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  1. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    My sweet Allie, I will always love you.. 11/5/2006-4/11/2018 To those of you who have lost pets, how do you deal with it? I'm heartbroken. She's my first real dog, and I'm an absolute wreck right now. I'll never love another dog as much as I've loved her, and I anxiously await the day when I get to see her again.
  2. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    The first time I read this was years ago. Looking back, I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. If you're reading this and you've lost a loved one (pet), then I hope that it brings you as much comfort as it brings me... All Dogs Do Go To Heaven: A Resurrection Reflection John Anthony DunneMar 27, 2012 The end of Lent is nearly a week away and Easter is quickly approaching. AND did you know that last week – March 23, 2012 – the world celebrated National Puppy Day? Now I know what you’re thinking, what does Easter have to do with puppies? The simple answer: all dogs go to Heaven. As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus we acknowledge the victory accomplished against Sin and Death. This event is central to our faith as Christians. Without it we are people to be pitied (1 Cor 15.17-19). With this event comes massive implications. Christ has defeated Death, the greatest foe, and reigns over the cosmos as her Lord. Yet, there are some implications from Christ’s Resurrection that I know many Christians – particularly those in America – have never fully considered. Now allow me to be frank. I am not an “animal person.” I am pretty sure that I will never personally own pets when I have a family (I’d rather have more kids!). So when I say that I believe that dogs go to Heaven I am not speaking from the perspective of an obsessed dog-lover. Additionally, I refer to dogs as a synecdochefor all animals. I believe that all animals will go to Heaven. This past Summer (2011) our family dog – a miniature Schnauzer named Joey – passed away. He was the last survivor from his litter and for the last few years of his life he had become blind and deaf. It was sad to see him deteriorate and pass away, especially for my mother and brother. They decided to have him cremated so they could pour his ashes in his favorite spot. I understood the sentiment, but was opposed to the idea. I think the cremation of humans is more problematic than the cremation of animals, but the problem with cremation is that it stems from a Gnostic framework. Within this framework the physical world is bad and should be destroyed. There is no sense of preservation, only destruction. However, the Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) have always placed a major emphasis on proper burials. As Christians we ought to affirm that God’s creation is good. Furthermore, by burying the dead we are proclaiming to the world that we believe in the Resurrection. To be sure, God can overcome cremation; let’s not be mistaken here. Those who are cremated do not miss out on the Resurrection! Yet we have a witness to maintain to the world. We are proclaiming that God is not finished with our bodies. So then, why did it matter to me whether our dog was cremated? Because I believe that Joey will be resurrected. If you were raised like me, your initial response is probably: Wait a second, dogs don’t have souls, they can’t go to Heaven! Yet this line of thinking misses the most fundamental point about the Resurrection: it is physical. With the Resurrection of Jesus, God has begun to reclaim his fallen creation. Christ is the first-fruits, and then every person that ever lived will be resurrected at his coming (some to a resurrection of life and others to a resurrection of death). Thus, the afterlife isn’t contingent on having souls (as an aside, this is why modern disputes about the existence of the soul carry little importance for me). We weren’t designed to go to a spiritual/ethereal Heaven. We were made for this earth. When humanity is resurrected, all of creation is resurrected alongside. Note the words of Paul; it is quite clear that when it comes to the resurrection, humans and the rest of creation are in it together: This is the goal of all of God’s dealings with humanity. Sure, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2 Cor 5.8). This relates to being with God after we die in what theologians call the “Intermediate State.” But that is not what we were created for and that is not our ultimate destiny. N. T. Wright has rightly reminded us that the goal of our salvation is not life after death, but rather life after life after death (see esp. Surprised by Hope). There is a resurrection that follows the “Intermediate State” when we receive glorified bodies. The cosmos will also be resurrected and glorified, and we will inhabit it forever. Don’t forget about the Garden of Eden! God created humanity for a reason: to rule and reign on his behalf over all of his creation (cf. Bryan’s excellent post). This purpose will not be thwarted by Sin. At present Christ is reigning over creation as the representative human, but one day all of redeemed humanity will reign over a resurrected cosmos with resurrected bodies (Rev 22.5). And in the resurrected cosmos there will be resurrected animals. Though, of course, what I am suggesting is obviously not the same as simply stating that there will be animals in Heaven. I am going further than this; stating that the animals that lived on this earth will be in Heaven. God will not create new animals ex nihilo for Heaven. The days of creation are past, what lies ahead is resurrection. The Resurrection of Jesus is the promise of our salvation. And it is the proof that all dogs do go to Heaven. http://www.thetwocities.com/theology/eschatology/all-dogs-do-go-to-heaven-a-resurrection-reflection/
  3. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    I tear up even looking at these pictures... When I first visited her in November 2006 and she picked me out... Side note: this isn't her actual mother. Her biological mother died giving birth to her so I believe her aunt had to take over feeding duty. This was roughly a month after at Christmas.. And then a couple glamour shots around the house.. Hug your animals a little longer the next time you see them. Everything that is living will soon pass, because everything that we can see is only temporary. We never know when it's their time to go..
  4. R. Lee Ermey Passes

