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  1. Post your latest draft simulator

    Magee is a camp body. Dude has like 12 yards on 10 touches in 3 years or some shit. He’s not really our 3rd RB option
  2. Post your latest draft simulator

    Ward gone. Yep.
  3. Post your latest draft simulator

    We’d probably give Coleman up to $6M/yr, but he’s probably going to want $8M/yr and be the #1 option on some other team. The problem is he’s not a primary RB. He’s a missile with a high center of gravity and exposed legs. Going inside the tackles scares me because he gets leg chopped so easy that way it looks like he’s going to snap a leg off. He’s 6’1, 220 and runs a 4.37. He’s a one-cut and go missile that falls foreword for 2-3 extra yards every time he’s tackled. He should only be used to beat defenders to the edge, catch screens in space, catch dumps out of the backfield, and to line up in the slot. He is/should be Eric Metcalf 2.0. But for some reason we run him inside too much like a primary back. This is another reason I think we are looking to draft a big 220 lb RB. We’re working guys like Ronald Jones, Nick Chubb, and Kalen Balage for a reason.
  4. Post your latest draft simulator

    LOL, Quizz was like 2010, man. The next RB we selected after him was Freeman in 2014. And again, the guy we drafted in the 5th last year was taken off our PS by the Bengals. We only have Freeman and Coleman on the roster. Ward is gone.
  5. Mock Draft 2.0

    To be honest, I’d almost rather take Rashaan Evans or Vander-Esch at 26 and solidify our LB corps, then get BJ Hill or Nathan Shepherd in the 2nd and Soley Fatukasi or P.J. Hall in the 3rd to take care of the DT situation. An LB group of Jones, Campbell, and Evans, with Riley and Ishmael as backups would be awesome.
  6. Post your latest draft simulator

    Huh? Freeman, Coleman, Brian Hill (who was snagged off our practice squad by Cincy). Who were the other RB’s? And Tevin Coleman’s on the last year of his rookie deal and may want too much money. And we currently have no 3rd RB on the roster. We didn’t re-sign Terron Ward. Quinn and Sark want to add a big bruising back to the mix.
  7. Mock Draft 2.0

    What mocks are you looking at??? 90% of the mocks out there right now have Payne or Bryan going to us. Or they have us selecting someone like Vander-Esch, Evans, Hughes, or Alexander even though Payne or Bryan were still available and went to someone after us. For example... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/mock-draft/
  8. Mock Draft 2.0

    Yeah but those are 5-tech DE’s in a 4-3. They’re not 4-3 interior DT’s like Vea, Payne, and Bryan who are 1T/3T’s.
  9. Mock Draft 2.0

    We haven’t met with Phillips or Hurst once. I promise you, we’re not selecting someone in the 1st we haven’t met with.
  10. Mock Draft 2.0

    No way. You’re being overly pessimistic I think. There are 5-6 QB’s, 2 RB’s, 3-4 WR’s, 3-4 LB’s, 3-4 CB’s, 2-3 safeties, 3-4 OL’s, and 2-3 Edge rushers, plus Vita Vea who will go before Payne or Bryan. At least one of them will be there at 26, and probably both. Hurst very likely won’t even get selected in the 1st round at this point.
  11. Mock Draft 2.0

    You guys are going to have the pick of the litter of TE’s. Gesicki, Hurst, Goedert, and Andrews will all be there at 27, but likely gone by 59. I think you guys go TE, Edge rusher, or LB.
  12. Mock Draft 2.0

    Check this out... DT’s drafted before pick #26 in recent drafts: 2017: 1 - Jonathan Allen @ 17 2016: 1 - Sheldon Rankins @ 12 2015: 1 - Arik Armstead @ 17 2014: 1 - Aaron Donald @ 13 But we’re supposed to believe that 3 DT’s will be off the board by our pick this year? I seriously doubt it.
  13. Post your latest draft simulator

    You guys should look at the thread I posted showing who we've met with and worked out. The Falcons rarely draft guys they haven't met and worked out. Yet each of your draft simulations are full of mostly guys we haven't met once with. Just sayin.
  14. Grady

    *shrug* Not that big of a difference. Still only adds maybe $500k to our cap hit. As I said, we're probably going to be around $20M or so under the cap with virtually everyone re-signed going into next FA.
  15. Grady

    Matt isn't going over 15% of our cap space, which would be $28M. I don't know what you guy's think he's going to get, but it's going to be closer to $27M/yr than $30M/yr.