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  1. Falconcheff

    Meet Jim today

    BTW, Mashy... I was listening to KLOVE today and they actually DID give a shoutout to all the electrical linemen working hard to restore power out there...DJ spoke very glowingly about how you guys were right there with the first responders...I swear, I almost thought he had read this thread! Anyways...Kudos, man!
  2. Falconcheff

    Things You Might Have Missed Today

    Fixed, ya dolt...
  3. buccie...Buccie...BUCCIE!!!
  4. Falconcheff

    Congrats Saints

    They deserve it, we don't...this is my one and only acknowledgement of that... Fuck them, fuck this whole football season, but mostly fuck those fucking crusty kleenex filled trashcan in a teenage boy's room Falcons...
  5. Falconcheff

    Congrats Saints

    Back to Back South Champions, didn't barely need 3/4 of a season to do it... Waste of a fucking season of my life for the rest of us...
  6. Falconcheff

    Attention all Wallmart Shoppers

    I gotta say I also get a little irritated when some self-righteous musician throws some charity event and raises like $100,000 when that cheap azzhole coulda given a million on his own...
  7. Falconcheff

    Attention all Wallmart Shoppers

    Nice gesture...no shade. She should either be commended or just left alone with her gift, which is what I imagine she'd rather... stupid fucks throwing shade need to GTFO...
  8. No, it's just my point... last year he was a rookie second rb to Ingram; this year he is the top dog on an offense that makes teams have to respect the pass...
  9. Falconcheff

    Saints Christmas

    Saints Christmas...
  10. He also bellcowed the first 4 games with Ingram suspended...
  11. No shyte. Is this a Fantasy Football article?
  12. Falconcheff

    HOLY SCHNIKEY! No words...just listen

  13. Falconcheff

    HOLY SCHNIKEY! No words...just listen

  14. This dude on Youtube is a fucking genius...has many more like this, but just...wow...I'm HOOKED!!!