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  1. UG9

    for Goat Potus - from the Donald

    He has two cards left in the deck.
  2. That shit is real. I have a Gris Gris on Mash right now.
  3. Ray. you still believe Drew will not retire if he wins the Superbowl?
  4. I agree, however she could have said she was joking in her first interview.
  5. UG9

    Eagles fans reaction compilation

    That fool at 5:03...lol
  6. UG9

    IF saints win

    Plus, let a motherfucking fire alarm go off!! If I was a player. I would piss all over that locker room before I left.
  7. UG9

    Dear Fiddy ....

    He's in jail. He robbed the Santa Clause ringing the bell.