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  1. Falconcheff

    Arizona Uber driver suing Jameis Winston over 2016 incident

    Don't you sit in the back seat with Uber? How you gonna grab crotch from there?
  2. Falconcheff

    Bird Fans Would You ?

    If it's me, I'm taking the Fournette injury as an opportunity to trade Freeman to them for Fowler... I like Freeman, but his contract may have been a bad idea...
  3. Falconcheff

    Hate week. Meh

    I agree, but hindsight... we actually should still be allright; we have Garland to backup Guard spots
  4. Falconcheff

    Hate week. Meh

    Wow... didn't even resign one of the Training Camp dudes we had...must've sucked and sucked BAD...
  5. Brown was autodrafted to me... right before I signed in...
  6. Man, we all know the Iraq war was "complete bullshit." And I use quotes because, even though we all know the Iraq War was not about democracy but oil, in this country, and in our economy, an attack on oil, whether it is tangible or simply financial (as in the case of how and why the Iraq War REALLY was started... see, I know shyte...) is as damaging as an actual military attack on our soil. Saddam was going to change worldwide oil expenditures from dollars to Euros... this would have literally crippled the dollar and killed America. In fact, I truly wish the government would have just owned up to this fact... anyone with half a brain could have supported this truth much more than "Protect Democracy Herrr Derrr..." And the reason I'm impressed by Pat Tillman is not how or why he died, but that he put his millions of dollars aside and put his literal life on the line for his beliefs, unlike the azzholes wagging their SJW dicks in front of the camera for publicity...
  7. Falconcheff

    Fall is coming....

  8. Falconcheff

    Hate week. Meh

  9. Falconcheff

    Proposed Football Board Ban of JB. All users vote.

    Changing my vote from No to Yes please...
  10. Falconcheff

    Somebody come look at this

    I can scroll through and ignore some BS and whatever, but this is pathetic. For the good of this forum, I'm also going over to change my vote. Congratulations buttfuck, on vindicating the ones who want you gone by validating everything their request...
  11. These guys need to step up... announcers, sports talk guys, etc. They need to stop toeing the NFL line about how this is making the game safer, and good call, and stuff like Golic is fired up about... these BS flags likely cost Grady a sack on Cam yesterday, as he was too afraid to run through him on a tackle during the last drive that could also have determined the game... The BFL is completely wrong on this one. Nobody wants to see a star qb go down, but at the same time, we ALL love to see a good sack!
  12. Falconcheff

    Fall is coming....

    ...and so am I...
  13. Falconcheff

    The anatomy of how to get ejected from a game

    If Cam wasn't 6'5 250 lbs and known to not always slide but many times continue to barrel through a defense, than I would say it was a dirty hit. But since Cam IS 6'5, 250 lbs and known to not always slide but continue to barrel his way through defenses, I'd say it was an easy penalty to call by rule; knew it would be a penalty, ejection and assuredly a fine... but not dirty like say, paying bounties to purposefully take out opposing players... In my opinion, Kazee was likely coming in to make a leg tackle and got caught when Cam decided to slide. Fuck him. Most of the time he'll truck a smaller dude like that and Kazee knows it...
  14. On record, I've never had a problem with kneeling for the anthem. I've always had a problem with the pig socks, and the attitude of athletes that thinks I give a shyte what they believe just because they play a game. Never have cared what ANY entertainer has to say about politics, religion, etc. You are not special; your opinion does not matter. ONE professional athlete has impressed me thus far:
  15. Falconcheff

    Somebody come look at this

    And I'm actually happy for you...that's some cool azz shyte, watching the team you've suffered with for the past few years jus' killin' it! And lookin' so fine whilst doing it!