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  1. The Bee Explains: Common Racist Hand Signals If there’s one thing you’ve noticed about white nationalists, it’s that they have hands. And something they’ve been doing a lot with their hands lately is sending out secret messages in support of white supremacy. If you see anyone doing any of these hand gestures, you can be certain they are a racist and should report them to the nearest racism reporting facility (usually Twitter). This racist hand symbol is very popular right now. It’s to say “OK” as in “Racism is A-OK.” This sign signals to other people that you believe one race is superior to all the others. Just say no to the One symbol. This is very similar to the “One” symbol, but doubly racist because it is two fingers instead of one. Some people think this means “peace” or “two,” but they are probably secret racists. https://babylonbee.com/news/the-bee-explains-common-racist-hand-signals/
  2. facelessman07

    Bird Fans Would You ?

    A 5th and it's a deal
  3. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    @jb™ So Trump was just enforcing laws (i.e. The Flores Settlement-look it up) that predate his presidency? Furthermore, what do you know about EO13841?
  4. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    Cite your claim and then cite supposedly why it happened. I'm very serious.
  5. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    That picture was taken in 2014 on American soil in Arizona. 5 years well into Obama's presidency. How does this not prove your ignorance?
  6. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    I'm glad you brought that up When was this picture taken?
  7. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    Which administration identified these countries as terrorist breeding grounds?
  8. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    Aww c'mon Meezy stop it, you're gonna make me blush ☺️
  9. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    Impeachment based on what exactly?? His purported plan to turn America into a "whites only" nation? Because you have yet to offer any evidence in support of that nonsense.
  10. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    Why bitch about a problem if you're not going to offer a solution?
  11. facelessman07

    Proposed Football Board Ban of JB. All users vote.

    Seconded. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that things could and would change. I was hoping once football started he could keep it to yunno....football talk, as he's had some great discussions before. I was wrong.
  12. facelessman07

    Somebody come look at this

    How many racists did MLK win over with this attitude?
  13. The whole offense better keep this shit up. I couldn't watch the game today so I better see some forcible anal fisting next week against NO.