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  1. meezy0236

    Hate week. Meh

    Ok Joe, now tell us how you really feel, but don't hold back this time!
  2. I know huh? Who whodda thunk it? Thank goodness this board has you to point all these bitchmade ways out! Whew!
  3. Yep, nailed me again. Bro, you are the man with your insight!
  4. You don't need folks, your super duper superior intellect is way more than enough. Honestly (and I use that term lightly, cause, you know), i don't think you need extra validation for your assessment of my character, I've accepted (Da Bird wink wink) it coming from you. You've opened my eyes and Everybody in here eyes to my dishonest, immoral leftsist, deflecting ways. Once everyone acknowledges this and validate what you already know to be true, this day will be quite successful!
  5. Well, like I've been telling you all day, you've exposed me. And no need to ask this question...........Everybody here already knows and can see it!
  6. Oh yeah, forgot idiot, sorry. Edited the list Home Skillet!
  7. Got it, so let's see what the tally is lame, retarded, dishonest, insecure, bitch, bad grammar (for Da Bird's list), wrong, passive aggressive, and idiot! Wow, I've racked up today, now, Everybody here who knows this, may look at all these and think, insults, but no, these are compliments coming from such a superior intellect!
  8. You've already told me the facts. And you being who you are, I can't argue them. Embrace it Bro, you're that damn good!
  9. Just living up to your expectations Homie!!!
  10. Ok, now that you've fully exposed me, we can move on. Great job Homie...... and Everybody here knows it!
  11. Thank you, add bad grammar to the list as well
  12. No need, your facts set me straight. Should have been the end of it, I keep having to tell you how right you've been, but you don't want to except it. Oh well, if you'd like, I'll keep telling you you were right and maybe you'll believe me at some point. Oh, and for everyone here that knows this, add insecure to the list of my other accolades!
  13. See, got me pegged again, damn you're good! Oh, and add deflector to the list!