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  1. Lick the tourettes out my asshole brotha
  2. I'll tell that faggot any time any day keep your gay ass politics in the fuckin basement where it belongs needle nose fuckin stickin up anus holes all day audiotom bitch ass urine dranker
  3. Keep it in the politics forum cunt idgaf about any of this shit
  4. Tom Servo

    Salary Cap

    You gonna sit here and say OBJ and Thomas are equally worth 10% of the entire salary cap? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Tom Servo

    Salary Cap

    If Diggs gets 15 this man should only get 14 but hes gonna get paid an assload instead and its gonna be a damn shame for one of these teams.
  6. Tom Servo

    The annual fanspeak draft simulator thread

    i just drafted Bosa for the falcons at 14, so fuck this game.
  7. Tom Servo

    He’ll be missed once the cleats are hung up

    You know i've seen a lot of testicles being sucked on by grown men and its wild to me that drew brees has dudes like ray suckin til the pubes on the sack rip out.
  8. Tom Servo


    This is the logically correct take
  9. Tom Servo

    Hello Roger, Hello John

    Bro every time i go to livingston parish i pray to god to deliver me from that cesspool.
  10. Tom Servo

    Falcons will not offer Brian Poole a tender

    Greedy Williams. I been saying it.
  11. Tom Servo

    Falcons will not offer Brian Poole a tender

    House cleaning is getting wild.
  12. Tom Servo

    Hello Roger, Hello John

    Wow Roger Goodell is a really nice guy. What a professional, unbiased, high character act. Mad respect Roger.
  13. didnt set up a poll why? dont wanna. just answer the question you bitch
  14. Tom Servo

    Michael Thomas - balling - PFF NFL player Rank 6

    he's a very good possession receiver. any team would be glad to have one of the best 2WRs in the game.