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  1. https://www.wwltv.com/article/sports/nfl/saints/drew-brees-dismisses-concerns-about-arm-strength-stats/289-f115ba7c-eaf7-45e1-801d-358aa02ac7c8 Have at it fellas!
  2. When he fields a punt or kickoff, there's no wasted movements, it's pick a lane and go, if he's stopped cool, but if the first wave misses then he has the chance to break it. He came close several times Sunday, and it just feels like he can take one to the house anytime he touches the ball.
  3. Insert #2 into this same post and still true for Falcons
  4. I like Teddy, but IMO Taysom should be groomed as the backup for now
  5. The Rapist and The Retard..... sounds like an Adult Swim Cartoon
  6. Ok Mash, you don't think the guy should be playing, that's fine and nothing wrong with that, but you were acting like no one should even discuss the possibilities, That's what messageboards are for. There are pros and cons to Kap, and his cons are outweighing his pros, but it doesn't make one stupid for presenting an idea. As for your bolded statement, if there were no protest, Kap would be on a team, now rather if he'd be a starter or not is a different question, but some team would have employed him
  7. Again, I agree. The only thing with him (if a team could look past the distractions), if he was in football shape, and willing to play for back up money, he could be a stop gap until the starter returns (if it's not a season ending injury of course), but right now I couldn't see him starting for any team. I do believe though he is better than a lot of backups currently in the league, but he just comes with too much baggage and that's not ideal for teams, especially for a player that wouldn't even be on the field.
  8. See, this is a legitimate concern, and definitely one reason I could see for not bringing him in.
  9. Agreed, I can understand (sort of) not liking the on the field stuff, be it his play or the kneeling, but what exactly off the field has he done wrong that makes him suck? By all accounts it seems he's a stand up guy.
  10. Ok Fellas, time to pool together and get this guy on the case!
  11. Must have found out Kap invest in Chic Fil As
  12. This a messed up situation, but I can't say I blame him. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/08/08/trent-williams-continues-to-insist-he-will-not-play-for-washington/
  13. I can't even lie Free, he did me wrong too in FF, couple of good games then nada!
  14. Agreed, I think they would have improved the mechanics if they were able to continue the series, but the running didn't always look natural or fluid, but the game play made up for that IMO. And yes, Madden is just now adding things in the game that 2k was doing a decade ago, and that's some sad shit.
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