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  1. You cant be a pro bowl corner when you cant catch a fucking ball.
  2. Yes but also 2020 can be a good offseason. Drop Vic, drop Trufant, have money ta spend boiiii
  3. Probably would have won if he didnt fall off so hard.
  4. Dont ban him. Just reply to him passively with the donald trump emoji titled "deal with it" and continue the conversation as though he werent spamming shit. Lets not be gay to the old annoying guy.
  5. Pretty sure he has anxiety from being a closeted gay man.
  6. Hope he buys a house on stilts.
  7. To be clear the measure of a man is always how much he is willing to sacrifice for those he protects. But the fact you cant drink beer still means you got beef flaps
  8. Would rather have Grady than Neal tbh. Grady can start on 32 nfl teams. Neal is scheme specific and cant cover to save his life.
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