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  1. Love it! Love my two boys, and my two girls...
  2. It certainly is when you get duped into paying 9 Mil of that for costume jewelry...
  3. +170??? How did you not put down everything you owned on that???
  4. Yep...every bit what Curry is...KT to Lakers...make it happen!
  5. Of course you be fly on a plane...If you fly, you be fly wherever you go...
  6. Prolly lives in ATL and loves the game...being outdoors, hanging with coaches and players...
  7. Common theme in this thread... I went to the doctor. They found X wrong with me. Did this procedure, put me on this pill and this diet, and sent me home... Went back to the doctor...they found out that Procedure X, Pill X and Diet X were really fucking me up worse. Prescribed Procedure Y, Pill Y and Diet Y... Went back to the doctor. Found out that Procedure, Pill and Diet Y were fucking me up even 10x worse that X. Sent me home to die from worry while they figure out Procedure, Pill and Diet Z... I love you all; quit going to the fucking doctor's!!!!!
  8. Brother, weren't you on some jawbreak diet for like three months? You're just starting to get your strength back; don't be foolish...
  9. I am certainly not what anyone would call, "Fashion forward!"
  10. Bummer...at the Falconcheff homestead things ain't quite so bad... Still prolly rather be at the beach though...
  11. But the logo survived!!! VIVA LA FALCONS!!!
  12. Dat is some Porky-azz goodness right there...
  13. Damn...how many cameras did you eat, Gordo?
  14. Good stuff, man...congrats. Funny, I'm the complete opposite...wife brought me to the mountains because that's what she likes; and certainly I love the mountain property...beautiful views, stream running through, lakes, wildlife, etc...but the BEACH is where my heart lives
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