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    Falcons and Saints interested in Vinnie Curry

    See Aaron Freeman's other Tweets
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    Funny Shit

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    Feels Good, Feels REAL Good Y'all

    I need her on my doomsday team...I have a place for her here in my compound where I rule with an iron fist....:cool::p
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    At this point

    If this is not a scathing indictment of manufactured news and media mind control , WTF is ?
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    2020 NFC South predictions

    Oh , I forgot.....NFL coach of the year - coach Broham
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    2020 NFC South predictions

    1 ) ATL 12-4 2) CAR 8-8 3) TB 8-8 4) NOLA - 7-9 NFL Comeback player of year - Todd Gurley NFL DPOY - Grady Jarrett NFL OPOY - Julio Jones NFL MVP - Matt Ryan NFL Sack Leader - Dante Fowler Super Bowl - ATL - 28 KC - 3
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    Hush your mouth, Sir!

    I'm still waiting on my 200 words ….
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    So Falcon fans...

    Oh , but I have...
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    Five most overrated running backs heading into NFL season

    Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints It’s interesting to this unbiased observer that Kamara is looking for a long-term deal that will make him one of the highest-paid running backs in NFL history. Sure, the former Tennessee star is absolutely electric with the ball in his hands. He also has not...
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    Hush your mouth, Sir!

    Glad you are already counting your chickens Ray....uhmm , roosters I mean...
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    Meanwhile...back on the political plantation...

    I don't see how he can slither out of it without looking like a complete dodging pussy . I mean , they can do it with no audience , standing 12 feet apart on the stage . I'm sure neither one would give a shit if they don't shake hands LOL . This has GOT to happen , Trump gonna leave him raped...
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    Hush your mouth, Sir!

    Buncha yakketty yak...keep sleeping on da birds bitches...
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    Can't. Guard. Mike.

    You are the one that was talking ancient history. So , if three years is ancient history , WTF is 11 years ? You do the math....oh wait , I forgot you went to school in Loseranna.....:sneaky:
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    So Falcon fans...

    Yea , got a feeling both him and Lindstrom are going to be beastly. McGary took his lumps but he has every tool of a prototype RT.
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    So Falcon fans...

    Would like...
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    Can't. Guard. Mike.

    But but but VEGAS SAYS ! ROTF ! 😂
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    Serious question

    I know the feeling bro, been there more than once. Just keep your chin up and keep plugging , something good will happen...always remember to smell the coffee in the morning , feel the breeze, and listen to the birds sing. You on the right side of the dirt , doing better than billions of dead...
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    Carlos Hyde signs in Seattle

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    So Falcon fans...

    Once Trufant comes off the books and we pay the rooks , it is said we would have about 8 million in cap. My question is , since this is an all in year for Quinn/TD , should we try to sign Warford to a one or two year deal ? If we did , we suddenly got a top 5 O line IMO. Mack , Jake , Warford ...