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  1. So not only did Horowitz wait until the NoKo summit was consuming the headlines to release the OIG report, which just reeks of Establishment "convenience"... But the NY AG just filed a civil lawsuit against The Trump Organization Foundation and Charities, naming Trump, Ivanka, and Don Jr. as co-defendants, claiming that they misrepresented the Foundation finances and didn't meet requirements needed to qualify as a "Charity". Suggesting they took too much money from it and spent it on too many personal things related to the Trump organization. The bitch is recommending the Foundation and Charity be dissolved, it's remaining balances be disbursed to outside charities, the 3 of them be banned for 10 years from forming a new Foundation or Charity organization, and to pay $2.9 million in fines. Isn't this just sooooooo fucking convenient? First of all, it's absurdly rare for a state Attorney General to even file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the state's Charity BoD, so this is already instant proof of being a political stunt. Second, these types of lawsuits are near impossible to ever win unless there's just straight up fraud committed. But this isn't a criminal fraud case. No Grand Jury called for indictments. This is a civil case with allegations from extremely biased opponents of Trump. And it was done like this because there is no probable cause or burden of proof needed to bring the suit. They can literally make up allegations and file. IF there was proof of wrongdoing, the NY AG would have filed criminal charges. So it's 1000% obvious this entire thing is bullshit. So of course the MSM will now make this case the headline over the negatives found in the OIG report, and they will blow this up into something it isn't. It is a fabrication and a sham totally designed to overshadow the OIG report and paint Trump in a bad light. And people continue to suggest the Deep State doesn't exist and is a delusion. SMH
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