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  1. This hit me so hard. I was spending the first 30 minutes after the report believing it was all clickbait and fake news...life really is a precious thing. Don't waste it. I really hope Vanessa and his family make it through this.
  2. This talk is pretty funny when you consider Solemani was the man who led the charge and commanded the majority of the forces on the ground to defeat ISIS. The better-trained Quds Force and IGRC did a lot of heavy lifting liberating towns where the Kurds or Iraqi Army couldn't penetrate. One of the reasons that the Iraqi government is pissed to high hell about this is because he is a man who, in their minds, helped save their country. This wasn't a good move militarily or diplomatically.
  3. Looks like Iraq is fed up with our shit. They'll likely file an official complaint with the UN to get our troops out of their sovereign country.
  4. "We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators" Dick Cheney, March 16, 2003 on Meet the Press
  5. It wasn't until the Brits re-drew the borders that conflict became commonplace between fellow ME nations. The vast majority of wars in the region pre-WW1 were from European conquests trying to own the place. So this is actually somewhat true. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sykes–Picot_Agreement
  6. We lie to the American people to invade sovereign countries for oil money, and then get mad when they protest and fight back against a foreign country trying to dominate them? If you want to know why the endless wars will never stop - It's because of gullible people like this ^
  7. You guys keep saying this will backfire and destroy the Dems, but you made the same argument about the Kavanaugh hearings and then they won the House. So I'm not too keen on buying that. At some point you'll have to make a case for Trump's re-election that isn't just about those wacky wild and crazy Democrats. Surely the midterms taught you that.
  8. We really needed to cut more of the fat out. Kamala was a nothing candidate running a nothing campaign. Good riddance to an awfully corrupt AG and a terrible politician.
  9. Good thing there's a candidate running who is an independent and has been calling that out since the 1980s
  10. Bevin lost for 2 reasons: 1) refusing the state Medicaid expansion 2) going to war with teachers unions Republicans should take note of this for the general; stay away from healthcare and economics. Culture wars and immigration should be what they lead on.
  11. The fact that he opted to run in the most crowded dem field of all time rather than challenge for Cornyn’s seat is such an awful blunder. He did well against Cruz and completely misjudged his own hype. Not only did he waste people’s time and money with his run, he went around the country with parody-type policies like mandatory buybacks and taxing churches, which sound like stuff straight out of a Karl rove ad. Fuck Robert Francis.
  12. This is why we need public utilities. Corrupt companies like this are going to get people killed by refusing to provide one of the foundations of human life at this point, electricity. All to maintain the margins.
  13. Speaking of Biden, it's a shame this will likely boost his poll numbers. He and Hunter are obviously corrupt, so if he does win, it's going to be Hillary vs. Trump 2.0 with regards to messaging and I don't think bumbling, gaffe-ridden Joe can get it done. Of course, if the Democrats want a candidate without shady foreign business dealings or sketchy Harvard applications that lie about their race, who can also win, there's one out there...
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