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  1. I would post a picture of a coffin, but you already know you'll probably leave this earth without ever seeing a Falcons SB trophy, so why add insult to injury 👍
  2. You gotta admit tho, that is a helluva Soccer stadium Blank built for them!
  3. You haven't settled, you've just accepted the fact y'all ain't winning one rusty trophy
  4. Never going to win a Championship.......... Falcons that is
  5. I made the point a long time ago, y'all are the ones looking for silver linings to your team's suckness!
  6. See there ya go Champ, you guys have something to be proud of. A team with a winning head to head record against their biggest rival and a playoff win!!! This is some great shit for half a century plus existence!
  7. It's the Falcons so I absolutely know it and guess what, deep down, you know it too.
  8. Yeah, And Kerry is an asshole so he's more than qualified to make that diagnosis.
  9. LMAO! Don't get mad at me cause you've come to accept the fact your team will never win a championship and will ALWAYS let you down, but hey, it's like you said...and I quote "we're just like, "Yeah, so...?" 🤣
  10. We all know this how most of y'all feel, the acceptance of mediocrity and the support of it is what y'all do, it's what y'all are known for.
  11. I don't have to prove anything cause the proof is in the Falcons 50+ years of ringless wackness lol
  12. I know you want to believe this, and I understand, but Bro the collapse is just part of the Falcons failures. See, if you would have at least won a SB then maybe this asinine shit you and Free are trying to push would have some merit (still wouldn't, but whatever), but since y'all shit the bed in the other Superbowl (which I gave y'all credit for being in two... congrats there), y'all cling to anything that might ease that reality. I mean, your Franchise not only blew the largest lead in a Superbowl ever, embarrassing themselves, the "fans", and the entire fucking State, they continue to add years to a championshipless existence. So again, I get it, as rivals you have deluded yourselves to believe the Saints last 3 years somehow equals the 50+ years of ringless misery and colossal, epically embarrassing, in front of the entire world, meltdown. I say more power to y'all fine fellas.
  13. It's a lot better than being a fan of a team that can claim the title of the worst loss in Superbowl history, but hey in typical loser mentality, y'all at least been twice lolol
  14. BULLLLLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!! Nice try though, the Saints could lose in playoffs for the next 10 years, the same way they've loss the last 3 and it still wouldn't equal that monumental fuck up in the biggest game sports have to offer.
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