Since 1982, prosecutors said, he had been convicted of jury tampering, grand larceny and other crimes. He had deep business relationships in China and used a network of shell companies to launder the millions of dollars he made, the prosecution memo said.

Mr. Cabasso was also accused of making false representations that his wife was Aventura’s chief executive so that the company could obtain government contracts set aside specifically for small businesses owned by women.

Prosecutors seized the Cabassos’ 70-foot luxury yacht, the Tranquilo, and froze 12 bank accounts containing around $3 million.

Mr. Cabasso was so brazen, according to a criminal complaint, that he emailed a government representative in 2016 to accuse other American contractors of selling surveillance products that were made in China.

He called the practice a “big problem,” the complaint said, and he expressed concerns about the cybersecurity issues connected to buying equipment from a Chinese company.