-page new rule is “so plainly illegal,” said Kerri Talbot, director of federal advocacy at the Immigration Hub, that attorneys expect it to be quickly blocked in the courts. That was the fate of the first “asylum ban,” issued last November, which would have eliminated asylum for anyone who applied after crossing the border between ports of entry, and which never went into effect. Legally speaking, the trouble with the latest ban is that it directly contradicts the very first asylum statute of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which states, “Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to the United States after having been interdicted in international or United States waters), irrespective of such alien’s status, may apply for asylum.” In 2017, there were nearly 120,000 defensive asylum applications (when someone claims asylum to try to prevent their being deported), many of them from people who had crossed the U.S.-Mexico border or presented at ports of entry. And that number doesn’t include many of the children who are already in the U.S. and can make affirmative asylum claims, who would also be affected by the ban. So far this fiscal year, Border Patrol has arrested 363,300 family members from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala — none of whom, under the new rule, would be eligible for asylum. https://theintercept.com/2019/07/16/trump-new-rule-asylum-eligibility/ You can go on and on all day about legal immigration, but the Trump Admin. has been working overtime to cut that, too, in more ways than just this one. While President Trump reportedly demanded that former Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen resign over her failure to block all asylum seekers from entering the country, the United States has been closing its borders to many asylum seekers for years by illegally turning away and restricting people seeking refuge at official land border crossings. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have physically blocked access to ports of entry and refused to refer people seeking asylum to a protection screening interview or immigration court proceedings where they can request asylum. In March 2019, CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan acknowledged this practice of so-called “metering” or “queue management” in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but claimed that only three ports of entry have long wait times for asylum seekers and that at “most ports of entry […] [t]here is no waiting at all.” McAleenan also denied that restrictions on asylum processing at ports of entry push asylum seekers to cross illegally between ports. Yet recent research by Human Rights First, other human rights monitors, and academic researchers shows that asylum seekers remain stranded for weeks or months in Mexico often on waiting “lists” now common in at least ten border towns from Tijuana to Matamoros. In danger and at risk of refoulement to their home countries, asylum seekers are at the mercy of the individuals in Mexico who run these “lists” in order to seek asylum in the United States. Some cross the border between ports of entry—afraid to wait in danger in Mexico or at times unaware of how to even get on a “list.” These included asylum seekers from the group of 1,800 Central American migrants whom the Trump Administration attempted to block from reaching the Eagle Pass port in early February by deploying hundreds of active-duty military troops, Border Patrol agents, and Texas state troopers in a “show of force.” This report is based on field observations and interviews with asylum seekers, attorneys, researchers, migrant shelter directors, and government officials. The findings include: Systematic illegal turn-backs of asylum seekers by CBP forced hundreds of asylum seekers to wait for one or more months to seek asylum by late February 2019.Asylum seekers who intended to seek protection at an official crossing point reported that they crossed elsewhere because they were unable to physically reach the port of entry and feared remaining in Mexico. CBP directly collaborated with the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Migración(National Migration Institute or INM) and other Mexican government officials to prevent asylum seekers, including Mexican nationals, from reaching ports of entry and in dictating the number and demographics of asylum seekers accepted. These actions violate the right of refugees to seek international protection, including the right of Mexican nationals to leave their country to request asylum. Asylum seekers marooned in Mexico have been kidnapped, assaulted, and extorted and are at risk of deportation by Mexican migration officers (INM). In Piedras Negras, a young Honduran man was beaten by a state police officer, and INM deported three asylum seekers who were arrested for loitering. In Nuevo Laredo, many asylum seekers are kidnapped including a gay couple from Honduras who were separated, beaten, threatened, and extorted. The use of “lists” placed asylum seekers waiting to request protection in the United States at risk of being identified and located in Mexico and susceptible to extortion by “list” managers. In Piedras Negras, where private individuals have run the list on behalf of the municipality, a previous “list” manager allegedly extracted payments from asylum seekers to join a parallel, expedited “list.” In Ciudad Acuña, Grupos Beta allegedly extorts between $500-$1,300 from migrants to move their names to the top of the list. https://www.humanrightsfirst.org/resource/barred-border-wait-lists-leave-asylum-seekers-peril-texas-ports-entry It's clear this isn't a brave crusade against open borders. It's an attempt to just stop certain kinds of people from coming into this country wholesale. Because, as his "go back where you came from" comments shows, he sees America as a fundamentally white country.
  14. Tucker Carlson’s website! https://amp.dailycaller.com/2019/08/05/google-engineer-posts-listservs-richard-spencer-golden-state-skinheads That’s your guy, right? How do you feel about the president amplifying the cause of someone very fond of Richard Spencer?
  15. Kevin Cernekee, who was profiled in the Wall Street Journal last week, has made several complaints to the National Labor Relations Board alleging bias against right-wing employees, one of which is moving forward. “[A] well­ known conservative activist was sucker punched on camera in DC while giving an interview,” Cernekee wrote on the Free Speech listserv in January 2017, referring to Richard Spencer, probably the most famous white nationalist in America. Two days later, he posted to the same listserv to suggest that members of the free speech listserv at Google should raise money for a bounty to find Spencer’s assailant. The bounty was offered on WeSearchr, a site founded by Charles Johnson. He wrote: Several Googlers pushed back on the request for donations for the WeSearchr bounty. “I can’t believe someone is actually suggesting that we come to the aid of a prominent, vehement racist and anti­-Semite. What the hell does that have to do with free speech?” one wrote. In another set of postings from June 2016, Cernekee responded to a CNN article about a brawl in Sacramento between the Traditionalist Workers Party and the Golden State Skinheads, and antifa. “Wait, were these actual neo­-Nazis or something else? From what I can tell TWP is more of a separatist organization and they openly reject racial supremacy,” Cernekee wrote on June 27, 2016. ernekee replied: Cernekee was described in the Wall Street Journal’s headline as a “Republican Engineer,” though the article notes that he was described as “the face of the alt-right” at Google by Mike Wacker, a conservative engineer who was also fired from the company recently. Conservatives angry at big tech may view such postings as a cautionary lesson in the importance of vetting their cause célèbres. ----- And of course, right on time, the president who totally isn't a white nationalist and totally condemns all forms of hate: So, conservatives of RC, I really have to ask: How do you feel that, 2019, being a racist is now just a synonym for right-wingers that even right-wingers themselves use? Richard Spencer supporters and skinheads appear to be your future.
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