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  1. yea we all did DEAL WITH IT for 8 fucking yrs, Transgender, Race Baiting, PC Policies , selling out American Companies and workers , Weaponizing of IRS, DOJ and FBI, Spying on American Citizens, Horrid fucking Trade Deals to Iran and Paris Accords and guess what we didnt scream at the sky or riot..... I just cant believe that you Fucktards cant see , Just how Un American and Pathetic you truly are....
  2. you are probably stupid enough to believe that ....lol

    WOMP < WOMP<WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 100% Fiction like every other piece of Left Wing Garbage you have posted the last 2 yrs.... how many more Dicks of Disappoint do you have to suck to see that Trump is not going anywhere man... if everything goes down in Korea like its looking ? History will remember these Libtards as Americans who could not stand a President that did more in his time in office than the previous 4 admins Combined did in 25 fucking years ..... The President who Lowered our Taxes, Enforced our Borders, Got us out of Bad Trade Deals , Brought Companies and Jobs back to America , Defeated Isis, and Ended the 72 yr old war in Korea .... in less than 3 yrs
  4. and , unless you are here illegally, hes your President to my man... but just give it a day or 2, the MSM will have you sucking that Dick of Disappointments that you love so much........... LMFAO
  5. yet its McCabe who is about to be indicted .... LMFAO and what part is Fake News you mean this ????
  6. Thanksgiving 2018

    Love the week 8 bye dont like having to watch Philly Raise that Banner dont like 3 str8 home games after the opener dont like going to GB in Dec dont like ending the yr on the road for 2 str8 div games sooooo yea dont like much about this schedule but the bye
  7. yet even more Crickets from the MSM , on Real News Stories that dont fit their narrative .... its a Fucking Pathetic Shit Show and every Liberal in this Country should be ashamed, you are a Disgrace to your Family, Friends and Country ........
  8. not now he wont.... RR tells him in front of High Profile witnesses he is not a target of the Cohen Investigation, or any other............ soooooo yea bad day for Liberals, we also now have the IG recommending criminal charges for McCabb and Others.... soooooooooo yea, very bad for Liberals.... and its Crickets on the MSM ...lmfao
  9. what i say is i dont give a flying fuck at this point, in fact i hope he does fire Muller and RR and Sessions, i just want to see the Liberals implode , they have became so Pathetic and their TDS has removed them from anything even considered close to Reason, I hope they get what they want, Pence as President.... then they will see what real Right Wing Policy is , but yea i am at the point, that i dont give a fuck anymore, Burn it all down.... i will bring the marshmallows...
  10. Facebook

  11. Grady

    yea i dont know about all that, ppl said the same things about D Hall after his Rookie Season , then came the TO show in 2006 and those rumors were layed to waste .... he better be as good as you think he is, he will be tested by the likes of M Evans and Julio Jones twice a yr ,for as long as he is a Saint .... as Far as Grady good lord he is gonna cost us a Fortune after next yr....
  12. watch ww3 live as it happens on youtube

    no hes not.... i dont believe for a sec that Assad did this, shit just last week Trump said he wants to pull the troops out... then like magic, there is a Chemical Attack ? when they have pretty much completely defeated The Islamic Rebels ?????? yea if you believe that i have some land in the everglades for sale cheap lol .... we are the bad guy now, and have been for some time, the only thing keeping us out of ww3 ... is guess who ???? yep the same folks who have threatened our Democracy and National Security ... Russia The MIC was having wet dreams about Russia firing on our ships last night, they backed down, and just let us do what we do... wage fucking war on anyone who threatens Saudi Oil or the US Dollar....
  13. watch ww3 live as it happens on youtube

    well shit man they are obviously in with his attempt to avoid and deflect a Russia Collusion Conspiracy to Destroy American Democracy , that we have seen zero proof of , Now The UK and France love him so much, so much so, they are willing to Kill ppl , drop bombs and take a chance on starting ww3.... but yea so what ...LMFAO your ride is here....
  14. watch ww3 live as it happens on youtube

    yea and now the UK and France are helping him huh ????? arrest them for aiding and abiding...lmfao
  15. watch ww3 live as it happens on youtube

    i just dont see russia letting this go man..... this is bad man.... very bad