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  1. I agree. Brees is the greatest qb of his generation.
  2. If you're a saints fan you're basically supporting an organization that has openly admitted to offering suggestions for mitigating pr disasters for a child pedophelia ring.
  3. Michael Thomas hates white people. The room for you to talk shit about player attitudes is zilch.
  4. Women been tearing great men down like that for decades bro.
  5. Okay don't say "Brittany and I" it's just you bro.
  6. Your best WR is a race bating piece of shit. Please dont go down this road. It makes you sound bitch made.
  7. Lmfao what??? Nothing wrong with this interview dickhead.
  8. I see it like this tbch 1. Bucs 13-3 2. Saints 11-5 3. Falcons 10-6 4. Panthers 5-11
  9. Tbch i think they'll win the division. #1 run defense Best WR core in the NFC South Bruce Arians And a QB who isnt gonna turn the ball over very often. I hope I'm wrong.
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