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  1. I may need that cause I don't want to get to the point of PMing you, and threaten to curb stomp you, leave the boards, go back to rivals to resurrect it, but ultimately comeback and start trolling Falcons fans....I really don't want to be the type of guy that does crazy mad shit like that. So I'm going to humbly bow out while "I'm just mad" and let you have the last word.
  2. Ron, how come you don't do stand up bruh? You are so funny, I mean the way you can say the same thing over and over and over, but still manage to make it hilarious, it's truly becoming an honor to watch this. I've been told "I'm mad" 3 times now and you know what you're convincing me that I am..... just like you convinced me you cooked those delicious looking ribs...... you have the gift of persuasion my friend!
  3. I think I'll troll Falcons fans with pics of their worthless SB title...... I'll be right back with those!
  4. The originality is staggering Ron, how can I ever comeback from being told "I'm mad"
  5. All this you're saying means nothing cause at the end of the day I've witnessed a Saints SB victory and you witnessed it too. And you can call it tainted, old, meaningless or whatever else that helps you cope which the Falcons failuresbut it won't change anything.
  6. I guess it was when it's the only thing in the last 50 years to hang on too. But since that's the case, I surely understand and glad the Saints could help you and your fan base out... cause you know....
  7. See above^ pics for "trolling" and the tried and true "you mad" retort LMAO! But let me guess Falcons fans this is comedic gold!? 🤣
  8. Ron in here talking about people using the same insults on him, then turns around and keeps posting the same memes and videos as some wack form of trolling....... hypocrisy? I think we know the answer to that one. And poor Free, this dude has convinced himself what happened to the Saints the last two seasons is somehow worse than embarrassing yourself historically in the biggest sporting event in the country. The Saints and Bucs SBs may be old, but it's 10x better than anything the Falcons has ever done in their 50+ year history.
  9. See, lame comebacks, damn Ron, come on man, don't you start with this nonsense, you're usually better than this!
  10. Supporting mediocrity, once again proving my point. Well done Ron
  11. Yeah, forgot about Tom. Like I said, I have no problem laughing at some good trolling material even if it's at the expense of the Saints.
  12. You're right Free, it does get under my skin when y'all try to troll and the shit is beyond lame. I don't care if you're making fun of the Saints, the fans, or whatever, if the shit is funny I'm going to acknowledge it. Fiddy and Syco are funny as hell when they're trolling us, and we've told them that. This lame ass bullshit is not even close to being humorous, but like I said before, you're use to supporting mediocrity so I'm not surprised you think Mash is "owning" something.
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