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  1. Fuckin holy shit what a draft
  2. The Falcons would be dumb to (x) Therefore, the Falcons will do (x)
  3. Can go ahead and tell you. We are cleaning house. Schweizer gone. Freeman gone. Neal gone. Campbell gone. Hooper gone. Then we will sign Fowler with that money. Draft Ken Law or Epenesa in the first. Probably CEH and a guard in the 2nd.
  4. Talkin shit now but your mama loves the music i make when i play my own rusty trombone.
  5. Interesting I don't remember Bill Parcells crying about refs and starting city wide bitch fests.
  6. I mean this with all due respect. Human to human. You need therapy bud.
  7. I could care less. Mike Tomlin could leave Pittsburgh today and 2/3rds of the nfl would fire their coach to hire him. Meanwhile no one will touch Marvin Lewis. If a GM or owner believes you can win them a superbowl, they'll hire you.
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