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  1. Most likely option is Cuomo, if they do not decide to proceed with poor old Joe as the nominee. Michelle apparently hates politics and doesn't want to run for anything, even though Democrats of course have been asking her too. What's hilarious is Bernie has the 2nd most delegates but if Joe were to implode in a sad way, betting markets say he has less a chance of being the nominee than Hillary or Cuomo.
  2. Lol It is also true that in 2018 the Trump administration fired key officials connected to the U.S. pandemic response, and they were not replaced. Also in 2018, news reports circulated about an 80% reduction in the CDC’s program that worked in various countries to fight epidemics. That was the result of the anticipated depletion of previously allotted funding. But those budget cuts ultimately didn’t happen, CDC told FactCheck.org, because Congress provided other funding. For fiscal year 2021, President Trump has requested that CDC funding for global disease detection and other programs be increased further — to $225 million total, with $175 million going directly to global health security.” The fact that epidemic prevention-efforts were scaled back in China gained new significance in February 2020 as coronavirus spread globally after it was first detected in Wuhan, China, in late 2019.
  3. This cycle is coming into full circle once again, as it always does during natural disasters Conservatives campaign again government programs as ineffective —> get into power —> destroy and strip these institutions bare —> crisis happens —> they use the ineffectiveness of the institutions they destroyed as justification for their theory
  4. Who destroyed the CDC’s budget?
  5. Let's see, 10 million people in GA, about 50 a day = 0.0000005% of the population. Nice.
  6. Coronavirus testing numbers: -CDC tested 77 people this week **total** as of Wednesday -States are testing an average of 50 people per day. -A single private lab is up and running w. coronavirus tests. The next soonest will be ready to go on 03/16 https://news.yahoo.com/cdc-tested-only-77-people-this-week-coronavirus-testing-slow-around-the-nation-153646616.html These numbers are fucking unacceptable.
  7. https://twitter.com/BNODesk/status/1238115796758519808 Not good
  8. ^ someone that doesn’t know how percentages work. People who don’t take this stuff seriously are going to be a huge problem as this progresses.
  9. The NBA has suspended their season. Right after Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for it.
  10. Too late, they’ve picked their man. They would rather lose to trump than nominate Bernie. That’s the sad truth. This election will be a disaster for democrats.
  11. The responses from Italy and China have been truly fascinating. They both, seemingly almost overnight, just put millions upon millions of people into quarantine and under curfew just like that. Chinese innovations have been pretty crazy, too. They found a way to test if someone had the virus via a simple CT scan, because the virus can be seen on people building up in the lower lung. https://www.businessinsider.com/china-coronavirus-diagnosis-ct-scans-lungs-2020-2
  12. Apparently it's not purposeful, just a disgusting amount of negligence and lack of safety regulations. It, supposedly, originated from fruit bat soup, which was made in these markets with...bat parts
  13. Yes, I'm getting really tired of the argument that has seemingly permeated everywhere (real-life and online) that the flu is worse because it kills more people yearly, and this is no big deal... If 100 people get the flu and 6 die, yet 10 people get coronavirus and 4 die, which is worse? Come on people, it's about percentages.
  14. They're housing Coronavirus patients just ten miles down from me in Hard Labor Creek. Don't think I'll be eating out near there anytime soon. https://www.cbs46.com/news/hard-labor-creek-state-park-being-prepped-to-house-coronavirus/article_7ac31536-622d-11ea-8511-3f79e95c4438.html
  15. I mean, Trump shit all over RBG and Sotomayer like last week, but whatever Just know that Sucky Chucky is deathly afraid of that AOC primary challenge. That's why he went against USMCA and he's been ramping up the tough talk recently, despite having the record as one of the biggest loser opposition leaders ever. If only Harry Reid was still into politics. Now there's a mean son of a bitch.
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