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  1. Falconcheff

    Funny Shit (Political)

    Such a lie...this horrible liberal socialist would undoubtingly abort anything unlucky enough to get shot into that partyhole...
  2. Falconcheff

    Bring JB Back!

    Can't help but wondering if he was such a zealot when it was his own home state doing the immigration control...does that crusty ol' fart know that not all immigrants come from Mexico? Wasn't long ago that Florida had themselves a wall of a different sort keeping dem Cubans away... Obama to end longstanding 'wet foot dry foot' Cuban immigration policy President Obama announced late Thursday that his administration is ending a longstanding immigration policy that for years has allowed Cubans fleeing their country to remain in the U.S. and become legal residents. The so-called "wet foot, dry foot" policy had been in place for two decades before the Department of Homeland Security repealed it on Thursday. The change will ensure Cuban nationals who come to the U.S. illegally will be subject to removal just the same as unauthorized immigrants who come to America from other countries. "During my administration, we worked to improve the lives of the Cuban people — inside of Cuba — by providing them with greater access to resources, information and connectivity and to the wider world," Obama said in a statement. "Sustaining that approach is the best way to ensure that Cubans can enjoy prosperity, pursue reforms, and determine their own destiny." Funny how I don't recall JB running out to protest Obama's policies on stopping/deporting the immigrants flooding into Florida from Cuba...but...you know... Trump
  3. Falconcheff

    Funny Shit (Political)

    Dang...all they need are hoods...
  4. Falconcheff

    Funny Shit

    Did someone REALLY drive a dick and balls pic on Mars???
  5. Falconcheff

    Bring JB Back!

    If I may... It simply IS impossible to ignore him completely when he pulls the kind of stuff he was pulling. It's no secret I've rarely if ever had any use for jb on this site or the previous one, so truth is I'd gotten pretty good at simply ignoring him. But he made it his mission in life to actively assert himself past the point of ignoring with his political nonsense in this forum. I think you know us well enough to know we don't have thin skin; it started as a joke, became annoying, and eventually deteriorated into something that simply had NO redeeming value for anyone, INCLUDING jb, I believe. I believe that guy was bouncing himself off the walls, actively asserting the effort to bully any bit of enjoyment out of simple football conversation, and he put the pleasure of this site in jeopardy. One man is not bigger than the nation, and his antics threatened to run off a plethora of very good posters if he were not dealt with. I did not support banning him for all the reasons you stated previously UNTIL it became so bad that it came down to the choice between losing guys like Ray, Dago, Kevo and others just to appease the "founding site method" of anything goes. All of us adults know the line not to cross even in "anything goes..." and if some juvenile azzhat can't abide by the spirit of the site over the letter of the site law, then he can kick rocks walking... BTW, he is not banned from the site, just this forum. If all he wants to do is post political stuff, he has that right to do it in the proper forum just like everyone else. AND I would fully support letting him back here, even though I personally have no use for him except as a Buccs punching bag, if it were done with the understanding that he engages in MOSTLY football talk on this particular forum. Heck, he can interject some of his politics BS here if he wants, we all know he can't help himself and truthfully, sometimes it comes up in our conversations as well. HOWEVER, he has already made it clear, in this thread, that he has no intention of ever talking football with us hateful, racist shitheads again, so...there's that.
  6. Falconcheff

    Funny Shit

    Vladmir Putin kickin' it...
  7. She can barely read. Fucking Minnesota elects a Congresswoman who can barely put a fucking sentence together. Just fuck me livin'
  8. Falconcheff

    Ummm...WTF!? Just...WHAT???

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/boston.cbslocal.com/2019/02/07/tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-superstitions-super-bowl-stones/amp/ Apparently Super Bowl LIII was NOT our fault... WTF??? Lucky she's a 'Good Witch?" Taking drops she makes? Building an altar for him? WTF??? No shyte... just watch the barber stop when Tom mentions she makes an altar for him...like, "What the F did he just say???"
  9. Falconcheff

    Raise your hand if your team has ever won the Super Bowl

    Servo: Cheffie:
  10. Eric Reid: I didn’t even know you could be ejected in the NFL Posted by Michael David Smith on November 9, 2018, 4:50 AM EST Getty Images Panthers safety Eric Reid was ejected from Thursday night’s loss to the Steelers, which was unsurprising to anyone who saw him drill Ben Roethlisberger in the head long after Roehtlisberger’s knee hit the ground on his feet-first slide. Unsurprising, that is, to anyone other than Reid and his coach. Reid said after the game that he was unaware that ejections are a thing in the NFL. “I didn’t even know you could be ejected,” Reid said. “The referees told me I was targeting him, which I disagree with.” Guy is WAAAAAAY more trouble than he's worth...
  11. Falconcheff

    Man of his word

    Dang, great humor is so often wasted on the simple minded...
  12. Falconcheff

    Mike Vick makes his Coaching Debut Tomorrow Night

    Aaron Murray is the ATL qb? Hopefully he's a better qb than he is a poster...that guy is complete shyte as a poster here...
  13. Falconcheff

    Raise your hand if your team has ever won the Super Bowl

    I remember Buccs fans celebrating their SB by posting stuff all over...their corkboards in their houses...
  14. Falconcheff

    Raise your hand if your team has ever won the Super Bowl

    Buccs SB commercials were still good back then though; I actually twisted my rabbit ears antenna to watch those better...