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  1. Illinois Democrat Party Leader Tells Voters: “Vote Early, Vote Often. Whatever You Can Get Away With” The St. Clair County Democrats held a rally recently in Caseyville to promote Democrat politicians. "...We need the early vote. Like I say, we can play East St. Louis, vote early, vote often. Whatever you can get away with. I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care." - Illinois Democrat Party Leader
  2. And all this will do is drive Independents to the Right and cause more #WalkAway's from the Left. So I say go for it. Anyone with a brain who's paying even just a little attention to this knows it was a bullshit stall tactic. Righties and Independents are appalled and think even less of the Left, and Lefties themselves know it's all a lie and shitty political theater, but most are happy to see the resistance effort and believe the ends justify the means. However, a few of them are in disbelief and pissed that their side is pulling this shit and trying to ruin a decent person's life. It's not a good look either way. They hurt themselves more than helped themselves at this point, because the guy is still going to get confirmed. And then RBG is very likely going to be done soon, and Trump will then appoint Amy Barrett in her place and the SCOTUS will be solid Right for probably the next 2 decades.
  3. This is the cunt who harassed Kristjen Neilsen at a restaurant. OOPS! Karma, bitch.
  4. So looks like O'Keefe and Project Veritas are doin work again.
  5. Beef

    Shame on you, Falcons fans...

    Our attendance shows as being only about 500 less than yours. You had ~73,000, we had ~72,500. So not sure what you're shaming us about. I already showed you clowns pictures last year of the same shit. There's bars and table-tops with clear view of the field all over the damn place. People congregate at those locations rather than just sitting at their seats the whole game.
  6. You're probably right. Although I bet the text messages from Ohr, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page are going to show some damning shit. And the FISA warrant is going to show they omitted pertinent information and used circular sourcing. If Halper, Mifsud, or Downer are named in the FISA apps, it's going to open up a whole new can of worms that ultimately proves they entrapped Page and Popadopolous. I mean it's overwhelmingly apparent at this point that the FBI/CIA/DOJ abused capabilities and broke laws to launch an investigation into a Presidential candidate, then President Elect, and then duly elected President. And they have been conducting a witch hunt since, searching for a crime to pin on him, and searching for crimes by his surrogates to smear him with. This is textbook Sedition, by every sense of the definition. If Sessions and Rosenstein won't hold anyone accountable, then Trump MUST fire them and appoint someone who will. Many laws were broken. We know who broke them. We have people like Strzok and Page admitting in text messages to leaking to the media. Direct attempts to subvert and undermine this administration and influence the election. The only other option is to force the appointment of a 2nd Special Counsel. Except this time the SC would already have the crimes confirmed, unlike Mueller. This is the biggest scandal in this country's history. The attempted subversion of a Presidential election by the Democrat Party, top echelon members of the Intel Community, the DoJ, the State Department, the Obama Administration, and their partisan friends in the MSM. The attempted cover-up by all of them when it didn't go as planned. And then the attempted silent coup to oust a duly elected President. There's nothing that's ever been bigger than this. People HAVE to be held accountable at some point, or our country is doomed.
