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  1. Oh thats the dude who knew what Sharper was doing and didn't tell anyone. Got it.
  2. Isnt that the guy that *raped* 1000 some odd women over the course of his Saints career or am I thinking of some other piece of shit
  3. I mean no one is surprised
  4. That the numbers from '06-'19 would be even more impressively skewed towards Nawlins
  5. Hey assfucks I dont care if the NFL likes us I dont care if our sched gives us an advantage I want every advantage I wanna fuckin WIN. AND WIN FUCKIN NOW.
  6. Lets fuckin win them legit they are all winnable.
  7. Yeah, here is the thing. Most of those numbers start being generated from 06-19. Unless you wanna act like AARON BROOKS and that fuckin weird coach of yalls before Payton had anything to do with your dominance.
  8. With the most irrelevant first round pick in the draft the Carolina Panties select Daniel Jones
  9. Monday night vs the jags? And you call that the gauntlet? Pussy
  10. Burgundy being the fuck ass saints fan he is
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