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  1. meezy0236

    Long day...

    So sorry for your loss, things like this are never easy, but just know you gave her the best possible life, and revel in all the memories she's provided over the years.
  2. meezy0236

    Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    His dating app profile
  3. meezy0236

    Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    My Wife and I have a dog as well, and it's just as you described, he chose us. Breeder put him on my Wife's chest, she started crying, he started licking her chin, and the rest is history. The more you talk about her, I think the better you'll start to feel, keep using this thread as a sounding board, cause I see there are a lot of pet lovers here, just reliving memories, pics, and stories may be therapeutic.
  4. meezy0236

    Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    I haven't posted here in nearly 6 months, but i ran across this post and felt I had to respond. Despite all of our differences (our very petty differences), it's things like this that bond all of us. Love for family, love for friends, and love for our pets, who are very much an extension of our Family. Face I'm very very sorry for your loss, I can feel the love and hurt in every post you've made here, and I am confident her memory will carry you through this tough time. I wish I had more words that can ease some of your pain, but just remember you were both lucky to have each other in your lives, and that love you have will carry onto eternity until you're both jogging on Heaven's beach together again.
  5. Wouldn't you be disgruntled too if you were misdiagnosed, and was basically called out by the DC for not being able to play, and then be told by another organization that the surgery performed on you was totally botched, and therefore can't and won't be signed by another team? Well, I don't know about you, but I'd be a little bitter about that, but even with that he has since come out and said he would like to return to the team and have a conversation with Dennis Allen to clear things up.
  6. I know Payton isn't a doctor and can only go by the information he's given from them, but Delvin isn't the first player this has happened to, and I'm reading it goes as far back as Shockey complaining about being misdiagnosed. This would make this a Payton problem, cause when multiple players are telling you the same things over the years, then you might have to start to suspect there's an issue.
  7. I know we don't see eye to eye often (if at all lol), but I agree with everything in this post, and this is a realistic view of how things are.
  8. meezy0236

    Falcons @ Dolphins Game Thread - 23-20 Dolphins

    Sportsdevil seems to be down. Will probably need to search reddit for NFL streams.
  9. She probably never thought in a million years she'd be the First Lady of the United States, but since she's been there she's handled it so far with a lot of class
  10. meezy0236

    An Observation About Obama-care

    This^ agreed
  11. meezy0236

    An Observation About Obama-care

    I work at hospital, and from what I hear from just some of the employees when it comes to insurance (namely Obamacare) it's a mixed bag. Meaning most of the nurses and doctors can afford those high ass prices, so they don't complain as much about the cost, to them it just is what it is, but lower level employees with families are suffering from the high cost, but are forced to have insurance by the company. I agree, it helps some, but it can definitely be a detriment to others, mainly the working middle class.
  12. meezy0236

    Sling tv compared to satellite/cable...

    Don't have Sling, but I've heard good things from folks I know that owns it. Invest in a Firestick so you can have all the movies, shows, sports, and pay per views.