    I loved watching this guy. Can everyone just stop dying please?
  5. A Dying Machine

    This song is so uplifting, I love it..
  6. A Dying Machine

    I'm so fucking pumped to get this album. Mark Tremonti is hands down one of the greatest guitarists/artists of our generation imo. Between his work with Creed and Alter Bridge, and now his solo work, I never tire of hearing what he comes up with. My gym playlist needs this material like right now!
  7. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Adorable Gah they love their car rides, don't they? Those were always soo much fun!
  8. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Had to edit this.. I didn't pick her out, she picked me out. As soon as her breeder led me into the room where she was feeding, she turned around with her squinty little eyes and started crawling towards me. I knew instantly that we were meant to be. I have that photo on my old digital camera, and once I get an adapter to import it on my computer then I'll upload it.
  9. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Thank you man...that means so much to me.. And you're exactly right, despite all of our petty disagreements, the most powerful force on earth binds us all together: love.
  10. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Thanks dude...it's so damn tough bc my birthday is tomorrow and all I wanted was to have her with me. I don't want to live my life without her, I mean she and I had been through so much together. I still call out her name when I'm home and then break down when I realize she's not there. I've got it bad for that girl.. But I'm sorry to hear you're hurting over your rescue, but just give it a couple extra hugs when you see he/she again and enjoy each moment you have. It certainly won't make it any easier when they're gone, but at least you'll be able to say you had no regrets and provided them with a wonderful life..
  11. Introducing RCCL Symphony of the seas

