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  1. Hey, nothing wrong with that at all. I've been on a Chanel AHSEE binge lately. It's such an under appreciated fragrance. I kinda like it that way, not many people own it. They opt for the ubiquitous Bleu de Chanel.
  2. @VoidedSaint What have you been rocking lately?
  3. Dude was a prominent member in that Christian terrorist group that Sycola mentioned awhile back but couldn't recall the actual name.
  4. Truth be told, I've never jacked off to a SI swimsuit magazine. You on the other hand, all those late nights, home alone, when the "wife" is still at "work"...
  5. The next time you feel like posting, save us all the trouble, and don't.
  6. Ever noticed how pretty much every thread you decide to "involve" yourself in gets derailed? For example, this thread. It had nothing to do with you. You were nowhere near the orbit of the thread's thought. But you couldn't have that. No, you just HAD to make something about you that was never meant to be. In essence, you seem to have a highly unjustified sense of self. I'd expect someone who can't cook or solve basic math to act a bit more humble.
  7. You say your "son" but evidence to the contrary leads me to believe that in fact it's actually Rhonda who is struggling with zher remedial math education. Perhaps if you spent more time paying attention in class and attending office hours instead of scouring the boards with fake pics reminiscent of "Catfish", then you wouldn't have to risk the embarrassment soon to follow. Just think about all the progress you could have made in the past year since your emotional breakdown and threats to leave the board. All that time wasted. Shame, really.
  8. Speaking of blowjobs, you probably give them standing up, huh? Say, how many blowjobs does it cost for the solution to a math problem?
  9. Ironic that someone who routinely tries to overcompensate for their perceived lack of manhood is now publicly expressing his gay thoughts.
  10. Call me out for the fact that not only do I know how to smell good, but also dress well? Sure, go ahead Catfish. Apparently you already do. How's the plan to "promote" that forum going?
  11. Dude, stop acting like Trump is some kind of messiah or something. He just wasted $90 million. Act like a decent human being here and share in the upsetment.
  12. That joke obviously went right over your head. Thankfully there’s plenty of clearance.
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