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  1. 50G would be a small compensation compared to the rampant and purposeful destruction we’ve given to their countries.
  2. Willy Mo

    5 straight Ls man

    Leaving out Kamara and an offensive genius here?
  3. Willy Mo

    as MSM melts down

    Neoliberal ideology doesn't work. You cannot create a just and equal society that still functions as a capitalist one. The perfect example is in Macron and his gas tax. It's a very liberal idea to create a tax that purports to reign in climate change, but then have that tax function to where it gets smaller the higher you go up the income ladder. The rich will always be let off the hook in liberal society. Melenchon is coming. He shouldn't have lost to Macron in the first place, the French people will certainly not make that mistake again. Macron played his part in acting as an elite monarch imposing his will on the poor, now comes the time when the left strikes back. It would be a true dream to have Sanders, Corbyn, Melenchon all in power at once. The West would actually be saved if that were the case.
  4. And Netanyahu. He can’t be left out.
  5. Watched the replay. This might have been the most pathetic performance from this offense I've ever seen. Just completely manhandled in the trenches. Kyle knew what he was doing with all of these fast, light linemen running zone runs downfield. Sark has the same roster and he does not know how to use it. That should have been obvious after what happened to Gabriel last year, but just looking today at all these small linemen getting destroyed with Sark having no clue how to coach around it, it's never been more clear.
  6. Willy Mo

    Kareem Hunt

    Kareem should have stayed in the room man. All of the reports coming through say this women was kicked out of his room and was banging and screaming at his door for like 30 minutes before the video. He lost his temper one time and it's cost him his career.
  7. Willy Mo

    Lock her up

    Is that Tim Pool from Breitbart I see? The guy infamous for claiming it was “too dangerous” to walk the streets in some Muslim neighborhoods in Sweden and then got roundly embarrassed and laughed at when everyone went and did it? If there’s anyone who is an expert on insanity and tribalism, I guess it would be him.
  8. Yeah you're right I don't think he had full possession when we was touched
  9. Hope Sark stops with the swing passes and shit early. It's obvious they can't see us downfield
  10. Brees on the sideline livid about the effect on his completion %
  11. Willy Mo

    Tulsi 2020

    So yeah, this is just blatant hypocrisy. Glad to clear that up.
  12. Willy Mo

    Tulsi 2020

    Then lets lift the sanctions from Iran, the PA, Venezula, and whatever other nations we're sanctioning, and let's also stop funding armed rebels in Syria, Ukraine and wherever else as well. Would you agree with all of that?
  13. Willy Mo

    Tulsi 2020

    I agree. But I don't care for Tulsi's carnival barking. I care that we're denying poor people in Iran medicine while at the same time giving a worse regime even more support.