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  1. meezy0236

    The Receipts Thread

    There's savage and then there's FUCKIN SAVAGE, and this Sir was FUCKIN SAVAGE!
  2. meezy0236

    The Receipts Thread

    Ooh ok, got it lol
  3. meezy0236

    The Receipts Thread

    Sorry, not getting the point
  4. meezy0236

    The Receipts Thread

    Minnesota game was close? Didn't they get a garbage TD with like 5mins to go in the game? It was like 30 to 13 at that point.
  5. 10min opening drive and still scored 35 in the half!
  6. meezy0236

    Saints working out Dez

    Hustle+Muscle = Success I did the math!
  7. meezy0236

    Davenport is Fo Real

    Scrub !
  8. meezy0236

    Congrats Saints

    We'll take all that as a congrats, so thanks!
  9. meezy0236

    5-1 BITCHES!!!

    Yep, he can wear his Super Bowl Ring when he does it!
  10. meezy0236


  11. meezy0236

    Proposed Ban of SSK from the Football Forum

    Like I said, matter of opinion. If that's the way you feel, cool, I just don't look at it that way.
  12. meezy0236

    Proposed Ban of SSK from the Football Forum

    Let me say this again, my thoughts on this matter go with my not having anything against any of you, JB included. Even with political differences, team affiliation differences, or any other differences, I don't like seeing anyone banned from anywhere for any reason, that is what made this board better than the majority of the other boards out there. We could be assholes, trolls, bastards, etc, and it was all good, logout then come back the next day and do it all over again. You're all cool with me regardless of what is said or talked about.