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    Because Fuck The Environment

    Uhh the link is in the Tweet. Derp derp.
  2. facelessman07

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Confused is when I post a chart referencing data from 2017 and you decide to copy/paste the first one you found on Google that had its origin 12 years ago. Link is in the OP. Had you read it, maybe you could have saved yourself the trouble from posting numbers from the Bush/Obama administrations.
  3. facelessman07

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Read it. Nowhere is 2017 mentioned. So why are you posting this nonsense?
  4. facelessman07

    Public Service Announcement

    It is also trans so I believe it is the most qualified to speak on such sensitive matters with the adroitness only it could be expected to have. Democrat 2020 platforms are gonna be lit as fuck!
  5. facelessman07

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Chart is noticeably absent for 2017, Trump's first year in office. Please provide full link to study. Thanks in advance.
  6. facelessman07

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Right @Handsome_Jimmy?
  7. facelessman07

    Because Fuck The Environment

    I'm actually glad I stumbled upon this report. My stepdad, even though he's a registered Republican, voted for Hillary (and begged me to) and he and I used to go back and forth on the environment and he always told me that Trump's policies (specifically coal) were going to turn us into the next China with smog everywhere. This while MSNBC was playing in the background.
  8. facelessman07

    RC FF League

    The returning champion is in..
  9. facelessman07

    A cesspool of deviancy

    And how credible are these statements that "he did know?"
  10. facelessman07

    A cesspool of deviancy

    Oh LOOK GUYS Syco with another "hyuck hyuck!"
  11. facelessman07

    Democrats reduce importance of super delegates

    Eagerly awaiting all those impending sexual misconduct allegations...
  12. facelessman07

    Former Bucs Player Desmond Marrow Arrested And Choked Out

    If the witness below is telling the truth, then yes, the officers had every right to be scared for their lives. However, if not, then their behavior is inexcusable. You'll find no one here defending bad cops and if their actions were beyond justifiable, then fire them. But I'm going to wait and hold judgement till more details surface, just like every other case. I've got experience as an EMT so I see a lot of this shit first hand, and I can tell you from experience that the story isn't always as simplistic as it may seem. While discussing with the officer, a witness apparently said he overheard Marrow say he was “going to shoot them.”
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    There's no "love" emoji anymore. But damn I think I'm in love...
  14. facelessman07

    Best Right Hook Of The Year

    And that folks, was a "Proud Boy." Badass motherfuckers.
  15. facelessman07

    So, You Think You're Tolerant?

    Powerful rhetoric, Dave Rubin..
  16. facelessman07

    So, You Think You're Tolerant?

    Poor Sycola
  17. facelessman07

    SCOTUS Countdown

  18. facelessman07

    This needs to happen

    Jamal Hill
  19. facelessman07

    SCOTUS Countdown

    This is the first trans justice ever on the Supreme Court. A monumental day in history. Why aren't they as excited about the pick as we are??
  20. facelessman07

    SCOTUS Countdown

    Would've loved Barrett for the mere fact that it was "her turn." Will have to research more into Kavanaugh, but don't really care for much of what I've read of her so far:
  21. facelessman07

    Tolerant right

    Ignore their unique genetic code and distinct DNA. The fetus is merely a tumor that doesn't metastasize. Women have the right to murder their own bodies. We shouldn't take that away from them.
  22. facelessman07

    Tolerant right

    It's also a very accurate term. Dem 'feels man..