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  1. Yep, it was the equivalent of finding out DQ and TD were returning to the Falcons!
  2. So, after the first week of the XFL, I would say the overall experience wasn't terrible, in fact I would say it was quite good for a startup. A few things stood out about the league. The speed of the game is fantastic, the 25 second play clock, and the running clock even on incomplete passes makes the game fly by, and the game isn't bogged down by unnecessary stoppages 2. No extra points. Totally changes the dynamics of the game, teams will have to actually utilize strategy after scoring which changes game plans, makes for more drama in close games, and teams who are down can use the extra point system to close scoring gaps in a hurry. 3. The Kickoffs, it looks crazy, but at least there's more opportunities for returns, while actually minimizing injuries that happens during the kickoff 4. One of the best things they have incorporated IMO, is the listening in on the replay review, this is a game changer, and the NFL could benefit from this if they decided to adopt this into the game. With there being almost zero confidence in the officiating, this transparency lets the viewers see and hear what's going on in the replay booth in real time, and provide insight into what they're looking at on the field when making rulings. 5. The end of each half. I like the clock stopping even in the field of play after the 2 min warning, only starting after the ball is placed and 5 seconds runs off the play clock. This increases the number of plays and scoring chances, and could be vital for teams trying to increase their lead or teams trying to comeback. All in all, the league is much better than the first time around, and the talent in the league is much better, but only time will will tell if the league is sustainable, as for now they're off to a solid start.
  3. As I said earlier......... Fuck the Niners!
  4. You can Google your answer, now the question is if you're not butthurt then what does his yac have to do with anything?
  5. The buthurt says he doesn't run far enough tho!
  6. The hate is what lets me know he's the best lol
  7. But still better than every receiver in the league
  8. This is so surreal, I'm hurting for his family, may he Rest in Paradise......Mamba forever ❤
  9. I agree, and there are always multiple sides, but if the Saints are guilty of any wrong doing, then they deserve what ever happens to them.
  10. How you gonna tell me I'm going to be offended about something, you gave your opinion like I gave mine. Furthermore, don't ever get it confused, my football fandom never intersects with real life events, so If it's proven the Saints are guilty of something, then so be it.
  11. I agree with DD, this isn't a good look. Football is a sport, this is people lives. This is fucked up, and fuck anyone in the organization that had anything to do with this cover up.
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28508138/source-cop-slapped-odell-beckham-jr-no-longer-pursuing-charges Thus ends Slap-ass gate 2020
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