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  1. Getting voting rights to Georgia’s large black population might also have something to do with that. There’s a reason kemp was stopping busses of registered voters.
  2. That’s a waste of energy. Just tell me. Im 30 and I’m currently working at an ACE hardware. Do I need to post pictures? Surely you’re not taking the rantings of king tumor seriously.
  3. We did talk on the phone one time(and only once) probably 5 or 6 years ago, but nothing he said happened actually happened of course. He’s just trolling because I’m not trying to have a conversation with a hitler-sympathizing weirdo. He really wants me to talk to him but I’m not wasting my time.
  4. I hope you aren’t taking the rantings of an actual crazy person seriously.
  5. You tried to equate a day long visit with a months-long campaign to ignore the premise that makes up the main argument about why the EC must stay. I’m not here to play message board semantics man. I wouldn’t be posting here if I didn’t want to talk with people who disagree with me. But being obtuse and pedantic is just wasting my time and yours. And no, it isn’t respectful, it’s childish literalism. Because I said candidates really only bother with a few a states already under the EC, a one-off visit with no data showing how much time they spent there relative to the few states I mentioned must mean I’m wrong? No, that’s just pedantry, not an argument. Because if it was argument, you wouldn’t be whining about how I keep asking what the time was relatively, you’d just be telling me.
  6. How exactly would more people's vote be marginalized when every vote is equal?
  7. Except a “visit” isn’t a full on campaign. Which is why it’s important to talk relatively. So you don’t have an answer?
  8. How much time did the candidates spend in LA relative to OH and FLA?
  9. 1.) Relative to other states, yes it is true. Because just like in the EC and the popular vote, many parts of the country don't matter. 2.) There is already nothing to gain in about 75% of the country. One or two flyby visits does not equate to an entire campaign and giving a state the time it needs to be considered important to the cause. Again I ask, how much time was spent in Ohio compared to how much they "visited" Louisiana? And by the way, I don't think it's flaw. The usual argument from people who want to EC to stay in is that "the election would only be about the few biggest cities", but with EC the elections are always only about a few swing states. Not to mention that fact that there is no point at all to voting blue or red in somewhere that deep red or deep blue, so it by default disenfranchises millions of voters AND would-be voters. Not everyone's vote is equal. That's a problem. 3.) What does this even mean? I don't see government officials are any separate from you or I. The issue is, capitalism has made it so only the rich and powerful can sufficiently run in elections, and the agenda of those people, no matter their pandering, doesn't often align with the vast majority of people. How many people in America actually want entitlements cut? Now, how many senators make that their sole issue? You see the divide there? These politicians don't even remotely come close to representing the people, so we're not even at that point yet. We're certainly not at the point where they're stewards of anything.
  10. How doesn’t it make sense? The candidates already spend the majority of their time in single swing states or even swing districts. What is the net loss of dropping that facade and then making it to where everyone’s vote is equal, wherein the candidates will once again spend the majority of their time in single states or city districts? What do we lose?
  11. The EC vote count of that state is less than many others, too, as were the odds of it flipping. So what’s the math there? They were willingly wasting their time? LA had 8. Ohio had 18. Florida had 29. What is the ratio of time spent on Louisiana to Florida and Ohio?
  12. And your reason as to why this wouldn’t happen with the popular vote is? It’s obvious that under the electoral college very few states actually matter. As do tens of millions of voters not matter. So why not just make everyone equal?
  13. You wanna get me a plane ticket? They got some nice beaches out there. Great vacation.
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