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Rival Central Fantasy Football League Official Thread

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I don't despise anyone who posts here regularly; matter of fact, the only reason I do post here is because of the people...  There are two posters whom I consider the .net equivalent to how you all view WFW and Mash, and when they post, I exit.  Other than that, I do admit to having an Elvis pimp hand when it comes to smack talk that maybe gets out of hand every now and then; and if that's too much for you on this no holds barred forum, I can tone it down for you, brother.
Or you could hike that skirt up, Nancy, and grow a pair... :D

Seriously, if I've come off too harsh on you, man, it's only because every hero needs a villian; every protagonist needs an antagonist to keep going.  As there are no antagonists for me on AFRC, when I get here around some good antagonists, I can be... antagonizing?!!!

Harsh? You've done nothing but come off as a whiney bitch with everyone that left the birthday party of your BFF, because they got sick of her incessant talking about how wonderful she is.

You may THINK you're great at this......but so does your buttboy WFL. That oughta tell ya something right there.
Frankly, I'd much rather have the type of fans that you see here and not the Rainbow Room in the RC FFL, but you've been doing it with us for several seasons now, so I figure if you still wanna be active in it, you should.
Now, go ahead and tell us all again how you own me, and how you and the old queen ran me off. That's always good for a chuckle. giphy.gif

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I'm so sorry Hellraiser blame Rodger Goodell for this...

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