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  1. I LOVE that sign! Trump DOES smell like pee! I know it from a first-hand anonymous source!!
  2. Trump supporters should fear for their safety upon leaving any and all his rallies.
  3. Protestors also throwing fingers and harassing folks getting in their cars outside of the arena. HAILZ YES KEEP IT UP MY LEFTIST COHORTS!!!
  4. My fellow liberal brethren, how excited does this make you??
  5. What do you mean “now?”
  6. Ain’t nothin’ but a thang. Shanny could make a 100 yard rusher out of Bernie Sanders, provided ol’ Bern took his beta blockers before kickoff.
  7. AIn't you Falcon fans jelly? Dude just put up 31 points with no name receivers and scrubs on the O-line.
  8. Look at my boy getting shit done without having to pay a receiver $66 million that comes off the field on 3rd down.
  9. faceless enjoying the hail outta this game
  10. Red & Gold baby! RED AND GOLD!!
  12. So what’s the story with you and these gators?
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