    RC.net cruise voyage?
  12. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    The results of her kidney aspiration from Monday came back. It showed internal hemorrhaging in her kidneys and the vet told me it sounds as if she developed some kind of autoimmune disorder. The rest of her litter was chronically sick all throughout their lives and she had always been so healthy. I fed her Orijen food (the most expensive on the market) and she would only drink spring water. She ate better than most humans do. I gave her supplements, vitamins, minerals, the healthiest treats, and for the longest time I thought she would outlive her brothers and sisters. I truly believed that because I took such immaculate care of her that she would never have to suffer the way I had seen other dogs suffer, but I guess you can't overcome genetics. I would've gladly taken on every affliction she had to suffer and have each of them placed on me. No doubt about it, and I would've done it with a smile on my face. Anything to make my baby girl healthy and happy again.. Her ashes are right next to my bed and I'm in the process of looking for a sculptor to create a replica of her likeness to store them in. An urn just makes me think of death, but she was so full of life. And I want to think of that wonderful life every time I see her.
  13. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Beautiful dog...
  14. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    The love of a dog is unconditional. They will never lie to you. They always wait to greet you with open arms. They are loyal to a fault. Virtually every admirable virtue we admire, we can see in dogs.
  15. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    I certainly hope so my friend.
  16. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    If there was any chance of recovering her, I would've waited. I would've done whatever it took. But the best vet in town told me it was time. She had deteriorated so rapidly to the point of not coming back, and I can't be selfish and see my baby suffer. First it started off as kidney disease last month which then progressed into her esophagus swelling and pushing on her trachea so they had to give her oxygen since she was having trouble breathing. Then recently diagnosed Cushing's, pancreatitis, pneumonia, anemia, clots, potential cancer, etc etc. I tried to feed her but she only threw it up. Then she would vomit any liquids that she had consumed. It's like she was hit with everything at once. I would've gladly taken her place if it meant she would be healthy. Man this hurts...I miss her dearly..
  17. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    I haven't posted on FB in two years, but I just wanted to honor her memory and this is what I wrote... My sweet girl, it hasn't even been 8 hours since I've had to make the hardest decision of my life, but I miss you dearly. More than you could ever know. Words could never describe what you meant to me, what you will always mean to me. From the day I...you...picked me out and I held your tiny, furry, lovable self in my hands, I knew you were special. I just didn't understand how special you would become, that you would exceed all of my wildest expectations. You and I share a bond that will never be broken, and my love for you continues from life into death. You were my best friend, and I will NEVER love another dog as much as I've loved you. NEVER. You were my baby, my little girl, the bright spot of my morning, my running buddy, my co-pilot, but most importantly, you were my everything. Everything. Nothing could ever take your place and fill the void you have left in me. I'm so sorry that I couldn't do anything to bring you back, but I can't be selfish and force you to suffer. It's just hard to reconcile the fact that you're gone because only a month ago we were running on the dunes of Wrightsville Beach. You always loved that, and I'd give anything to have that opportunity just one last time. As bad as it hurts to lose you, this pain would only be magnified if I were forced to see you deteriorate further. As I held your precious hand in mine and whispered into your dainty little ears while you departed from us, I hope you felt at peace, I hope you experienced all the love and warmth that you gave to me for the past 11 years. I tried and I did everything I could for you Allie, I hope you know that. But it breaks my heart that it wasn't enough. I hope I was everything and more to you that you were to me. But this isn't about me, it's about you, and the "paw print" you've left on my life. One that will never fade. The only thing that will fade is the light in my life that you brought to me with your presence. This house just isn't a home without you. You're gone, but not forgotten. There is not a day that will pass where I won't take the time to reflect on all the memories we've made, and I hope they are enough to hold us both over until we meet in the life to come. I will see you again my sweet Allie, and until that time, rest in the loving arms of Jesus. He will make all things new. I'll see you soon my loves... I just got back from the crematorium and tried to get a set of ink prints so I can get a tattoo of her paw. Dammit this hurts like nothing I've ever felt before..I'd give anything to have her back.
  18. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. I'll keep her in my prayers. This stuff is BRUTAL.
  19. Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl

    Thank you Ray.. I got called at 3am to go to the emergency vet because she was no longer responsive. For the last few hours of her life, she had been intubated. I took her to the best vet in town and they thought there was a chance they could save her. In February she and I were running on the beach, and now my little girl is gone. I'm struggling to understand how she could've gotten so sick so quickly. Just a few months ago she was as healthy as a dog half her age. I held her hand and although she probably couldn't hear, I told her how much I loved her as they put her down. Best friend is right. She was everything to me..
  20. I Can Only Imagine

    The song this movie is based on is legit. I've heard it before but it's been on repeat today. My dog is in the animal ICU so I've needed something uplifting...
  21. I Can Only Imagine

    Dying to see this movie. Anyone seen it yet or have any interest?
  22. Does This Make Me A Racist?

    Agreeing with the above? Just curious.
  23. JB

    But when have you ever actually, methodically, stated a position before? Hell, if anything, you might win some of us over if you can convince us of the truth you purportedly hold. What do you have to lose? This is just an excuse.
  24. I knew Thomas Davis wasn't shit...

    How long are you gonna make us wait to see another embarrassing photo?