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  1. hes figured it out , he will do xos on stuff like Borders, Free Speech and late term abortions , then when they all stand against it, they can explain why they are against free speech, New Born Babies and Americas Safety in the 2020 elections.... what if it is a red tidal wave in 2020... what will these morons do ????? i mean how much further will they go ????? ppl will only put up with so much non sense .....
  2. and the bucs over the last Decade are the perfect example of 2019 Democrats , and i fully expect the losses to keep piling up in 2020 ... so just keep calling everyone racist when you cant provide FACTS or even a decent Debate to substantiate your idiocy .... it has worked out so well over the last few years lol, ppl are over the race bating, it has come to the point , that if you are debating with someone and they cant say anything but you are a racist or a homophobe , the debate is over .... Race Baiting and Virtue Signaling is the new dem tap out.... True Story
  3. i would say neither but i dont think we will miss the playoffs , this roster is stacked , and when healthy can flat out ball , they changed o cords, but did they really ???? Ryan knows all of DKs verbiage , there wont be a growing period , and to be frank, Ryan at this point of his career is without question one of the best qbs in the NFL and knows this system as good as anyone ever has , and they keep him loaded with weapons... 45 and 22 just have to stay healthy this yr and the D will be fine , as far as vic , we have seen explosions out of him, i wish we could have got him to redo the deal , but yea if there is a chance we can get even a shadow of 16 vic, hes worth keeping imo now if no1 gets hurt and we still suck, then yea its time to just clean fucking house lmfao i think we have a good Football Team , and i think we will win the NFC south , now that could all change in a couple of weeks after FA starts and the draft is over lol but i like where we are, spend resources in the Trenches and keep everyone we have healthy and we should be fine ..... we have proved we can ride our 2 best players to a super bowl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0zJZix9-JU&t=4s
  4. just came from my xbox breaking news feed, everything from everywhere but fox is this fucking known liar, its so fucking obvious what they are doing... meanwhile on fox they are covering History in the Making....
  5. we didnt vote for the dude to date our Daughters, we voted for him to Fix the last 3 Admins Mess .... and he is trying, trying damn hard even, with the entire DNC and their lap dog media , doing everything they can , including, Lying , cheating, changing history as they see fit and faking hate crimes to stop him..... yet he keeps right on rolling along, trying to do his job, and actually getting shit done.... hes gonna get the shit done, one way or another, we have seen that , and the more promises he keeps, the more the left meltdown, when he wins again in 2020 , i have no clue how far these morons will go .... because they just keep doubling down on everything, they were given another shot at power in the mid terms, and we see what they have done with it, death to newborn babies, open borders . 100 trillion dollars for cow farts and obstruction at all cost..... as is, right now today , i see a massive red tidal wave , that will wash away the morons , scumbags, socialist and communist in 2020
  6. yea just the numbers monthly so yea, do the math, or just tell me how many of the hate crimes the msm has reprted this last 2 yrs turned out to be True ????? pretty easy math i would think , i may have even been generous to the communist scumbags giving them 20% of real hate crimes lol
  7. nobody is gonna talk about it because even liberals are not stupid enough to believe this guy , its just another shitshow trying to hurt the president... its pathetic and most ppl see right thru the shit dude is trying to De Nuke NK and they are just smearing him with tabloid non sense , they didnt get the answers they wanted about Russia, so they start attacking his Character ... News Flash we all knew he was wanting to grab um by the pussy when we voted for him so yeaaa womp womp waaaaaaaa
  8. we thought the same thing for 16 and 17 .... now we are losing 1 of ours, as you probably will too , life goes on, backs are easy to get in late rds, or even off the street these days, its schemes and scheme fits that make them easy to replace...
  9. unless its at Sammys Place , The Red Rocker has a nice place down there...
  10. looks close to 80% to me http://www.fakehatecrimes.org/graphs
  11. it is possible i guess but Hate Crimes faked by Conservatives is a very very small number, where as 80% of hate crimes are faked by Liberals ,if Conservatives were faking hate crimes on a scale of Liberals, the msm would be melting down... and i agree with Timcast , when you try and change history , that should be considered faking some shit as well ....
  12. now Democrats think they can do like China and take our guns , china didnt have a Constitution protecting them, or a Military sworn to protect that constitution .... Civil War is Coming, and its coming Fast
  13. maybe i should have said Violence and Threats of Violence we know either is cool with Communist
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