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  1. meezy0236

    Will Marques Colston ever get in the HOF?

    Short answer, No. Longer detailed answer, Hell No.
  2. meezy0236

    Bring JB Back!

    I'm not trying to convince anyone to feel any kind of way about JB, I'm saying I don't agree with banning anyone over words. That's just me, I'm not bothered by his or anyone else's words on any part of this message board, if I see something I want to respond to, I do it, or I simply read past anything I don't like or agree with. If the majority wants him banned, then what I say doesn't matter anyway, so it's all good, I'm going to post regardless.
  3. meezy0236

    Bring JB Back!

    Ray, I get all that, but the point is, if y'all want to talk football only in this forum, talk football only, and skip whatever isn't football, why is that so hard, that is all I'm trying to understand. If you're saying that it is totally impossible to ignore JB in this forum, then by all means enforce whatever rule that's on the books. As I have said before, I will never support banning anyone for words. That's just me though, so I'm not saying you're wrong or anyone else is wrong for feeling that way.
  4. meezy0236

    Bring JB Back!

    I know you asked SFLA this question, but if I may. It's not so much about responsibility, some are making it seem like it's completely impossible to ignore JB, he's not saying you have to ignore JB, he's asking why is it so hard to ignore something you don't like. You all are grown, so y'all do what you want, but if you or anyone else really wanted to ignore JB, you could. No one is forcing anyone to respond to anything, so with that being said if there's no response to his post no one would even know if it's been read. And I'm assuming that was his point.
  5. meezy0236

    EA Sports - this is damn funny

  6. meezy0236

    Man of his word

  7. This setup is tooooo easy, but I'll just say it produced a chuckle and leave it at that.
  8. meezy0236

    The slow death of Breezus H. Kriest

    Free, we can sum this thread up really fast Saints fans: Brees is fine and will be fine So called "objective fans": look at the last 6 games....... he's obviously done!
  9. meezy0236

    The slow death of Breezus H. Kriest

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And here it is, please Brees retire cause, cause, cause........ahhhh yeah, you're sstarting to decline..... yeah, that's it.
  10. Meh, it's still better than the 50+ years of ringless misery for the Falcons......
  11. meezy0236

    Sean McVay's Todd Gurley Story

    This^ my thought is, at that point in the season if he can play, then you play him, and make the other team have to prepare and deal with him. At the very least, if he's on the field, then he can still be a threat and open up the play action pass, which they thrive on. Nobody is biting on play action with Anderson playing 80% of the snaps.
  12. meezy0236

    In Honor of Super Bowl Sunday

    Black Bush and When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong. LMAO!
  13. meezy0236

    Fastest phone in the West

    Sorry for the late response. Actually I'm not a fan of the watches, but my Wife is. She just lost her fit2, and I was actually looking for a Gear 3 for her. I wish I would have seen this post earlier because it looks like Best Buy doesn't have the sale going on any longer.
  14. meezy0236

    Bring JB Back!

    I think it's been long enough. Football season is over for all of our teams, and he should be able to get in on the fun of trolling us Saints fans too, so Fiddy, make it happen!
  15. I expected this though, Ron is harmless, and the trolling has actually been pretty mild imo. If the roles were reversed, we'd be going in on them too. I've been posting a lot because it has actually been fun again around here.