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  1. Falconcheff

    RC FF League

    Who knows enough about this stuff to get the ball rolling this year?
  2. Falconcheff

    2017 Fantasy Football League

    Hey... Who knows enough about this stuff to get the ball rolling on this year's FF?
  3. Falconcheff

    Alt right propaganda about to take a hit

    Man, I love this song...
  4. Falconcheff

    What's on the menu?

    And leprechaun farts... don't forget the leprechaun farts...
  5. Falconcheff

    What's on the menu?

  6. Falconcheff

    What's on the menu?

    Knowing you, those are probably the best pancakes that can be made... I'm just not a pancake guy. For me, it's Liege Waffles or French Toast...
  7. Falconcheff

    A Great 4th

    Ha! Lol...I was supposed to take it to the dump... decided to make it my drive-in living room instead. That was a few weeks ago, and it's been through some hard-ass weather patterns since... this IS Colorado, after all; you don't see no blue sky in that pic, do ya?
  8. Falconcheff

    A Great 4th

    Yeah, we just started going again last year, and now I can't get enough. Had a couch installed in the truck for it...
  9. Now, while I am no supporter of violence on either side, this example is what some of us continue to worry about... when these protest fags with masks and sticks begin to really piss off those veterans with actual combat experience... it's not going to end up well for anyone...
  10. Oh, those poor synth's... why can't we have rights for them as well...
  11. I think the general sentiment is not the emotion of doing right or wrong things, but the legality of, "IF you're going to change the Constitution in any way, there had better be a good, legal, responsible, practical and provable reason to do so..." Otherwise, we're just stripping down rights for the sake of "What if's?..."
  12. Falconcheff

    A Great 4th

    Family, BBQ, Fireworks and a Drive-In Double Feature... Solo and The Incredibles 2
  13. Is that a leather jacket she's wearing? I don't know if I've ever seen a jacket with a nondescript zipper down the cuffs and shoulder breast that wasn't leather... Methinks she didn't think this one through very well...