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  1. A thread FULL of Racists

    You got what you paid for...
  2. Nothing; It's always been like this. This site is a lesson learning microcosm of Democracy, folks; even though none of our resident liberals will completely understand this: When the people are given the right to rule, eventually they will vote themselves privileges that will undermine the basic fabric of necessary order needed for existence. This site was created so that everyone could have the freedom to do/post/say whatever they wanted with very little threat of reprisal. Eventually those who take advantage of those freedoms will cripple those who cannot or will not sustain themselves through them. The weak are crushed, the strong get tired of the bullshit; and the only ones left will be the middle class with nowhere else to go... It's literally World History Democracy 101...
  3. Banning

    Meh. JB is a whipping boy, and he doesn't even know it...everything he posts comes off like an orangutan discussing physics... Grunts, growls and nonsense that eventually ends up with him sitting in the corner throwing shyte everywhere...
  4. Ref crew for the Saints / Falcons game

    You dug up an irrelevant, 5 month old thread to make some jackazz political gobbledygook comment, you cunt...
  5. Abortion is not removing a tooth, you murderous dumbfuck... a baby is not part of the woman's body; it's another body entirely. "Especially a WHITE Male" as if there's been a few black dudes who got pregnant... you are such a fucking fuck fucker fuck... there's simply not enough fuck words to describe you...
  6. 300,000 people

    >1% Less than one percent of the population. That's their big show? Giggity giggity
  7. I swear these looney tunes are as hilarious as Scientologists waiting for the UFO's... Here it comes... Any time now... This is it... OOoohhh... can't wait... Meanwhile, 4 years later... RE-ELECTED!!!!????
  8. Sadly for the misguided Deranged, nothing is going to get close enough to an actual causation for Trump's removal. Carry on, for there's truly nothing to see here...
  9. My son was all about the color rush uni's...
  10. ...but keeping everything else about TNF that made it a fucking disaster to begin with... short week preparation, sloppy, injury-prone play, weak matchups, shitty officiating, bullshit rule changes and uninspiring announcing... But yeah, uniforms are gonna make it ALLLLLLL better...
  11. Surprised nobody has posted this yet...

    The Ice Cubes...
  12. JB