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  1. So this is, in essence, a dissertation of the author's opinion that without Brees, the Saints are just a shytty scrub team with absolutely no championship aspirations... I agree, Ray...
  2. I'd been running slow for a couple weeks, but considering how appreciative we all are (or at least should be) at how a few maintain this site for the many, I was perfectly happy to live with it...but I must say I'm even happier now that it's been fixed... Anyways, thanks for keeping this little ol' neighborhood Cheers up and running, brohams...
  3. I might actually copy that out and put it up on the Kitchen...
  4. Them hernia meshes sound like shyte-azz products; commercials for all kinds of lawsuits, Kev's problems...Burgundy'd problems...dmn, yo...
  5. Dang, that Strawberry Lemonade must be some seriously chill shyte... And BTW, nobody wants you, or your wife or family, to get any dmn diseases...ya nut...
  6. It also doesn't really seem panic-worthy either...6 out of 246 is .02%
  7. I'm a big proponent of good ingredients, simply done...if God made it delicious, my job is to get out of the way, so this halibut is simply grilled and finished with a pat of butter on top, an orange zest infused olive oil and a lemon wedge; side of roasted beets, peeled, sliced and finished sauteed in butter with shallots...now, the underneath side has a little more going on: Black Forbidden Rice with Almond Chimichurri folded in...more of that Tomato Bruschetta sprinkled around...
  8. But, they're right you know...I mean, that's why COVID19 isn't happening in any of those Muslim countries... Uh, I mean, it's not like it started in a primarily Buddhist country... Uh, I mean...
  9. Saints fans: "Check out muh trophy..."
  10. You picked a fine Time to Leave Me Lucille Four hungry children not a crop in the field I've had some bad times, live through some sad times, this time the Hurtin won't heal You picked a fine Time to Leave Me Lucille
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