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  1. watch ww3 live as it happens on youtube

    This was always the ultimate culmination of two years of red baiting and the Russian scare tactics. Not to absolve that the US has obvious imperial interests in the area, but I will say that when the supposed "anti-war" voices that are to exist in our politics are shaming a man for not doing "enough" (whether it be because he didn't sign sanctions or some other ludicrous 'punishment' for a few trolls making a few memes) then that's going to come back to bite you. It's clear through his own personal rhetoric that Trump is desperate to make a (completely unnecessary) stand against Putin, though of course the Neocons he has surrounded himself with would have pushed for this war regardless. Look at a guy like Howard Dean for example. He ran against the Iraq war and was a staunch anti-war activist in the 2000s. But now that he can't reconcile that Hillary lost to Trump and desperately needs a scapegoat, he wants war in Syria just to stick it to Putin. Perhaps if we actually had a strong anti-war party in this country we might not be where we're at. But nope.
  2. watch ww3 live as it happens on youtube

    There isn’t any way to win in Syria. Assad has been winning the war for years now and has done so by winning over the Syrian people. He is the state. There are no moderate rebels to replace him with. Welcome to Iraq 2.0. Or perhaps Afghanistan 3.0.
  3. Wow

    To be fair though your politics are usually an expression of personal pathology. I've stopped bothering here because you're mostly all either genuinely bad people, or hilariously dishonest/uneducated to the point that there's no reason to bother.
  4. That's because outing corrupt cops is a good thing and outing someone who exposed that our military was murdering innocent civilians is a bad thing. It's pretty simple.
  5. 2018 free agency thread

    Bears getting Allen Robinson is a good get. The WR carousel they've had has been pure comedy. Markus Wheaton Jeremy Bellamy Kendall Wright Dontralle Inman etc. Bums all around
  6. Mo Wilkerson

    And leaving without a contract
  7. Farrakhan has always been a goofy yet truly evil figure. For those that don’t know, it’s widely known that he was responsible for the assassination of Malcolm X. It was a completely selfish powergrab that only happened so Louis could lead the Nation of Islam down his own goofy rabbit hole. The goofyness comes from his weirdo religion he created, wherein he believes the evil “Doctor Yakub” created white people in a lab 6,000 years ago in order to bring wreckage upon the world from it’s true masters. It’s Scientology for black people. He’s an irrelevant figure though. His prime time came in the 80s when Reagan put the crack in black and there were no others leaders out there to fill the void MLK and Malcolm left. Nowadays everyone knows about what he did and how goofy his ideology his. His only followers left are old close personal friends from his prime or fellow current cuckoos. I mean just looking at Tamika Mallory, she was born in 1980, back before it was truly known the extent of Farrakhan’s deeds or beliefs. She probably grew up idealizing him and refuses to let him go. Me personally, I don’t buy that. I’ll never rock with that clown because Malcolm was 100x the man he was and 100x the revolutionary leader. To have him killed for personal gain is unforgivable. Everyone should have dropped him the second that came to light back in 2000 or so.
  8. Hypocrisy of the Far Left is Staggering.

    I’ve read good arguments, mostly by other black leftists, that are anti-gun control because we need to protect ourselves against the police and the state actively working against us. After all, the only gun control legislation conservatives ever really supported was the ones that targeted the black panthers that protected their communities from the state race police of the 1960s. Its not hard to make a left wing case against gun control. Especially when you consider the history of African-Americans in this country.
  9. Who

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s awesome how the continuing cultural and social ousting of conservative thought is just left and right crossing off even more and more things these people can no longer enjoy. By the time Trump is done in 2020 conservatives will have excersied the Benedict Option out to the woods because there will be nothing left people will tolerate their involvement in.
  10. I believe we should arm teachers

    Yeah I trust trans people more than cops. 100x more.
  11. I believe we should arm teachers

    Y'all gonna really let security guards, cops, or marines with rifles around high school girls or just young, rebellious kids in general? I cannot even begin to tell you how bad an idea that is. Things like police brutality or military rape are enough of a problem already. Exposing those kind of psychopaths to children isn’t going to work out. You think Ferguson, or the recent Marine sex assault scandal was bad? Wait until some cop shoots a kid dead in the lunchroom or it’s revealed that some ring of security guards were trying to intimidate a group of high school girls into sex. I certainly wouldn’t be sending my daughter to cheer practice while some middle aged creep with an obsession with guns watches her. I mean ask yourself, who would even sign up for these jobs? What types of grown adults who don’t have a passion for education actively want to be around a high school all day?
  12. CNN gots the TDS

    http://mobile.twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/966287536640397312 Glenn is right that if you’re going to LARP as 1980s Cold War anti-Russians, you should challenge people with power rather than hunting down random people. Not only is this a sign of hysterical thought and action, but it’s also bullying.
  13. As was this, and honestly I remember seeing this back then and thinking it was ironic humor.