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  1. Shredman

    2018 Picks Challenge week 15 (official)

    we are running out of games to pick some of us in striking distance need the points , i will probably be picking against Saints every week, because they will probably be UQ picks the rest of the way
  2. Shredman

    Falcons starters playing

    this is Professional Football man these Fuckers get paid well to play if you are healthy , you play anyone who didnt want to play , i would not want on my fucking team, its been a frustrating year, but you want to try and end on a positive note , and for Players Like Ryan and Jones , they lead by example , what kind of message does it send to other players if they dont play ??? you suck it up, and you act and play like a fucking Professional i have done shows with ppl, knowing it was the last show , but i still played the best i could , thats what Professionals do....
  3. Shredman

    All NFCS Team 2018

    Matt Bryant gets the edge for me because hes been good for so long , that and he hurt himself on that 58 yd make lol but yea, you guys do your own list, and no1 should bash anyone's list if they dont take the time to do 1 themselves lol not saying you are bashing my list, but i am sure some will lol
  4. Shredman

    All NFCS Team 2018

    this is just IMO based on 2018 play feel free to do your own QB Matt Ryan Drew Brees RB Alvin Kamara Christian McCaffey wr Julio Jones Mike Thomas Mike Evans Calvin Ridley TE OJ Howard Austin Hooper O Line in all honesty i have not payed much attention , so i am gonna go with least sacks most rushing yds all Saints with center being the lone exception, take your pick Mack or RK D Line C Jordan G Jarrett S Rankins JPP LBs L David L Kuechley D Davis CB M Lattimore D Trufaunt J Bradbury FS D Kazee SS K Coleman k M Bryant p T Morestead O Roy C Ridley D Roy M Davenport
  5. Shredman

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    i mean think about it, if ANY of us were Told in Aug, Matt Ryan would have 4k yds, 70% comp 30 TDs and 6 ints with 3 games left what do think our record would be ??? 12-1 11-2 no1 here would have said 4-9 thats why i am frustrated
  6. Shredman

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    not upset Frustrated about a Horrid season yes upset or mad at my friends because they are Saint Tards ...no
  7. Shredman

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    i was talking about the O ,Kamara no where to be found and Brees looking like B Oswielier in large chunks of those Games ... ppg is a great stat but for teams like Saints, Pats , chiefs and Rams its a bit misleading , most teams are Trailing and are 1 dimensional or want to use as much clock as Possible, and just grind it out
  8. Shredman

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    i said you had the worst D of NFC playoff teams atm and the eye test is over the last 2 weeks, which have been sloppy at best now you guys can make a statement Monday Night , blow out Panthers and i may see things dif, dont mean i will Hate the fuckers any less lol... but i can question what my eyes are telling me over the last couple of weeks and admit i was wrong if it comes to that lol... which i hope it does not lol .....
  9. Shredman

    Falcons 2019 Draft Projections

    O Line LB DT but yea, even if we miss in every rd, it will just be nice to have our last 4 drafts off of IR and on the field again ..... but yea look at Tackle , Schradar has fell off the map and was benched last week after being the #1 RT in the game 2 yrs ago according to PFF to start next season with everyone back, the Falcons Roster is in pretty good shape , even you haters gotta admit the Injury situation starting in week 1 for Falcons has been fucking ridiculous, 8 starters at Key Fucking spots 1/2 of them Pro Bowl players on IR at one time or another , the entire middle of our D was gutted by week 3 , both S and MLB on IR, 2 of the 3 Pro Bowl Players and the other our signal caller ...lmfao rd 1 T rd 2 DT or LB rd 3 to 7 Depth it is what it is man , The Team is good, and has great players , starting to be concerned about Coaching , but DQ , and TD should get another yr after all the IR woes , now Sark and Manuel .... yea not sure about those guys being around ... hell i think we have a good team when 1/2 or players are not on ir , still 4 -9 , someone has to answer for that shit...
  10. Shredman

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    look fuckheads , i love most of you like Brothers, and yes i am Biased , but you assholes act like you have won 5 st8 Championships , its 30000 threads of how Great Saints are, it makes me want them to lose even more , forget the fact, if they get knocked out you fuckers will be eating crow well into next yr , but give us a Fucking Break until you actually win a championship , with no drama to go with it, 1 ring in 12 yrs with an all time great QB is NOT worthy of you guys sucking each others dicks the last 2 months ....
  11. Shredman

    2018 Picks Challenge week 15 (official)

    Chiefs PT Game Texans PT Game Broncos PT Game Falcons South Game Titans Jags Vikings Bills Cowboys Raiders Ravens South Game Bears Seahawks Pats Rams PT Game South Game UQ Panthers
  12. whos gonna beat him ???? Creepy Uncle Joe ? Braindead Harris ? maybe HRC ??? lmfao its like saying , I hate the Falcons , so now i will be a Cards Fan lmfao, dont matter they are even more Clueless .....
  13. Shredman

    as MSM melts down

    lol, and the stupid Fucktard actually believes he is winning because CNN says he is , he thinks trump will be impeached or even go to Jail, because CNN says so lmfao, if that were the case, Comey would not be screaming vote blue in 2020 and get Trump out , meanwhile in the real world, Students in France Join yellow jackets in protest of Leftist/Globalist Policies , Traitors all of them, because they dare to disagree with Libtard Logic lmfao
  14. Shredman


    because Saints Record vs Cover 3 D (aside from this yrs Falcons Mash unit )speaks for itself
  15. Shredman


    Vikings D was almost as bad as yours to start the yr, since E Griffin and A Barr have came back, they look a lot more like last yrs Elite D..... but yea ppg is a big stat , main 1 really , i dont think there is any real danger of you seeing the Vikings in the Div Rd tho, they are not good enough to go into Dallas or Chicago and win a wc game imo.... Seahawks are good enough to beat either , thats probably who you will draw in div rd is Seahawks in div rd , and aside from Atlantas Busted up cover 3 from this yr , history says you will have your hands full with Seahawks.... we will see