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  1. I already said we'd exposed them. Saints fans said i was full of shit. Now look at them.
  2. Makes sense. You already had one player go on a rape spree.
  3. Nah im sayin you smack my girls ass im gonna pop a couple viagra and you gonna be cryin me too so hard you turn into a god damn democrat.
  4. Fiddy i promise you if you slap my girl on the ass it wont be me pressin charges for simple battery.
  5. I dont hate cops. I like cops just like i like anyone else. But if you wanna call slappin somebody on the ass "simple battery," and issue an arrest warrant, hand your cock in to the man police bc you aren't one.
  6. That cop should chill tf out tbh. Yall back the blue mfers are some real hard ons.
  7. Not sure how trading Cam at this point in his career could be considered tanking, or net a worthwhile return. If this is true, I'd expect Hebert will be holding up a Panthers jersey in the first round at the draft this year.
  8. That's what I'm hoping for myself. But i think Goodells wet dream of Packers vs Chiefs, rematch of Superbowl II in the 100th season, will be hard to avoid.
  9. Take cara yo body, take cara yo mentals, take cara yo chicken
  10. Yeah but if David Tepper showed anything with his Matt Rhule hire i wouldnt be surprised if Brady is the highest paid OC in the country.
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