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  1. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    I know. It’s just fun fucking with HJ and making him look as stupid as he consistently appears.
  2. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Oh shit! What’s this I just found? Hahahahahaha, poor Jimmy, again. https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/5988/economics/list-of-countries-energy-use-per-capita/ List of Countries Energy Use per Capita Tejvan Pettinger October 20, 2017 economics
  3. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    That’s cool. We’re still reducing our emissions and you’re not.
  4. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Except exports of fossil fuel sources aren't growing to the US, so you're an idiot. And again, just because you're exporting more GHG emitters doesn't exclude you from being responsible for them. You tried to pass the buck on this topic and failed miserably. You know this. So time to either admit you fucked up (LOL fat chance), or just disappear for a bit like usual.
  5. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Wrong. http://behindthenumbers.ca/2017/01/25/canada-cannot-ways-climate-fossil-fuel-expansion/ January 25, 2017LEAVE A COMMENT Marc Lee Canada cannot have it both ways on climate and fossil fuel expansion With great fanfare and a claim that “Canada is back,” Prime Minister Trudeau helped usher in the Paris Agreement on climate change in December 2015. Since then, however, the federal government has pushed to expand fossil fuel production through new bitumen pipelines and LNG terminals. This contradiction points to a loophole in the Paris Agreement, one that perfectly fits Canada: countries have committed to reducing emissions within their borders, but not the carbon that is extracted and burned elsewhere. Paris poses no limits or sanctions on the supply of fossil fuels being brought to market by producing countries. For exporters like Canada only the emissions from getting fossil fuels out of the ground and to the border are counted. As a result, producing countries have a powerful incentive to respond to the Paris Agreement by doubling down on fossil fuels now before their value evaporates. This “green paradox” is bad news for the climate. The amount of fossil fuels burned for energy use in Canada has remained relatively flat since 2000. This is because emission increases in Alberta from the oil sands have largely been offset by reductions in Ontario and the Maritimes from the phase-out of coal-fired electricity generation. But if we look instead at what we dig, not just what we burn within our borders, there has been a relentless rise in carbon emissions. Extracted carbon—the amount of fossil fuel removed from Canadian soil that ends up in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide—has grown dramatically. These emissions totalled 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2014, up 26 percent since 2000. This increase is almost exclusively because of growing exports of fossil fuels. In 2014, the total amount of emissions embodied in Canada’s total exports of fossil fuels was slightly larger than all of greenhouse gas emissions that occur within Canada. LOL, poor Jimmy.
  6. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    LOL, look at Jimmy in spin mode. You retards and your tactics to avoid acknowledging being wrong are so predictable at this point that the entertainment from seeing it is losing its luster. Actually, no it’s not. It’s still funny as shit watching you brainfucked losers in action. LMFAO
  7. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    You know what else makes me laugh about this? The fact that you think you’re suddenly exempt from taking credit for the CO2 emitted as a direct result of your country profiting on the production of GHG emitters simply because they are burned in a different country. “Hey guys, I know we're making billions off these GHG contributors, especially CO2 emitters, as a direct result of our production, but we’re not responsible for the increase in global GHG’s, including global CO2 levels, because we didn’t actually burn it. We just made money off someone else burning it. So we’re good.” LOL, okay. Typical Liberal passing the buck. Meanwhile, the US is becoming the leading supplier of Natural Gas for a reason. It emits a fraction of the CO2. So not only are we drastically reducing CO2 emissions domestically, but we are exporting one of the least CO2 emitting energy sources that exists as our staple energy export. US >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Canada
  8. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    And you’re still showing a chart of us trending LESS fossil fuel imports from you. How in the blue fuck does this explain your increase in CO2 emissions? You’re a bigger idiot than Syco, I swear. LOL
  9. Beef

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Did this retard just show a chart that shows the US trending a reduction of fossil fuels from Canada and claim this explains the increase in their CO2 emissions?? LOL
  10. Beef

    Indictment incoming

    Just because you always claim shit is taken out of context doesn’t make it so. You have no credibility and you are a habitual liar. Hell, I stated exactly what 6 of those articles all said, which they literally all chronicled the same topic, one of them even had a video the site produced with actual victims giving 1st hand testimony about their families being separated by Obama’s DHS/ICE, the parents deported, and their kids taken away by HHS and put in foster care where they were abused. And it was years before the families were eventually reunited, but the kids were a mess. And you STILL had the nerve to try and deny it by pulling the stupid “context” card. You are so fucked in the head, it’s beyond pathetic.
  11. The guy is an arrogant piece of trash clearly trying to hide shit they did wrong when all this began. Especially the docs showing the scope of and the evidence supporting the FISA warrants. And maybe even bigger than that, when and how exactly they began the counter-intel investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Team Trump. Did they contract Stefan Halper to feed fabrications and rumors to Papadapolous? And then did they turn right around and use PapaD’s speaking about those rumors as part of the rationale for securing the FISA warrants? They keep saying the Dossier wasn’t the only info used, but they keep refusing to explain exactly what that supposed other info is. Like purposely avoiding revealing this information. Rosenstein has been stalling on it for months now. WHY? What is it they don’t want us all to know? I’m betting it’s the circular evidence, which is illegal as fuck. You can’t fabricate narratives, then use those narratives as probable cause when someone you want to surveil speaks about those false narratives. That is the definition of entrapment.
  12. I don’t know if you realized this, but Trump is continually trying to help the economy and put more money in people’s pockets. Its oddly convenient that OPEC and the big speculators are forcing the barrel price up when supply is so heavy. It’s as if they’re trying to eat away at/take advantage of the extra money our public has in their pockets. Trump is always trying to protect the public and the money they have to spend. This would be another brilliant move in these efforts. You thought this concept was a slight that you could score points with. Which is LOL worthy and yet again shows how stupid you are when it comes to talking about economic issues.
  13. Beef

    Let's talk about... the Russians

    ADG Translation: “I don’t know and can’t explain the discrepancy. So I’m just going to continue conflating the issues and push a misleading narrative.”
  14. I said Trump imposed new sanctions on Russia. You called me a liar. The Magnitsky Act = sanctions on Russia I showed you proof he added Russian Oligarchs and additional Russian companies to the long list of dozens of Oligarchs and companies being sanctioned under the MA. An Act that he has no obligation to uphold, and yet he does. And he never spoke out against it. He was praising the MA and it’s sanctions before the entire Russian collusion bullshit even started. Ergo, I didn’t lie and you are wrong. I also posted an article which chronicles a bunch of instances of Trump being tough on Russia. You just ignored it all to push your conspiracy theory that Trump is taking it easy on Russia. ADG bullshit certified.