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  1. Shredman

    Because Fuck The Environment

    i have said this all along, what fucking good does it do when China and India just shit on the Planet we have 320 mil ppl they have almost 6 fucking Billion , thats Billion with a B it 1 step forward and 3 steps back, every fucking day and we were expected to give these fuckers Billions in tax payer Dollars thru the Paris Accords ???? LMFAO.... yea my lord, fuckers can protest all they want, this Orange Bastard has been Great for this Country , The Bull in the China Shop is a Great thing to have, when that Bull has a tad of common sense and dont need Lobbyist Money ..... all these fucking ppl in meltdown over what Trump says, or the way he says it .... they can go to hell give me loud mouth results over smooth talking failure, all day, every day
  2. Shredman

    Indictment incoming

    hes a DemonRat what do you expect ????
  3. Shredman

    Indictment incoming

    why is that ???? because known Liars said it was so ???? we have not seen Diogs from the DNC Server , and thats really the biggie , because more than 1/2 of Sanders Supporters turned on HRC at that point, and yes , it probably cost her the election , after it was revealed they had rigged the Primaries , so half of them got it... to bad Sanders himself didnt, because he is still carrying water for the scumbags to this day lol
  4. Shredman

    Indictment incoming

    Bottom Line we dont know who hacked the DNC Servers, I dont know if it was Russians or Not, all they had to do was turn over their servers to prove it ... they never did, and still probably wont have to , unless a Russian shows up in Court but this is not like last time, when the Russians showed up Mueller was pretty smart , i will give it to him , he named ppl directly linked to Russian Intelligence, and charged them with Multi Crimes, not just the DNC Hack ... pretty much insuring no1 was gonna show up and to make them turn over their servers ... hell even if they did hack the servers , they did this Country a Favor , we would not have a fucking clue as to how Pathetic The Dems were , well maybe thats not True, because we did have Project Veritase, and all dems have done is reinforce what we learned that they were , with all the shit we have seen since .....
  5. just got off work a bit ago, did a job for a Vet Today big job actually , we got to talking , he showed me where he had been shot 3 times 1 in the chest, 2 in the lower rib cage , then he mentioned this comment here we are talking about, that was my key to start talking politics , i was like yea that asshole from Tennessee, told him i was just talking about him , i thanked him for his service and gave him our standard Military Discount , he turned right around, gave me a $60 tip and a 1/2 Once of weed lol ..... give Strozt a Purple Heart , LMFAO i think The Entire Democratic Party is on its death bed , we need to just section off a piece of the Country and let them have their Liberal Utopia , let them have open Boarders , no police , and all the free shit in the world that they cant pay for ..... within 2 years , when they spent all the rich kids trust funds , they would be begging to come back to REAL AMERICA, because do you really think ppl like Bill Mahar or R Maddow are gonna move their and just open up their 35k a day bank accounts to better the Human Race with Socialism ????? LMFAO i would give them less than 2 yrs, before they looked like a 3rd World Country .... cali is the perfect choice , hell most their boarder cities look that way now lol... build the wall around Cali , and tell um to have fun.... lol
  6. i say tap the shit, and drain it dry, then do away with the shit all together , we have not needed it for over a Decade Now....Big 3 , Big Oil , you need to rethink your shit lol.... we dont need their fucking oil , havent for years just big dollars and corruption have kept the shit flowing , imagine what would happen if The US and our Allies said, fuck it, we are going Electric , and solar .... Empires in the Mid East would Crumble and no1 would be dying for oil over there anymore .... will we ever see that in our Lifetimes ??? probably not because both sides are Corrupt saying that one side is veryyyyyyyyyyyy clearly more Pathetic , the side that says clean energy is great then take billions in donations from big oil , and as AMERICANS we wish for the days when that was the worst they were guilty of.... but yea thats just IMO the do away with oil thing the dems being Pathetic is NOT just IMO, its a FACT
  7. isnt that like the most Liberal area in this GREAT State ????? you see thats what i dont get, well i do get it, Dems only playbook is to accuse everyone else of what they are guilty of, they have always been racist, and still are, they are racist in a dif way, affirmative action , the welfare system , all that shit they created , basically says to a black man, you are not good enough , so we need to help you , because we are awesome . and for sure not racist lol which in itself is very fucking racist IMO lol all men and women should be judged on Merit , not skin color but we are seeing many many blacks walk away , they are starting to figure it out....
  8. what lies ???? for the 1000th time what fucking lies ????
  9. is this your defense for the things that were mentioned ???? You fuckers know, its never been about Trump not for me , i have said many times i wish it had been a quite sen from Iowa with Trumps Platform that was the guy who was there , that guy or Gal didnt exist, so we got Trump... thats your Fault, and instead of calling out , and stopping the Pathetic Corruption , Race Baiting and Communist Tactics ,of your anti American fucked up Party , you Fucktards have doubled down .... its a Fucking Disgrace its not about Trump, its about how Fucking Pathetic Dem have Become....
  10. yea i think thats dems biggest problems they didnt get it when they were caught rigging their Primaries they didnt get it when they were caught hiring ppl to create violence at Trump Rallies they didnt get it when they were Caught Colluding to Bury an Investigation into HRC they didnt get it when they were Caught cooking up 3 dif versions of a fake dossier they didnt get it when they still fucking Lost and they for sure dont fucking get it now , they will lol come nov they will , when they are stripped of what little power they have left, maybe then they will GET IT
  11. Shredman

    Anyone else watching the FBI hearing

    his FBI Career is Over we will stop him and this is the guy who opened the collusion investigation its just a matter of Time , he will be gone, and he should be in Jail , maybe even in front of a firing squad , if this is not Treason, I dont know what is.... by the way Treason is still a Death Penalty offense is Jeff Sessions not the worst AG in History ? he recused himself from the russia investigation, fine... that has nothing to do with the Treason that led to it .... if what i expect to happen after the midterms , happens , all these fucking ppl will be fired and some even charged, once Trump knows their is no way to stop his new picks for AG and DAG ..... i believe you have to fire RR first , get the new Deputy AG approved , then show Sessions the Door , make sure there is no way , shit like this , can happen again while waiting for Confirmation on the DAG .... The Russia Investigation dont matter, everyone knows what it is now... and even if there were a there, there... Mr Strozt has ended any hope of an Indictment against The President , thats how fucking stupid dems are , they are making him out to be a Hero , no Judge or Jury in this Country will Convict with the Bias that has been exposed...
  12. ppl of Tennessee, you need to demand this scumbag resign , he is a disgrace to your Wonderful State ....
  13. i am saying if they had got the money from ppl making 35k a day like R Maddow and Bill M , i would not have had a problem with it, but when the main source of funding , comes from ppl who cant even pay their own bills , even a Fucking Simple Minded fool like you should have a problem with it...
  14. “The study does a very nice job of showing that when you remove financial barriers to healthcare, health improves,” said Dr. Cary Gross, yea duh but how were those barriers removed ???? the health care Fairy ???? LMFAO
  15. my Conspiracy Theories have a solid paper trail , live video and gov docs to back them up.... yours has a Fake Russian Dossier.... yea wow