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  1. Absolute best feature on a woman is a great ass
  2. Hey, jb! Look at what I found!
  3. Interesting. Obviously his lab must be a subsidiary of the federal government. No way the private sector makes any kind of treatment progress like that.
  4. jb, lest we forget why these so-called "Trumpists" are still around. It's because YOUR TEAM lost! Those Democrats that you hold in such high regard...LOST! You can't just come in here and talk shit when your team LOST and you didn't have the balls to show up for months after the election. Which begs the question, will you do the same this November?
  5. And that's how stupid the base is. What has Michelle done politically? Pick out the new blinds for that big house over on Pennsylvania Avenue? Great, that suddenly qualifies you to deal with Rocket Man and build a strong economy.
  6. The things you do for your dogs... Make sure to give us the good news tomorrow.
  7. You’ll be in my prayers Kevo. Wow, jb said it best.
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