  7. Shit is about to hit the fan. LINK quote: The FBI and the Obama Justice Department launched an investigation of the Democrats’ political adversaries, and they used Clinton-campaign-generated, foreign-provided innuendo to do it. They strained to make a case on Donald Trump even as they were burying a daunting criminal case on Mrs. Clinton. As I have previously explained, moreover, the president was misled about his status: not only was he a suspect in the investigation, he was the main suspect. quote: The main suspect in an investigation with no crime. quote: You must always bear in mind that the incumbent leadership of the intelligence community had convinced itself that the Trump campaign was in cahoots with the Kremlin. Based on that belief, the FBI and Obama’s DOJ took bold risks because they’d further convinced themselves that there was no risk at all: Everything was in the black box of classified intelligence and, besides, Hillary was a shoo-in to win. No one would ever be any the wiser. quote: Here, let’s stick with the essential point:The use of counterintelligence authorities to conduct a criminal investigation of Donald Trump in the absence of a predicate crime. quote: The FISA warrants show that this practice of launching a criminal investigation in the absence of a crime long predated Rosenstein and Mueller. It was the modus operandi of the Trump-Russia investigation from Day One, when Obama’s Justice Department and the FBI first targeted the Trump campaign. quote: It is simply not the case that every counterintelligence investigation includes “an assessment of whether any crimes were committed.” Most counterintelligence investigations have no interest in crimes. Rather, in any random investigation, if evidence of a crime the investigators were not looking for happens to turn up, an assessment is then made of whether it should be referred for prosecution. This assessment is not supposed to be built into the process because it is extraordinary — the purpose of FISA is not supposed to be to build a criminal case. That’s why very few criminal cases include FISA evidence. quote: The FBI has been investigating for well over two years, and for nine months of that time it expressly told the FISA court it believed the Trump campaign was engaged in a corrupt conspiracy with Russia. No one, though, has ever been charged with such a heinous offense. Meanwhile, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein persists in his refusal to identify any crime for which there was such a strong basis to believe Trump could be guilty that a special counsel had to be appointed. If there were such a crime, we would have been told about it by now. The “factual” basis for suspecting Trump of an espionage conspiracy with Russia was the uncorroborated, unverifiable Steele dossier. The Obama Justice Department and the FBI used the dossier to get FISA warrants, and in so doing told the court that “prosecutive authorities” would “evaluate” the “foreign intelligence” in a hunt for crimes. The Justice Department and the FBI know they are not permitted to use FISA as a pretext.
  8. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are quintessential Establishment Rooks (if this were a chess board). They are Establishment scum. That said, there is absolutely a difference between Trump's policies and their policies. If they aligned, Trump would already have his entire agenda in place. They do not want a wall. They are behind the curtain subtly enabling illegal immigration so their corporate donors can have cheap labor. They are poorly hiding their disappointment in Trump backing out of the Paris Accords, TPP, and NAFTA, because all of those things distribute tax dollars to their corporate donors and boost their personal investment portfolios. They don't like peace talks or peace in general anywhere, because again, that fucks with the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex, which includes a slew of their corporate donors and their retirement plans. And I could probably go on and on with shit the RINO Establishment hates Trump over. It may not be as much as the shit the Dem Establishment hates, but it's not far behind. The Dems also have the inconvenience of being fucked by a "Republican" President delivering incredible prosperity and record setting economic times, which gravely hurts their entire economic and ideological premise, which bring tremendous uncertainty to their status and political future, so they hate him even more as a result. All that said, think for a second about what kind of "billionaire" Trump is. Is he selling products that affect a lot of people? Are his corporations some gigantic monopoly that shaping our daily lives? Does he own 100 different businesses that manufacture and produce things that require a lot of government intervention and regulation? No, the dude builds hotels, vacation resorts, family living communities, and golf courses. And then either manages some of them, or flips them for profit. In relative terms, the guy's businesses deal with a fraction of the government red tape and regulation. He has very little interaction with politicians and bureaucracy except in cases where he has to secure land and permits. He's never been a big political donor, and the guy has been talking about how fucked up our government and economic system is since the 1970's. Go watch some of his old videos from 30+ years ago. The guy was saying the same patriotic pro-American nationalist populist anti-Establishment stuff back then as he does now.
