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  1. Bevin lost for 2 reasons: 1) refusing the state Medicaid expansion 2) going to war with teachers unions Republicans should take note of this for the general; stay away from healthcare and economics. Culture wars and immigration should be what they lead on.
  2. The fact that he opted to run in the most crowded dem field of all time rather than challenge for Cornyn’s seat is such an awful blunder. He did well against Cruz and completely misjudged his own hype. Not only did he waste people’s time and money with his run, he went around the country with parody-type policies like mandatory buybacks and taxing churches, which sound like stuff straight out of a Karl rove ad. Fuck Robert Francis.
  3. This is why we need public utilities. Corrupt companies like this are going to get people killed by refusing to provide one of the foundations of human life at this point, electricity. All to maintain the margins.
  4. Speaking of Biden, it's a shame this will likely boost his poll numbers. He and Hunter are obviously corrupt, so if he does win, it's going to be Hillary vs. Trump 2.0 with regards to messaging and I don't think bumbling, gaffe-ridden Joe can get it done. Of course, if the Democrats want a candidate without shady foreign business dealings or sketchy Harvard applications that lie about their race, who can also win, there's one out there...
  5. You guys said the same thing about the Kavanaugh hearings, and then lost the house, killing the administration's agenda. I wouldn't bet on counter-reaction to save you when the president is historically unpopular. You better pray Biden wins the nom.
  6. Trudeu has always been exhibit A of the sort of over-patronizing that white liberals can do when it comes to addressing minority issues. And it's even moreso true now knowing that he apparently had an addiction to blackface.
  7. This is almost parody. Any ideology that literally sentences people to an enternal hell of infinite suffering for not being loyal enough is not in anyway accepting of opposing ideas.
  8. The uncut irony on display in decrying “attacking anyone who disagrees” meanwhile talking about “sinful behavior” and “false religions” is really something.
  9. Remember when people said Trump's stance on immigration wasn't anti-immigrant, but anti-illegal immigration? Fun times!
  10. The clock was ticking for him once he over-promised how easy it would be to pull off the coup in Venezula. Trump doesn't like failure and being made to look incompetent. I don't know if it was bad intelligence or hubris, but Juan Guaido was a loser with no actual support on the ground and everyone seemed to know that except the Trump Administration and John Bolton.
  11. At least the falcons were nice enough to kill all my hope and optimism in week one!
  12. Matt Ryan doing his best Cam impression with these throws
  13. No, and it will get worse once we get out of this dome heavy schedule.
  14. We could have 14 or 10 on the board if not for dumb fumbles and overthrows
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