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  1. IMO Falcons are closer than ppl Think Maybe if The Entire Middle of our Back 7 dont go on IR again we can make a run.... i think this is a good Football Team, we will see if they can be Great again..... they have invested a Ton in the O Line, 2 FA Starters and 2 1st Rd Picks, for a Line that has 2 rock solid guys at LT and C ..... everyone thinks we will be pass happy under DK, they seem to forget that M Malarkey is also on this O Staff, and Falcons O Line has Got a Lot Bigger and Much Nastier since March .... they keep Ryan upright and Blow some folks off the ball in the run game, Falcons Offense will be a Fucking Nightmare to deal with.....
  2. yea i will believe it when i see Brennan , Strozt and the like in Cuffs until then its all just fodder to divide us even more , they may like that outcome other than to arrest these ppl, it could i love this cock i'm eating a Civil War esp is Top Obama Admins are indicted ,, but all they are doing is Postponing The Lefts Rage until nov 2020 , because i truly expect suicide bombers and organized attacks from the left when they Lose not only to Trump again , but they lose the house as well ..... imo the only way to truly avoid a deadly conflict at this point is ????? theres no 100% way to avoid it But the ppl pulling the strings wont see it that way, they may gamble and rig the election in 2020 , and Just Hope Conservatives dont Revolt , considering by all forms of Common Sense its the Right of Center that are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more Rational these Days... and they may get away with Getting Trump out if they let Reps take control of Both House and senate ... but then it will be a lot worse than what we have today as far as Congress not doing anything for the American ppl, because they will have a lame duck Dem President Like Biden who want, or should i say cant muster the balls and strength to fight congress for the American ppl like Trump has.... but even that is a risk but thats probably what they will try and do... because if Trump wins again in 2020, their will be attacks by the Left , Deadly ones .... that i am 100% sure of... they are completely off the rails at this point, i hope i am Wrong , and Democracy isnt dealt its final death blow from Fear from within its own Boarders .... i say let it play out , the little liberal uprising that will occur in 2020 can be squashed out in a NY Second ..... they are entitled cowards and will run back to their safe spaces and therapy dogs within days of the first antifa terror attack ..... either way... there will be conflict imo
  3. to those cats from Virginia , ya know ,the 2 racist and rapist , it was a story for a day, 6 months ago .... if those cats had been Republican , Cities would be on Fire by now , it would be wall to wall coverage on Communist News Network and Mainly Shit N Biased Coverage yet since they are Demonrats , its Crickets....
  4. whats sad is, most these things should not even be an issue , ALL Americans should Feel this way, and about 85% do ..... its not something complicated like Health Care , or Immigration, All Americans should have this View on these core things protected by our Constitution ... yet we have seen Left Wing Lunatics distort what being an American is ..... If you want a Country as Great as the one we have Today , you have to fight for it, you have to fight to keep it.... period ...... if these ppl who wish to see our Constitution Burn, Right along with America , take control in 2020 ... within 8 yrs America will be no more , it will be more like China or The Old Soviet Union , where your are Jailed or even Killed for Expressing the wrong View , Where everything you see, hear , touch or feel is Censored and controlled by the State, where there is zero chance for anyone to get ahead unless you are born into the power of a very few Ruling Class , an Orwellian Nightmare where you are told what to do, what to wear,what to watch, what to listen to and what to think .... this is the world Todays Democrats Want go vote, vote in every election, no matter how small it may be, Vote for City Council , Sheriff everything ... make sure these ppl are stripped of all power and are forced to crawl back into the sewers they sprang from .....
  5. according to Liberals , I am the Nazi , with a Perverted mindset I am of the mindset, we should be saving Babies, not killing them. I am of the mindset , ALL People should be viewed on Merritt, not the Color of their skin or what god they worship. I am of the mindset , we should be lowering Taxes, Not Raising them. I am of the Mindset people are Innocent, Until Proven Guilty. I am of the mindset, Free Speech should be Protected, not protested. I am of the Mindset, The Media should Report the News , Not Spew Propaganda and Lies for a Political Party. I am of the mindset, History should be Taught as it happened, Not Erased to suit a Narrative. I am of the Mindset, people should talk about their Differences , not Scream and Insult each other over them.
  6. its not like this is a completely dif team same QB same LT same C Same RB Same TE Same 2 Starting WRs + C Ridley 3 of the same starting 4 on the D Line + Takk 2 of the same 3 Starting LBs 3 of the same 4 Starting DBs last yr 1/2 those guys on D were on IR by week 2 lol its not like we were bad in 2017 either , we did beat the rams in LA in the playoffs in 17 if ya remember.... i think we have a damn good team going into this yr, and we are still a week out from the Draft even, where we hold 9 picks ....
  7. didnt the Falcons have the toughest Schedule in the NFL in 2016 ??? propped up by 30-2 Panthers ???? also in that Yr Packers , Seahawks , and the World Champion Broncos.... all of whom we Beat at least once , and in Packers and Panthers Case , Twice
  8. what Hageman did in the last 5 or 6 games of 2016 was Fucking Impressive , he made a serious Jump ... then he made a serious mistake, we get anything close to what we saw at the end of 2016 this is a HUGE Move for Falcons.... and i guess the Falcons learned their lesson last yr when it comes to depth , they are stacking the trenches .....
  9. facebook is the same way...... i have 5k friends on there , i use to just have to ignore my feed with all the Trump Haters , every day is some bullshit story , now its like crickets.... maybe they have started to figure out they have been lied to, manipulated, and brainwashed by a bunch of Scumbags, who dont give a flying fuck about them , all they care about is re taking Power and turning this country into a wasteland .....
  10. obviously the party is just getting started for us on the RIGHT side of History these last 3 years .... I dont know what event i am looking more Forward to The Debates with an all Scumbag Field in June or Tomorrows episode of The Rachal Maddow Show LMFAO
  11. yea hes a for real bad ass.... he and rob rock have been working together almost 20 years now, and have put out a stream of decent music over that time, you just have to dig for the shit, now with Frontier , they have good Production and should be easier to find his shit....
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