  9. Come on, man. Trump's policies are directly effecting us all in a very good way right now. Tax cuts, deregulation, repatriation, business growth, stock markets, infrastructure, deportations, border security, longterm economic stability... etc. etc. It's very important that his agenda continue, and more of it come to fruition too. We agree healthcare is a huge issue, right? Well he has a plan (go research Rand Paul's healthcare plan) that he wants to implement but can't. We are stuck in this Obamacare half-assed limbo right now when we could have a viable healthcare plan that would greatly increase competition among healthcare providers, lower costs by greatly spreading out risk, and once we get that in place, we figure out how to get people with pre-existing conditions some kind of medical coverage that doesn't fuck us all and make the entire situation worse for everyone. But right now, half the goddamn country believes that the "Russian Collusion" bullshit is real. And if enough people think it's real, there's a chance the Dems could win 23 seats in the House and end up keeping us in this Obamacare limbo phase and obstructing anything Trump tries to do, while continuing this sham of a fucking investigation. If Dems had all the power right now, we'd have high taxes, tons of business killing regulations, corporations moving out of the US in droves, illegals taking jobs and adding to further welfare dependency, business investment going down, stagnant GDP growth, stagnant stock markets, insecure borders, less tax revenues, even more government spending, and we'd be approaching the fiscal cliff at breakneck speed. Yes, it very much matters that the mother fuckers trying to cover up their wrongdoings by smearing Trump, in a clear attempt to oust him from office so they can save their asses, don't get away with it. These small groups of insulated top echelon government Establishment cronies really like their game board up their in DC. They don't like outsiders fucking with their game. These folks never in a million years thought Trump would/could win. And they didn't want him to because he was running around talking about fucking up their game as one of his mandates. And when shit hit the fan for Hillary, they actually thought they could subtly minimize it all for her. Bernie was a loon and probably not as hip to the Establishment game as much as Hillary. So they chose Hillary. They took it easy on her and they broke the fucking law trying to help her. And when it looked like Trump was actually getting too close, they panicked and broke a whole bunch more laws trying to help dredge up dirt on him. They leaked, unmasked, leaked some more. And nothing was sticking. "Why can't we tarnish this fuckin guy!" But his numbers just kept climbing. So they fabricated the Collusion narrative and setup Page and Papadopolous using FBI assets, helped fabricate and disseminate the fake Dossier... supplied by Russians, leaked even more, and manufactured circular sourcing so they could get formal surveillance on Team Trump, again trying to dredge up dirt and pretend that the stings/setups/honeypots were legit collusion so they could manufacture evidence enough to at first smear Trump, and then after the surprising election results, impeach Trump. When Trump miraculously won, the efforts shifted from smear and prevent from being elected, to cover our ass and hopefully get impeached. If you can't see how exposing this is important, then I don't know if you're just naive or if you're really biased and on the side of the Dems and actually believe (or want to believe) the Trump-Russia Collusion narrative is legit, and you'd rather see Democrats in power than Republicans. Even though you're a Communist, I'm still very surprised you would be more against the Anti-Establishment Outsider than all the Establishment Collectivists and career politicians who we both know have run our country into the ground.
  10. I’m guessing you don’t have kids. If you did, you’d understand why some people care about the proper direction of our future and it being the best it can possibly be. Is it exhausting, frustrating, and making us all cynical? Quite a bit. Sure. But it’s not hopeless. Fighting for the “least worst” situation is still totally worth the effort and capacity when you care about more than just yourself.
  11. quote: Paul Sperry Paul Sperry @paulsperry_ BREAKING: Declassification of Carter Page FISAs will show that the FBI & DOJ omitted the fact the Russians dismissed Page as "an idiot" & the fact that Page cooperated with FBI to prosecute Russians, along with other exculpatory evidence withheld from FISC This has baffled me since day 1. Page worked WITH the FBI on a Russian sting operation to bring down 2 Russian spies/agents. Then just a few MONTHS later he is accused of being a Russian spy himself and the FBI uses this as partial rationale for securing a FISA warrant. How did a FISA judge sign off on this if they knew this? Makes it clear that the FISA judges were either complicit in the fuckery, or they rubber-stamped these warrants without actually reading all the evidence, or this type of information was conveniently left off the applications. Either way, this is about to get good. Some shit is going to hit the fan soon. Although I don't know if "declassification" also means it will be released for public viewing immediately or if we have to wait for FOIA requests. I also won't be surprised if the FBI and DOJ impedes the release again and tries to stop it from happening like they did before with the Nunes memo and the previous partial release of the FISA app.
  12. This should blow the lid off the whole thing. I'm guessing the bullshit they're trying to do to Kavanaugh put Trump over the edge and he finally said fuck it, here we go then.
  13. Still white-knighting for the RC.net minorities? Are they incapable of participating here without you, their self-proclaimed savior, fighting us evil Rightwingers on their behalf? I'm sure they so very much appreciate you being their champion. How will they ever survive in this place without you?
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    For this man - a special place in heaven

    That's awesome stuff.