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  1. Apparently its the same sort of injury that put Bo Jackson on the shelf. Shame on Saban. I hope more kids realize he doesn't give a fuck about them.
  2. I knew he was the guy ever since he showed up in that Murica t shirt.
  3. And then their Quarterback threw the game away. Point taken.
  4. I wouldn't sign that waiver either tbh.
  5. My mom would never let someone t-riggered by violence koom in her balloon knot. You stupid fucking liar. You lying little fuck. You fat, black, retarded, fat ass, retarded fucking liar.
  6. He'll probably be suspended indefinitely. But please don't show your pussy in this thread calling for him to be arrested.
  7. Yeah well, draft Julio Jones, sign Tony Gonzalez, etc., and see how that fucks with your numbers.
  8. Yeah, Roddy got a late start but Joe Horn got in his ear in 2007 and it changed the trajectory of his entire career.
  9. Dont worry bud i'll make ya bitch pregnant for ya *humps the air several times*
  10. Here's the relevant disanalogy, dick stain. Each and everyone of you little fuckin taint fans have bitched and moan in RC about White pushing off. I, on the other hand, have not bitched about Lattimore holding bc of one simple reason. Game. Recognize. Game. Have i ever cheated? Yes. Have I been caught? Yes. Have i ever cheated and not been caught? YES. Did it take intelligence and recognition to get away with it? EEEE YES! Am i a fucking expert at winning via cheating!?! FUCKKKKK YEEEESSSS!!!! So do me a favor. Play a game. Any game. Cheat. Get away with it. And then? SUCK MY RIG YOU FUCKIN BLOWFISH 🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡 THATS YOU SUCKING MY DICK *MAKES SEVERAL FART NOISES* THATS YOU SHITTING MY CUM OUT OF YOUR BUTTHOLE
  11. Well thats about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop in this discussion, pussy brain.
  12. Check my post history you blue waffle I never once posted about Lattimore holding.
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