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  1. Btw, Baker has 5 more points than Cousins, so you can’t deny that decision was brilliant and may be the reason I just won the championship.
  2. Good game bucman and good season everybody. I somehow still pulled it off even after losing Kareem Hunt and accidentally dropping Tarik Cohen off my roster in week 2. 15-1 and lead the league in points. One of my best FF seasons to date. And yet I’m still miserable because the Falcons suck. Oh well. Hope for next year. Onward.
  3. Beef

    Bama vs. Georgia

    I'm drunk and about to slit my wrists. Someone pull me off the ledge. This shit is killing me.
  4. LOL, you didn't even know how to check the DJIA, for Christ sake. Stop talking out your ass. It wasn't $300B in "tax relief", it was $250B in welfare and then tax credits for low income folks who made under $35k. Which again, didn't do shit for the economy. I'm still laughing at how you're not getting this. $5.1 TRILLION and the guy barely reached 2.0% GPD grown rate, and you're sitting here crowing about $300B of his "Stimulus" package, which was PART OF THE $5.1T he BORROWED from the Fed. Stop being a fucking idiot. $300B of Stimulus didn't do shit. The $5.1T barely did anything. The only goalposts being moved here are by you, as always. Please, try to tell us all again how I was 1,000 points off on the stock market just before election day, you wrong as fuck little retard. LMFAO
  5. Beef

    Kareem Hunt

    I was in much better shape of winning this thing with Hunt. This is seriously 15 points a week less for me, which is a big deal.
  6. Beef

    Kareem Hunt

    Dude, the trade period ended 3 weeks ago.
  7. Beef

    Kareem Hunt

    Man that's some bullshit. I get fucked because you heard the news first.
  8. Beef

    Kareem Hunt

    Goddamnit! Aside from QB, Hunt was my lead point getter. This totally screws up my playoff chances in our FF league. I have to start Yeldon or Blount in my flex spot now. This is going to be like ~15 points less every week now.
  9. Thanks. Didn't effect me. I have Hilton Rewards so always stay in their chains. Or at least try to unless it's some kind of resort or something.
  10. No, it was correct, you idiot. I don't know WTF you're looking at. I was going off memory and got the early number wrong (in your favor), and then went from Nov. 10, 2014 to Nov. 6, 2016, because the market is closed on weekends. https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/^DJI/history?period1=1415422800&period2=1478404800&interval=1d&filter=history&frequency=1d The market was actually 17,613 on Nov. 10, 2014, and 17,888 on Nov. 6, 2016. That's a whopping +275 over 24 months. THAT is what you call a flat market. And again, if you invested on Nov. 10, 2014, and sold on Nov. 6, 2016, you actually LOST a little over 2%. Because it didn't. Again, $300 billion is barely 6% of the $5.1 trillion Obama needed. Think, you fucking moron. $5.1 TRILLION combined barely reached 2.0% GDP growth. So $300 billion by itself didn't do SHIT. How is this not computing with you? The guy needed $4.8 TRILLION more dollars just to reach the slowest recession recovery rate in history. So $300 billion, by itself, meant nothing. You're stupid ass is touting this as the extent of Obama's recovery policy, which is laughable. Stop embarrassing yourself. Or don't. This is easy proving yet again you don't know shit about economics and you are such a partisan hack all you can do is suck Obama's dick repeatedly and still be wrong as fuck every time.
  11. First of all, I didn't get any year wrong on the stock market. WTF are you talking about? I showed the DJIA chart proving that Obama's last 24 months leading up to the election were flat/down up until the moment Trump was elected, and THEN it skyrocketed up. Now what was different between 2010-2013 compared to 2014-2016? 2014-2016 is what Obama's true economy looks like under just his normal economic policy and without borrowing Monopoly money from the Fed and bailing out his cronies and donors. Second, not only is that $300 billion not even 6% of the $5.1 Trillion Obama borrowed from the Fed to fund QE and Stimulus combined, but it's only 1.6% of the $19.2 Trillion lost in overall household wealth from the crash. And, half that shit was nothing but welfare for a small percentage of low income folks, and then anyone who made over about $35,000/yr had any of that benefit completely cancelled out by the Obamacare taxes. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/how-much-did-the-financial-crisis-cost/ https://www.thebalance.com/obamacare-taxes-penalties-and-credits-3306061 Think about this for just a second... If you're suggesting $300 billion made some huge impact on the economy and market, then how did the other $4.8 Trillion not send the economy and market into the stratosphere? How did he only average 2.0% GDP growth? And considering over 9 million jobs were lost from the crash, this didn't do shit to help. It was a bandaid for about 6 months and then jobs dropped off again as the chart below shows. Only after the big QE and bailouts start did jobs take a more permanent shift upwards. So again, this wasn't typical Democrat or Obama economic policy that did anything. Nobody had ever done QE like this, ever. It was all fake and manufactured by mortgaging our future and creating new bubbles.
  12. Because none of that is either true or relevant to the reasons why the economy or markets did what they did. The market crashed because of banking loan/mortgage defaults. It went from around 13,000 in 07 down to around 9,000 when Obama took office. It then dropped down to 6,600 in Obama's first year. Millions of jobs were lost and trillions of dollars were lost on publicly traded companies in the stock market. Bush had just bailed out the banks at the end of 08 with around $900B. Extending Bush tax cuts didn't do shit. Those were already in place and all Obama did was extend them. Meaning he simply kept the same tax tables. And then he RAISED TAXES when he implemented Obamacare. The SCOTUS even had to rule the freaking penalty a "tax". Corporations were still paying 34% income tax, and the public was paying ~3% more on every dollar earned to help fund Obamacare. There was no "tax relief", you idiot. His investment in infrastructure? Like what? And how much? Show the results that supposedly helped the economy. His investment in energy? Like what? And how much? Show the results that supposedly helped the economy. What policy did he campaign on and implement that you can specifically point to and say THAT/THOSE are the enactments that directly lead to the recovery? There are none. And LOL at "healthcare". His healthcare policy became a burden, you fuckin moron. It caused MORE debt and took MORE money out of the pockets of the average tax payer. In 09, Obama began borrowing trillions and handing them out to hundreds of large corporations and banks that were on the verge of going under. And then he had the Fed lower and keep interest rates at near zero. His normal policy was counter-productive to the QE. This is why we had the slowest recovery from a Recession in history and the guy barely averaged 2.0% GDP growth over his 8 years.
  13. You’re a nutbag. Go make more Steve Gleason mockery threads you insane fuck.
  14. On Nov 8, 2014 the stock market was at 17,452. On Nov 7th 2016 it was at 17,888. If you were to have purchased the DJIA’s in 2014 and sold them 2016, you would have lost nearly 2% because the market was down more than up. That’s 2 years of flat to down market the last 24 months of Obama’s Presidency. QE ended Sept 2013 and the “bailouts” stopped. A year later, the market goes stagnant. There wasn’t any Obama policy that helped the economy. Borrowing $5T from the Fed and bailing out companies and banks and forcing interest rates to stay at rock bottom in spite of inflation isn’t “policy”. That’s playing the game of Monopoly with real life and mortgaging our future just to artificially prop up your 8 years. If Hillary would have won, the market would be < 17,000 and trending down, and we’d be in a hyper-inflation economic Recession, or on the edge of a fiscal cliff with an inflation bubble about to burst. THAT would have been the continuation of, and ultimate result of, Obama’s economy.
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