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  1. Just saying, we haven’t won an actual war since 1945, we’ve flopped and failed all over the world in Vietnam, Lebanon, Cuba, and of course of Iraq and Afghanistan. Isn’t our military already pretty weak?
  2. Pelosi is just awful. A totally feckless, weak, and horrible leader who then has the gall to turn around and blame a bunch of freshmen for the fact she's been a leader in a powerful political establishment for over a decade and hasn't accomplished shit. Something she's done purposefully, by the way. She's a rich white Californian, she has no interest in actually seeing our society be more equal, she would be losing wealth and ground in such a society. That's why most top Democrats still attach themselves to the dying dog of ideology that is liberalism instead of moving leftward in order to match the right, which has swung incredibly far to the right in recent years. The first priority for Bernie in January 2021 should be tossing Pelosi and Schumer into a woodchipper and replacing them with people who know how to fight.
  3. Except that's personal, not political. Conservatives have made the idea of police not being able to do any wrong, specifically when it comes to black people, apart of their ideology. In their twisted worldview, they view America as some crime-ridden immigrant-ridden thug-ridden hellhole in which everyone is out to get them (and only them), and they view the police as the brave foot-soldiers on the ground protecting their lives from the completely imaginary threats they have conjured up. So they don't have a single ounce of criticism to dish to them, as they have lumped them into the same category they put actual troops, because they're just as afraid of black and brown people here at home as they are of any Arabs, Chinese, or whatever threats they believe to be coming after them worldwide. Criticizing a cop, who is less likely to die on the job than a deep-sea fisher or a roofer, is haram to them because they're deathly afraid of anyone who doesn't share their skin or their class, and they need a force out there that will beat the people they're afraid of into submission. And they'll gladly stand by and watch the police do it. I remember hashing out these argument endlessly here in 2015-16, and one of the most telling moves that they made was that they would post some video of a cop egregiously shooting or beating a white person, and their point for that thread would be "well why isn't this covered like when they do it to the blacks?" They wouldn't dare type even one character implying that cop ever did anything wrong. It was all about the media, not about the fact that another person had flagrant violence put on them by an officer. You can make whatever fear-based analogy on a micro level, but it won't work when factoring the bigger picture of police violence in this country. Truthfully, nobody should feel safe around them. They abuse everyone equally (except the rich). It just so happens that whenever it's done to black people, they get off scot free and when people are upset about that, legions of reactionaries on forums everywhere defend them to the death because of some fucking crime stats or some completely racist bullshit about "culture" utterly irrelevant to the incident in question. So again, if your belief is that racial profiling is OK, and you've gone to bat for every scumbag officer who ever pulled a drive-by on a child or shot a man reaching for his licence, I don't want to hear any bitching and moaning when people rightfully alienate themselves from violent actors around them.
  4. Can you answer the question? Square racial profiling (which in your view is just) with somehow not being fearful of the police.
  5. You can’t on the one hand argue that all of these incidents of racial profiling, police violence, and overreach against black people were justified because of crime stats, or “thug culture” or whatever, but on the other hand argue that nobody should be afraid of police for any reason. If it’s fine for them to profile me, kill me just because of who I am, why should I feel safe around them at any point? How’s that make sense?
  6. That last quote is funny to me. "They think nobody is going to oppose them", no, they know nobody will. It's a forever blue state and they'll do what they want. Just like all these forever red states can pass circa 1500 abortion laws, blue states like Cali are about to actually do something good and give illegals health insurance and the ability to hold office. Don't you just love that small government?
  7. The dumbass governor of Arizona went off on a tangent about how he was gonna stop subsidizing Nike's business in the state because of this, and then days later shows up wearing Nike to his July 4th party. Isn't it funny how all these politicians cynically use all the small things you get mad about to make you hoot and holler for them but in the end don't actually share those values?
  8. It is heartening to see just how quickly the Omar story died out. This was their last hoorah, and I assume the right wing is now just punting on trying to take down people like AOC, Omar, Talib etc. It didn’t even get a trump tweet or a prime time spot on Fox. Now that’s a sad way to go out.
  9. You want to know how many presidents were on the Epstein flight logs? One of them was Clinton (obvious, he's a sex creep). Wanna guess the other?
  10. Alan Dershowitz is a pedophile (multiple flights on Epstein’s planes with underage girls in tow, one of them in the case accused him by name) and also very likely killed his first wife. Why do y’all keep posting this clown? Not to mention, on topic, he’s gotten multiple university professors fired for supporting Palestine. So who the fuck is he to complain about getting a video about Israel removed?
  11. But if their work for low pay is bringing down wages, then surely in other countries the job available wouldn’t matter? They’d be getting hired regardless because they’d be cheaper.
  12. Then how come we’ve only seen this gap recently and not at any other time in the country’s history, when illegal immigration was much worse? All throughout US history productivity was on par with wages until the 1970s And how come other countries, who take in similar percentages of immigrants don’t see this gap? Our western allies in Europe don’t have gaps as big as ours and they take in plenty immigrants.
  13. So let’s break up their monopoly and nationalize them. If you want them to be regulated so bad.
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